Syria: Armed gangs of mercenaries kill Christians

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Greek-Melkite Archbishop of the Syrian city of Aleppo, Jean-Clément Jeanbart, fears about the safety of Christians in Syria.

“There were more security in former times, but currently all Christians, who are able to afford it, are leaving the country”, the archbishop of Aleppo said in an interview with the Catholic News Agency apic.

“According to agencies, several dozen Christians were murdered by insurgents, who are in the pay of NATO, in the Syrian city of Homs. This would lead to their exodus from several quarters. In Aleppo, however, the situation is currently calm”, Archbishop Jeanbart said.

The Archbishop Jeanbart accuses the international (mainstream) media, that they do not represent the truth about the situation in Syria in their reports. The Archbishop Jeanbart also said that the international media even “pours oil into the fire”.

The Archbishop in the Syrian city of Aleppo said to this News Agency, that “the media do not report about the fact, that extremists and mercenaries from Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Libya and Pakistan or from Syria infiltrate the country”.

He is convinced that only a real dialogue could still save Syria from disaster. However, the Archbishop also said that the announced reforms are still waiting because parts of the Syrian opposition (abroad) reject any dialogues.

In the event of a fall of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, the Archbishop Jeanbart fears a takeover by radical Islamists. Armed Islamist groups are already disseminating, so the Archbishop, “terror and death in several parts of the country”.

At least 2,000 Syrian civilians, soldiers and policemen became “victims because of their hatred”. The Archbishop also said that these murdered civilians often get “tortured, mutilated and afterwards murdered” by these armed radical Islamists.

The Archbishop in the Syrian city of Aleppo also said that it is true that a majority of the Syrians and the Christians in Syria want in-depth reforms and changes in the governance of the country. Above all, it is about “to end the dictatorship of a single party and to achieve a democracy that rests on genuine freedom and rights of every individual.”

Equally true is, however, “that just very few Syrians want an abrupt change to that could cause a bloodbath and a dangerous vacuum order.”

The veto powers Russia and China have prevented once again that the UN Security Council condemned the violence in Syria only one-sided in favor of NATO and its mercenary bands at the last weekend.

The remaining 13 members of the UN committee voted for a one-sided draft resolution which had been submitted by a NATO empire in New York. This one-sided hypocritically draft resolution would have caused the expansion of an open imperial war against Syria.


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