Iran / United States: On the brink of war?

Posted: February 9, 2012 in International
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As already reported the U.S. has tightened its sanctions against Iran and want to force the government in Tehran by these sanctions to so return to the negotiating table. Of course, the U.S. administration published the statement that they are interested in another debate on the role of the Iranian nuclear program.

But are they really interested in having further debates with the Iranian government?

Although the U.S. President Barack Obama repeatedly stressed diplomatic efforts in official statements, it is assumed that this is just the surface of the real interests of this U.S. administration. In the background, the war preparations of the United States are in full swing.

The new U.S. sanctions and the oil embargo by the EU against Iran are no “solutions” that really could lead to further negotiations. Not to mention that these sanctions harm the Iranian population primarily.

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama confirmed at the weekend in an interview not only that all options against Iran are already on the table, but he also stated that the acts and intentions of the United States and Israel are so close to each other (in the military and intelligence aspects) as it has never been the case was and that the U.S. is in lockstep with Israel. No wonder, for example there is the powerful Lobby AIPAC and other strange Christian-Zionist connections and organizations.

A bit off topic but sometimes we have to mention, to be honest, that some Christians in the United States seem to be dangerous for peace on this planet. This is not really Christian. We do not like “Bible camps”; we do not like “Islamists camps”. All radical influences have to be “eliminated”. So-called “Bible camps” and “Islamist camps” do not provide a well upbringing of children and teenagers. The danger of a radical influence is just too high.

Back to the topic. That Israel plans a war against the arch-enemy Iran is no secret and is also nothing new.

The attack on Iran by Israel and / or the United States moves ever closer. The debates about a war within the Israeli government are getting louder. Israel, the so-called only democratically state in the Middle East? What a sad joke.

In Israel, there are currently debates on topic at which time the attack of Iran could take place. According to the U.S. Defense Minister Leon Panetta, this attack of Iran could happen in April, May or June. Although the U.S. Defense Minister Leon Panetta did not confirm this statement in a report of the Washington Post, he also has not rejected this quote of him.

Perhaps there are still some differences about the timing of an attack on Iran between Israel and the U.S., but the U.S. administration seems to be ready for the final step. There is no veto threat against an Israeli strike against Iran. Although the United States are rarely holding back with their veto rights, especially true if there are resolutions against Israel. The most vetoes of U.S. administrations are small scandals.

The saber rattling between America and Iran, which is currently getting louder, are already the preparations for a war in which the question of whether this war against Iran will take place has already been answered (probably).

Only the answer of the question of when, remains open. The hypocritically U.S. President Barack Obama emphasizes with even more emphasis, that he will use all actions to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Crazy world.

De facto it is not even certain whether Iran is really building nuclear weapons or is eventually shortly before the completion of such dangerous weapons. But shouldn`t the U.S. administration not primarily care about the nuclear weapons of Israel and, yeah, also about of the nuclear bombs of the United States?

The only power in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons is Israel, the ally of the United States (some call Israel a burden of the U.S. Foreign Policy), which began so many wars and costs the lives of million people on the basis of lies, false flag actions and fakes.

The Iranian nuclear program is under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Already in January, a group of IAEA experts visited Iran.

Although there is no report of that visit, Obama is not able to wait. The U.S. President Barack H. Obama sends accusations towards the Iranian government quickly. Obama is accusing the Iranian government in Tehran to obscure their nuclear program and to fool the IAEA experts. Wow, clever, Barack, really smart.

The U.S. administration wants an unconditional submissive Iranian government. As long as this goal is not achieved and the U.S. policy is not interested in changing this goal, the war preparations against Iran will continue and a war is probably to be expected in the near future.

It is about the influence in the Middle East, and the access to Asia from the European side. The U.S. has no interest in giving up their first bitterly fought influence again. The Iranian nuclear program is only a “headline”, it can be seen as a means to an end.

The Iran was been added to the “list of terrorist states” even under the Bush administration. These “terror states” have to be eliminated. The U.S. administration is not really pleased with the connections between Iran and Syria and they also hate the connections of Syria and Iran to Hezbollah and Hamas. Reasons for another hypocritically war. These connections are particularly prickly in the eyes of the U.S. administration.

Iranian weapons reach the Hezbollah in Lebanon over Syria. One of the reasons why Israel is always interested to destroy Iran. In addition, the growing influence of Iran comes to Iraq, especially on the Shiite side, and on Afghanistan.

All of these relationships will lead sooner or later a war, regardless of whether Iran desist from its nuclear program or not.

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  1. ‎”Disgusting”: The complete list of USAs’ Record of Veto Use at the United Nations (UN): 1972–2011

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