Chaos in Libya – Prosecution of former Gaddafi-supporters

Posted: February 9, 2012 in International
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After the so-called “liberation of Libya” we have chaos, torture and the exploitation of Libya. The downfall of Libya, by the help and interests of United Nations (UN) and NATO. You are not able to read a lot about the real situation in Libya in the so-called mainstream media.

The international press is silent about the real situation and chaos in Libya. Not to mention that also this international press is partly responsible for the current chaos in Libya. The actual situation on the ground remains in the dark.

These journalists seem to deliberately hide some facts. Maybe because they are not interested that the level of questions about the questionable NATO “mission” in Libya could increase even more. More and more people on the planet are getting skeptical – there are reasons why. Meanwhile, the warmongers behind the NATO countries are already busy with planning the next scenarios in Iran and Syria.

On last Sunday (5th February) there were the news about the first trial against former supporters of the (in the end) murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) in Libya. A total of 41 defendants (allegedly former supporters of the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi) are probably put in front of a military court in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

They are accused for a conspiracy against the revolution of the 17th February and they are also accused that they have been in support with the old Libyan regime under Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). If the support of one side leads to an indictment, then this raises the question, if this is the “new” Libyan freedom and democracy.

These hypocritically allegations made in court against the men seem ridiculous in comparison to the crimes committed by the armed rebels on behalf of the so-called liberation and the crimes that are perpetrated to this day at Gaddafi supporters.

The judge accused the so-called defendants, that they formed a gang with criminal intentions and that they have helped refugees so that they are able to escape from Libyan prisons.

Considering the recent history of Libya and these accusations, then also many of the so-called armed rebels must be brought to trial. This would only support the process to a fair justice and in the end, the process into a democracy. But it will not happen.

The rebels committed mass killings at black Africans, which are already proven. These NATO-backed rebels accused these black Africans to be mercenary of Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). Not only very often a totally false accusation. Of course, this is also no reason for mass murder. (Is there ever a understandable reason for mass murder?)

These rebels have slaughtered a lot of people, who turned out later as ordinary workers. After the assassination of Qaddafi (Gaddafi), 53 corpses were discovered in the Libyan city of Sirte. These people were killed by armed rebels and were followers of Muammar Gaddafi. (Just an example)

So if the support of Gaddafi causes that you are murdered or taken to court, well, then good night for this “new” Libya. Thank you very much, NATO.

When are all these violent rebels taken to court? Or is violence, that is based on the allegedly pursuit of “factitious freedom”, a so-called free ticket? Considering the lies of the U.S. administration before the war of Iraq… yes, probably.

These groups of rebels have never sought freedom and democracy for Libya. The longer the “revolution” in Libya is over; it is getting more clearly what they have really wanted. Not to mention that it is getting clearer that the NATO played a very dubious role in all this.

These rebels kidnap and torture Gaddafi-supporters in secret prisons. They torture them till they are death. Militias are already prepared. These armed militias in Libya fight each other in defense of their territories and they want an expansion of their influence; also a piece of the Libyan cake.

The so-called Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC) is a weak puppet who is not in a position to prevent an impending civil war; they are not even able to disarm the militias. Chaos in Libya is on the agenda. Tens of thousands of lives are lost through the battles and especially by the NATO mission.

The economy of the once prosperous country has been destroyed. People live in ruins, and those, who were always on the side of Gaddafi, are still living in fear for their lives, from day to day.

At least, the foreign exploitation of oil resources has a better progress now. France welcomes about 35 percent of Libyan oil and sure has nothing to regret that they have supported these Libyan rebels with about 5 billion Euros.

Target achieved, at least for the exploiters; they do not really care about the people.

When it is about exploitation and consolidating power, the West has nothing against a “Sharia driven country”. The Sharia law was introduced by the direction of al-Qaeda, but the West is happy to conduct negotiations with these dubious leaders and radical Islamists. What a change in the recent two years.

Even Germany is not afraid to get their hands dirty and has sent about 5 million euros to the al-Qaeda leadership, which is represented by the questionable Libyan “National Transition Council” (NTC) in Libya. As it is said, this money should support the rebuilding of Libya. We wonder who has some doubts that the money will be really used for that topic in the end.

The Libyan people will not be able to feel this support. With the introduction of Sharia law, Libya has developed back tens of years. The slogans of freedom and democracy, with which young people were lured and betrayed, are long forgotten.

Libya’s future looks darker than before. But the Western warmongers do not care about. The introduction of the gold dinar was successfully prevented. The planned major water project was wiped out. The Arab / African Union were increasingly destabilized and Libya destroyed.

The level of “danger” for the West has decreased. (Propaganda) The hypocritically United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is not interested in the threats of a civil war in Libya. They are also not really interested in the violence there. You will be able to adjust to the fact that Libya, as well as Iraq, will find no peace.

The militias fight each other in Libya. Saif al-Islam (Seif al-Islam) is still in a private house in custody in Libya. He is continuously interrogated by the new Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC). Saif al-Islam has no rights to call a lawyer.

Some strange rumors also say that he might already be dead, but we reject those rumors strictly.

It`s still uncertain if Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (Seif al-Islam) will be taken to the International Court in The Hague or if he will be indicted in Libya.

The fact is that there is no free judiciary in Libya. Not even with the best will in world.

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  1. Riad says:

    Poor Libyans 😦

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