Syria: Russian FM Lavrov optimistic for political solution in Syria

Posted: February 8, 2012 in International
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The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has visited Syria and had a meeting with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Afterwards the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has made some public statements about the conversation he has held with the Syrian President al-Assad.

At least, the Russian FM Lavrov mentioned some facts about the topics of this discussion with the Syrian president to the international press.

After a very warm welcome in Damascus, in which hundreds of thousands Syrians have participated to say thank you to Russia and China for using its veto in the UN Security Council, Sergey Lavrov went to on his meeting with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made it once clear again, that he is grateful for any help which is offered to end the conflict and violence in this country of the Middle East. Regardless of what side is responsible for the level of violence in Syria, the President al-Assad feels enormously obligated to stop this.

The Syrian government already works on reforms which should bring a peaceful political change to Syria. But this reform process needs its time and isn`t that easy. Even the Syrian population has to change. Their attitudes and their dealings with corruption, politics, water, energy and a lot more topics have to change.

Such a real reform process is only able to be successful if it is also carried out by the population. Sure, the Syrian population has to change and these changes will also last. It`s nothing you can change in just one week.

For example, the corruption starts at the population and at every one personally. All this has to change also. Finally it also seems that the Syrian President al-Assad has not only more support than before, but also more influences within the Syrian “regime squad”.

This Syrian reform process also includes an important new constitution, which is aligned based on elections, together with a multi-party system. As the Syrian President al-Assad has said, all parties are allowed to take part.

Of course, there are some understandable restrictions. For example, too radical religious parts are not really allowed to take part at the upcoming elections. Hey, it is understandable! Syria is secular and should stay that way.

The elections will be held on the basis of a new constitution. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad already announced the new constitution for Syria at his last speech in the capital Damascus at the beginning of this year. The huge majority of Syrians is in support with him and still trusts him. They make a huge difference between the Syrian President and the so-called “Syrian regime”.

A new committee was founded to draft this new constitution for Syria. According to the Syrian state media, this constitution-commission has concluded its work on this constitution on Tuesday. This new constitution is no more based on the § 8, which stated that the Syrian Baath Party is the only really authorized party in Syria.

As the Syrian President al-Assad has told the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday, that he and the Commission are going to agree to a date. On this date, the Syrian population will be allowed to vote on this new Syrian constitution.

Russia still supports the Syrian government in Damascus and the Syrian President al-Assad, but Moscow also wants to participate to finally come to a peaceful solution for Syria. China also announced to send a special envoy to the Syrian capital Damascus in order to participate in the settlement of the violence within this country (from both sides).

Both Russia and China were on their veto in the UN Security Council on Saturday strongly criticized, and even been threaten.

The hypocritically behavior against Russia and China has exactly shown the emotional behavior of the West. This “behavior” has been criticized by Russia already before the vote on the Moroccan (originally British / US) draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Moscow also said that this “emotionally behavior” is one of the reasons for their veto at the UN Security Council.

The Syrian President al-Assad agreed in his meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that a numerically greater observer mission is allowed to come to Syria again. Syria is still interested in the truth and in further observer missions. Even after the disappointing and hypocritically false behavior of the Arab League (AL) – driven by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The first observer mission is said to have failed miserably because it was canceled. Also some observers have broken their promises of secrecy and provided reports to foreign governments and media.

These few observers were in line with the accusations against the Syrian government. Surprisingly enough, the most observers are in line with the portrayal of the Syrian government and President al-Assad.

Also the updated final report of the observers in Syria showed clear indicators that the Western population isn`t really informed about the real situation in Syria. Finally, Qatar has buried the Arab League (AL) observer report because this report included too much truth about the real situation in Syria.

The report presented by al-Dhabi, head of the observer mission, was not respected by the Arab League. Instead, the Arab League (AL) submitted a new (not really new) one-sided and hypocritically “peace plan” which also has included the demand for the quick resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It`s hard to predict whether there will be another observer mission to Syria. Qatar, which has the presidency of the topic Syria at the Arab League, was behind the cancellation of the observer mission and also has prohibited its observers to publish their statements and reports. This country Qatar demands democracy in Syria? The Qatari leadership has no real clue about democracy.

Qatar is probably also the driving force behind the new hypocritically decision of the six states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). These Gulf States withdraw their ambassadors from the Syrian capital Damascus. Also the six Syrian ambassadors to these Gulf States have been thrown out by their leaderships

Also the United States has closed its embassy in Syria and has withdrawn the U.S. ambassador (who is already to put into question) after the double veto in the UN Security Council (UNSC) at the last weekend.

Of course, other European countries like Great Britain, Italy, France and Denmark followed this decision of the U.S. administration again. Puppets like the Arab League? Who knows? Meanwhile it is said that Russia has withdrawn its ambassador to Qatar.

As the reason, they mentioned the continued and increased violence in Syria and mentioned that the security of diplomats is no longer guaranteed. It`s a finally very hypocritically statement. Maybe some of these governments should start to stop their support (funds, advices, weapons) for the opposition forces in Syria? This would be a first step to decrease the level of possible violence in Syria.

Of course, behind these actions are also propaganda purposes. The Syrian government is increasingly represented as a tyrant, which kills bloodthirsty everything that stands in their way. It fits to the war needs of the West and the statements of U.S. Senators Cain and the dubious Lieberman, who wants to support the opposition with weapons. As if they do not do already.

Good thing is that this already has happened even before the last session of the UN Security Council. The diplomatic bridges should be demolished with the withdrawal and expulsion of the ambassadors. How long this will last is questionable. Russia and China, however, are going to stay at their stances on Syria and want to find a peaceful solution. Syria is not really addicted to the West.

If Syria continues to bind on Russia, China and the Latin American countries, Syria could entirely dispense on Europe and America. Sure it takes some time to overcome the current miserable economic situation (sanctions always harm the population first…) and to get back on its feet. Although it is noted again and again, that sanctions barely harm the ones they should harm, the West still holds on to these failed policy.

New sanctions against Syria will be imposed in Europe on the 27th of February because the European Union (EU) wants this. Despite the fact, that these sanctions only really harm the Syrian population.

Germany is in the search for appropriate sanctions on the front line. The German government wants similar sanctions against Syria than the sanctions against Iran and the new imposed sanctions against the Iranian financial sector (by U.S.). But that´s not all, Germany has some more “good ideas” against Syria.

In the end of February, the Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) are going to discuss the freezing of the accounts of the Syrian Central Bank again – at a very special EU Foreign Minister Summit.

Germany also wants to enforce a ban on all regular flights between the European Union (EU) and Syria. It is questionable whether this wish will be fulfilled. Some other European countries are not really convinced about this flight ban between Syria and the EU. These EU governments are skeptically about this German wish, which is finally another propaganda action against Syria.

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