Iran: Tougher sanctions against Iranian financial sector

Posted: February 8, 2012 in International
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To continue to push Iran into a corner, the United States didn`t hesitate to tighten the sanctions against the Iranian financial sector. No surprise, also Europe followed the American method of their Foreign Policy with a new oil embargo against Iran.

The United States block the assets of the Iranian government by these new sanctions now. This means that all the assets of the Iranian ministries can be frozen now. The oil embargo by Europe against Iran is clear.

The U.S. President Barack Obama had another hypocritically statement about the reason for this new sanctions against Iran. The U.S. President Obama had justified these sanctions against Iran because the “Iranian government does not disclose their transaction”. A further step by Barack Obama which is not in line with interests in peace and also in democratic attitudes. Does this guy really deserve a Peace Noble Prize? No way.

The U.S. administration also said that they want to bring the Iranian government back to the negotiation table about its nuclear program by these new sanctions against the Iranian financial sector, but after the recent weeks we are not convinced that the U.S. administration under Barack Obama is really interested in discussing problems with foreign governments.

The U.S. administration still thinks they can act like they want to. But times have changed. More and more realize the lack of credibility, truth and peaceful interests in some parts of the U.S. administration. To be honest, the world police is bankrupt, but a war could solve this financial problem a bit. Wars always do.

But as in other conflicts, there is hardly a basis for negotiations. This statement of the U.S. administration is just another hypocritically movement.

While Iran wants to keep its nuclear program and it does not want to discuss it further, the U.S. is interested that Iran abandons its nuclear program. We could also write that Lobbies like AIPAC and a not very democratic country like Israel are interested in the stop of the Iranian nuclear program. There has never been any evidence that Iran wants to produce nuclear weapons.

Even some voices out of Israel have confirmed this lack of evidence. But who is able to hear such voices in America and Europe? The level of propaganda in Western governments and the Western media is high. More and more so-called journalists became parrots. Investigative journalism is a fairy tale.

Although there have been the first positive steps in terms of the Iranian nuclear program during the last visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts reached, the U.S. administrations does not care about. No wonder.

As mentioned sometimes, the U.S. administration is not really interested in that they might have to change their stance on Iran (or Syria, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt…). The United States are finally responsible for a lot of “Ground Zeros” on the entire world.

However, there are still topics to evaluate on the Iranian nuclear program, according to the IAEA experts, but the IAEA inspectors also mentioned that the Iran is obliged to cooperate with them and is cooperating with them.

The U.S. are not interested to wait any longer and have imposed further sanctions that harm the Iranian people more and more. Very peaceful and humanitarian interests, indeed. (Irony)

Of course, the regime in Tehran is certainly a really not highly popular regime, but the false propaganda by the West and the further imposed and tougher sanctions harm the Iranian middle class and the lower class of the Iranian society. More and more Iranian people lose their jobs and are slipping into poverty. Thank you, Barack.

Although the U.S. likes to pose themselves as saviors of the world or world police, the majority of Iranians have one thing in common:

Their attitude is anti-American, certainly due to the questionable U.S. Foreign policy of interfering in other sovereign states.

The Foreign Policy of the United States was no policy which has been good for the American people in recent years (even in the last 50 years). The U.S. Foreign Policy includes too much interests of Lobbies (e.g. AIPAC), too much “protect Israel”, even when the Israeli government cheats on their allies in America, and last but not least, you do not make friends with dubious imperialistic and economically interests.

Iran has oil and the USA is really interested in this oil. Anyone who has oil has some power and every state that has oil or raw materials will sooner or later realize some American interests in its oil and raw materials – or even some American threats. Of course, the U.S. administration covers these dubious interests and methods by the label of the attainment of “democracy” in these nations. Arab spring, do it one more time, Baby!

But the Americans probably want to stock up all the Iranian oil fields with American production companies. It would not be the first time. Even the European Union (EU) acts very hypocritically in supporting the rebuilding of some countries and so on.

The tones between Iran and the U.S. are still very sharp. Just last Friday, the religious leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali al-Khamenei, has warned both, the U.S. and Israel, before the attack of Iran.

There are rumors that Israel already wants to attack Iran or better the Iranian nuclear power plants already in this spring or that Israel intends to convince other countries to attack Iran. No wonder. Israel is more interested that others do the dirty work, as always.

Since a really long time, Israel is interested to clean Iran. Attack plans are there already since years. A weaker Syria paves the path to Iran as well. The weaker Syria is, the easier is Iran to attack. As the hypocritically U.S. president Obama has told there is not yet a decision by Israel to attack. Not yet. But who believes him still really after the recent years?

They probably relate the attack and time of an attack on Iran on the further “developments” in Syria. It would be no huge surprise.

At the moment, the first visit of IAEA experts has ended, but these IAEA inspectors will return to Iran and continue to hold talks with the Iranian government. Of course, these IAEA experts are interested to know why the Iranian government builds the uranium enrichment facilities in the subsurface.

Maybe they want to protect them from quick attacks by Israeli force? The IAEA inspectors are also interested why the Iranian government wants to expand the uranium enrichment facilities.

In the end, the words of Barack H. Obama are reminiscent of the hypocritically preparation for the war against Iraq. Hello again, next liars.

At that time the United States also had very good “expert estimates” about the allegedly mass destruction weapons in Iraq and the IAEA experts were also in Iraq. Despite this or perhaps because of this, the war on Iraq began.

It just seems to be a matter of time before we have the first attacks against Iran`s nuclear reactors. The Oil is one of the rulers of the world.

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