Syria: The West searches for ways to overthrow the Syrian government

Posted: February 7, 2012 in International
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After the failed resolution (voting) on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) at the weekend, the motors of the West are running at high speed currently. The West wants to discover new methods to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad; beside the support for local armed “rebels” (destabilization from within).

Of course, the West still asserts that they do all this to help the Syrian population and want to achieve the overthrow of the Syrian “regime” in a not too distant future, despite the Russian and Chinese stance and the stances of South America and some other governments on this planet.

It is so damn hypocritically to call on Assad`s fall when the huge majority of the Syrian population, we speak about at least 80% of Syrians in Syria, is still in support with their government or at least with the President al-Assad. The most Syrians make differences between the so-called “regime” and the Syrian President.

Not to mention that the West still tries to hide the fact that they already support the rebels (against international laws) and that these armed gangs terrorize the Syrian population, are not really under control and also rely on acts of sabotage and terrorism – even against Syrian civilians.

After both, Russia and China, have made use of their veto rights at the UN Security Council (UNSC), the Western governments were appalled. Of course, the veto was no real surprise because the Moroccan draft resolution (originally British) was still one-sided and hypocritically after its last changes and updates.

This draft resolution was never based on the real events in Syria and did not take care about the report of the Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria. Qatar wanted to bury the report of the Arab League (AL) and they succeeded. Too much truth is bad for the intentions of some Western and Arab governments.

An outbreak of emotions was unleashed after the veto of Russia and China and almost all members of the UN Security Council condemned the stances of Russia and China. We wonder if these representatives of the really hypocritically member states, who are blaming Russia and China (and South America) for their stance on Syria, are still able to look at themselves in a mirror and to sleep well at night.. But we fear, they still are able to.

Even Moscow has made the statement after the voting on the draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that they just had to wait a few days with the voting and Russia might has given up its veto on this resolution against Syria. But maybe the West was not really interested in some more changes at the draft resolution which could uncover the truth about the events in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov insisted that he wants to get a picture of the situation in Syria at first hand (initially). The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian Foreign-Intelligence chief will meet today with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Both Russian representatives have already arrived at the airport of Damascus.

Of course, the results of these talks between Russia and the Syrian government and President al-Assad in the capital Damascus will be interesting. We are curious about the result and the final statements of both sides. At the moment it seems very certain, that neither Russia nor China will take orders by the West or regret their veto decision at the UN Security Council (UNSC).

While Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is in Damascus now, the West still seeks new ways to overthrow the Syrian government and President al-Assad. Of course, they do not name this that way. The West still says in public that they want to help the Syrian people. Considering Libya, it is the second most hypocritically statement of the West in the recent 12 months.

The West already announced the founding of a flimsy “contact group” with not only representatives of the European Union (EU), but also representatives from Turkey and the Arab League (AL – Qatar is sure a member..). The “contact group” on the topic Syria will discuss new actions against the Syrian government and also the ways how they can sell their questionable actions to their own people.

In addition, the European Union (EU) wants to tighten the existing sanctions on Syria or / and to issue new sanctions on the Syrian government. These new sanctions or / and the new tighten sanctions should lead to completely isolate Syria. An international isolation of Syria? The West often forgets about the fact that the European Union (EU) and the United States (USA) are not the entire world.

Syria has good relations with Russia. There are also some negotiations on joint projects with China. Also some German companies are still included in joint projects with the Syrian government or Syrian companies. Not to mention the “Siemens Deal” and even the last meeting of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce with some Arab representatives some months ago (and so on…).

Also countries in Africa and South America are potential partners for Syria and not really in line with the “hypocritically” stances of the West. Not to mention North Korea, Iran and maybe also India. So when the head of the U.S. Homeland Security speaks about the whole “international community” which is said to be against the Syrian government, he only means some Western and Arab governments.

But “international community” sounds better, indeed. It is just not true. He and others use that description for propaganda purpose. Besides the EU and the U.S. there are definitely still trading partners, which are able to prevent such an international isolation of Damascus. At this point we could mention again that some wordings are just used for propaganda purposes by Western and Arabic representatives.

Actually, the United States and especially the European Union (EU) should have already learned that (partly hypocritically) sanctions are not really helpful to solve “problems”. Sanctions are also not really useful when it is about a fast turn (mostly intervention in other countries) and about the interferences in foreign government structures. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Libya are good examples for the “effects” of sanctions.

Two points are always obvious, although the West always negates these “effects” of sanctions.

With sanctions you harden the possibilities for talks (to a peaceful solution); sanctions do affect the population first.

Even some reports of Western newspapers, which are sadly enough still in line with the false propaganda about the situation in Syria, share the opinions that sanctions are no real good action to solve “problems”.

Some Western journalists even say that sanctions on Syria could finally turn out to be counterproductive (in the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government).

These journalists also published their opinions that the Syrian people are already suffering under the sanctions and the entire situation. Surprisingly enough, some of these journalists also wrote that, however, “the huge majority of Syrians are still behind al-Assad”. Maybe you can take this as a “Western confirmation” for our sentences about the stances of the Syrian people. 🙂

In the end it is really like this. Sanctions harden the possibilities for peaceful solutions and instead of the further destabilization-goal to mobilize more and more people against their government (because of the worse effects of sanctions) in Syria, more and more Syrians harden their support for the Syrian President al-Assad.

Maybe because of the foreign media fakery, their lost relatives because of the terror by armed gangs, supported by foreign powers, or just because they fear what might come after the West succeeds in the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The huge majority of the Syrian population is not interested in a brutally overthrow of their President.

A look at the so-called “liberated” Libya offers a glimpse of what could await us with Syria. So if you look for solutions, would it not make sense to do the same together the Russians and to even take another look at the not one-sided and good Russian draft resolution on Syria? This would be resolution they could pass the UN Security Council (UNSC).

In former times, important and impressive statesmen had no fears to travel around to world to really discuss “problems” with “other sides” but in these days it seems there are no statesmen anymore – or some are not really interested in peace and truth. Some of the hypocrites (France, Britain, United States, Germany, Turkey, Qatar…) should already have been traveling to the Syrian capital Damascus to discuss the “problems” and to get a picture first-hand. But nothing really happened. Policy became very pathetic nowadays – in line with the downfall of journalism.

Only political solutions can save the Syrian population and the stability of Syria as a secular country of the Middle East. The only secular country of the Middle East. In addition, the armed gangs of criminals, fighters and religious extremists must lay down their weapons and stop their acts of sabotage and terrorism against the Syrian security forces and civilians.

These “resistance fighters” are not democratic, peaceful and honorable. In contrast to the false image which is sold by Western governments and media, why ever (…), these “rebels” are no “peaceful demonstrators”, but brutal and violent. But they are still supported with funds, weapons and advices by foreign powers – by the same foreign powers which are calling for democracy, peace and freedom. Really disappointing.

Maybe you should also start to think about the Arab League (AL) and why this “committee” has been very dusty and worthless since years, which has brought nothing to the series. This “dusty stance” has changed since Libya and finally with the topic Syria. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the “new” motors of the Arab League (AL). But just because of dubious intentions and questionable goals.

Maybe you should take the time and have a closer look at Qatar and its interests. Maybe you are able to notice the real intentions behind the stance of Qatar then. Qatar wants democracy in Syria? A good joke, indeed. The dubious interests of Qatar should be interests that have nothing to do with freedom and democracy.

It´s about “how to solve the “problems” in Syria” and how “to really help the Syrian people”. If Western governments want to really help the Syrian people they should stop their fake and propaganda campaigns first.

Western and Gulf media should start to report objectively again and to put their sources into question. For example, the dubious and questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in Syria, based in London. Voltaire Network called this “Observatory” an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. Journalists should work independently again and do research. Copy and Paste is no journalism.

Just as the situation is in Syria at the moment, Assad’s fall brings more suffering, persecution and killings as well as a religious-ethnic conflict. The Middle East could explode. Such an explosion could also reach Europe. As we said, also Libya and Iraq should be warnings enough.

The withdrawal of the ambassador from Damascus as it was done for example by the United States and Britain, are not the right approaches to really find a peaceful solution. Also the “kick out” of the Syrian ambassador from Tunisia is just a propaganda move and no approach to a peaceful solution. In the meantime, Russia has withdrawn its ambassador in Qatar.

Syria: The considering of statements and events

The West has no interest in finding a peaceful solution. The West acts not democratically, honest and peaceful.

The stated goals of the United States are to overthrow Assad and to replace the Syrian government by a puppet of the United Nations or the United States (no matter what term you choose). The main goal is still Iran. You have to pave the path to Iran first.

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