UN Security Council on Syria: Veto against resolution, the West blusters

Posted: February 6, 2012 in International
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The results of the vote on the Moroccan (originally British, American) draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was not unexpected, even if the Western and some Gulf media want to convey the impression, that this result is shocking.

But they even want to convey the impression that the veto of Russia and China are a threat for the safety of all Syrians in their country of the Middle East. How hypocritically!

The Russian draft resolution on Syria is not one-sided, includes good solutions to solve the situation within Syria and is even more democratic and in line with the truth of events than the so-called Arab League (AL) peace plan, which was the base for the one-sided and questionable Moroccan (British) draft resolution on Syria.

Moscow had already in advance of the meeting on Saturday repeatedly pointed out that it would veto it again (because the draft resolution is too one-sided and does not really condemn the violence of the opposition forces in Syria and so on…).

China also used its veto rights against this draft resolution at the UN Security Council, despite all attempts at persuasion by the German chancellor Merkel. Also many South American countries have stood symbolically on the side of China and Russia this weekend.

China, for example, declared that the veto was responsible for prevent the similar scenarios in Syria like it has happened in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

At the moment, a war against Syria could be prevented – or delayed. At least, a military intervention by NATO powers in Syria under fanciful explanations of reasons. Saddam Hussein also had weapons of mass destruction, yeah! (Not really)

The West, especially the U.S. and the British, French and German governments, are outraged by the veto of China and Russia. Hypocritically outraged, but it`s useful for propaganda purposes. All these governments bring more accusations against the Syrian government on the table and also responsible for spreading more manipulative propaganda. Media is another useful and very important tool.

It seems that Western states are not interested in the motives behind this double veto at the UN Security Council. They are also not interested in accepting the veto by Russia and China. Democratic, indeed.

Of course, one can expect that these Western governments are now trying different methods to get a final resolution on Syria or to somehow bypass Russia and China or the UN Security Council. Some already know that the U.S. administration is not really impressed by interests or decisions of the UN Security Council. The “world police”, USA, is considering themselves as more important as such a council.

At least, they are considering their interests as more important as a “legitimizing” decision of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The fact that there armed and violent groups in Syria, which for example harass the population and are responsible for acts of sabotage and terrorism, is no longer only reported by the Syrian government, which is always accused of propaganda over and over again. It is, like the accusation on someone to be anti-Semitic, a useful method that someone loses its credibility.

Even the observers of the Arab League observer mission in Syria have witnessed some of these armed gangs in action and also the French journalist (or spy) was murdered by these armed bunches of criminals, radicals and religious extremists. Not to mention that the updated report of the observers in Syria mentioned all this. But this report was buried by Qatar; the Arab League (AL) hides the truth from the wider public.

The report of the observers in Syria was not noted (not being used finally) at the Arab League (AL). What is certain is that Qatar has suppressed the report of its own observer. Western media doesn`t seem to consider it as strange that Qatar has stopped the Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria and the fact, that Qatar also called for the invasion of Syria by Arab soldiers.

Qatar is in the forefront of the campaign against Syria now. The non-democratic Qatari leadership tries by all means to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Qatar wants also to prevent what the Syrian President al-Assad had already announced on several occasions.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf and Western governments are not interested in really free elections in Syria. They also not interested in the welfare of the Syrian population. Their calls are hypocritically, in the same way they have been before the “No-Fly Zone” over Libya. They are not interested in a new Syrian government which is not easy to manipulate and to get influenced by “their” interests.

No one wants to build up a solid state in Syria and, therefore, the West tries to set up a “pleasant” government in Syria – at least a so-called Transitional Council, e.g. similar to the questionable and dubious Libyan National Transitional Council, NTC.

How many members of this questionable Council in Istanbul are actually in Syria and do not have another nationality (passport) or did not grow up in foreign countries? The United States are totally outraged by the veto of Russia. Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice have the anger of their lives. AIPAC is sure happy.

It is denounced and fought, but that didn’t actually change anything at the decision on Saturday at the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The West also rages, the (brought into line) media remain unique in their black and white coverage of the situation in Syria. There are still Western reports that are using the false propaganda phrase that no journalists are allowed in Syria.

Susan Rice gave the headlines. Everywhere, we are able to read, that the veto was a decision against the people of Syria. Wow. Despite the fact that the huge majority of the Syrian population rejects any intervention in Syria and favors, when it would be a question, the Russian draft resolution. A lot of people in Syria celebrated the veto of Russia and China this weekend. The most Syrians have done that.

The veto was finally good for the people in Syria. In the end, the NATO war (“No-Fly Zone”) in Libya has been and still is a disaster and war crime.

The simplified, false representation of good and evil is maintained: The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is evil and must be overthrown; the protesters are good and must be protected. But even Western journalists and political activists (even experts of affairs in the Middle East) reject this imagination and coverage of Western media.

If only it were that simple: It’s not only about peaceful demonstrators any more. The West already intervenes in Syria. Armed groups of criminals, radicals and religious fanatics are supported by funds, weapons and advice. Parts of these armed groups were also trained by British and French Special Forces to destabilize Syria from within.

The so-called and questionable “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the questionable National Council (SNC), based in Istanbul, are the best examples. The Syrian government is still willing to compromise.

Damascus has accepted the Russian proposal for negotiations between the government and opposition immediately. Ghalioun, dubious head of the Syrian National Council (SNC), declined the invitation to Russia, even before Moscow gave the proposal over to him.

As it is even mentioned in the report of the Arab League observers, the Syrian government had withdrawn its tanks from the Syrian cities and also from the Syrian city of Homs.

The violence in Syria did not stop. The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other groups (for example radical religious groups as the Salafis (Salafiyah, Salafists) and the Muslim Brotherhood) still go on with their violence – even against Syrian civilians. Not to mention the Libyan thugs in Syria. A useful tool to destabilize Syria and to pave the path to Iran. Syrian civilians are threatened, kidnapped and murdered.

This is another side of the so-called “Syrian unrest”. This side is not really reported in the West because it does not serve the interests of the West. The “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) gets their weapons from outside. In addition, Libyan rebels traveled to Turkey to help them with the fights and the destabilization of Syria.

Western intelligence agencies train fighters in the border area of Turkey and Lebanon and the Syrian government is only represented as a bloodthirsty bunch of devils. Wow. In the end, t

In the end, the U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman has made an interesting statement at the Security Conference in Munich, Germany, yesterday. He said that the United States is going to support the Syrian opposition with arms. As if it is not happening already.

What has been not really covered by Western media becomes public now. The United States are going to deliver weapons to the Syrian opposition forces – also to religious fanatics and criminals. The announcement is a declaration of war.

Certainly, the United States will not only support these groups of armed people with weapons. Let`s see how long it will take till we have American Special Forces in Syria. This act (against international laws) by the United States is definitely increasing the possibility of a war that cannot be blamed on the Syrian government.

While Americans (U.S. government, AIPAC driven policy) are more and more in the mood for war, Russia is trying with the government in Damascus to negotiate further.  On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is expected in Damascus.

Image: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    John Laughland, political analyst from The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, says Russia is another target of constant attacks on Syria made by the West.


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