Syria: "Massacre" of Homs – propaganda against logic

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Sideviews
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The so-called “Massacre of Homs” or “Blood Night in Syria” is not verified and still unconfirmed, just like the most Western reports on the situation and events in Syria. Of course, Western media still relies on the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London.

Pure hysteria. The western media are falling over themselves with lurid reports of a massacre of the Syrian army in the Syrian city of Homs. There is a causer for the incident and the procedure, but no evidence, so the whole scenario – at least like the “night in Homs” was and is portrayed by the West – is…

Unbelievable – for various reasons.

CNN Rebel

CNN Rebel

The “whole proof” of the massacre of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – an “activist” tells of the night in Homs. (Source: CNN)

Would a defendant commit a publicly burglary one day before the trial, to provide evidence for the prosecution? First, there is no evidence for the claims of the so-called “massacre of Homs”. There is just a good English-speaking “insurgent” who reported on CNN on the night of terrible events in Syria. You can see the dead and wounded. But who has shot at whom here? Where did they come from?

The Western media channels only broadcast Internet videos and mobile calls. Why? There are hundreds of journalists from around the world, especially from the West, in Syria, according to the Arab League (AL – Arab League observer report, Annex II, page 17). This includes several camera crews and reporters from CNN and CBS, too. Specifically the German newspaper “BILD” and RTL / Antonia Rados (correspondent who lost her credibility already years ago) are mentioned also.

It is striking that these murders just happen at the moment when Russia is forced to an approval in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to agree to the war against Syria. Finally, Russia used its veto right again, despite this propaganda explosion which is similar to the false reports in the times of Libya at the UN Security Council. Cui bono? This “shooting of the Syrian city of Homs” is against all logic. Why would Syria commit a massacre on the day where is also an important meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)?

Not to mention that the Western media does not report about the citizens of Homs which reject the “information” of these “activists” about this night in Syria? We called some relatives of friends in Homs, they also rejected these reports.

Maybe that Russia and China will also vote against Syria and agree to the one-sided and questionable draft resolution of Morocco (originally by Britain)? That the Syrian army commits a blood bath in Homs just as the UN Security Council (UNSC) wants to push the draft resolution on Syria further, is illogical, in the highest degree, and an insult to the intellect.

The Observer Mission of the Arab League (AL) reported that all tanks of the Syrian army were withdrawn from the Syrian city of Homs. How should Syrian tanks be able to secretly come back?

CNN broadcasted old videos of “old cleanups” (we will find out where these clips come from). But these videos by CNN are not from this weekend. They only give the impression that the artillery of the Syrian government and President al-Assad has fired at buildings and houses.

CNN also showed an armored Syrian tank, which was firing. But this tank showed the green, white and black Flag of the “insurgents” in Syria! The Syrian flag is red-white-black. Are they stupid at CNN or just interested in selling false facts for propaganda purposes? To be honest, they should have known at the editorial offices of CNN, that this tank showed the flag of the “rebels”.

Many Western media have noticed this tell-tale error of propaganda already and hastily removed this image from the tank, but the flag of the “insurgents” is still to be seen in the CNN video. Hurry up, CNN.

As if there never has been the report of the observers of the Arab League (AL), which proves the violence and terror against Syrian civilians by the “opposition forces” in Syria, the German Foreign Minister G. Westerwelle has announced on the “Security Conference” in Munich this weekend, that the violence against the Syrian civilians goes further and that the “international community” (now a pseudonym for NATO & the questionable allies) should act.

“The international community cannot longer keep silent” – Mr. Westerwelle really turns facts upside down for propaganda purposes. A Foreign Minister of a so-called example democracy within Europe should stay in line with the truth and not get another liar. This way, it is really hard to sell democracy to other countries. Not to mention that you should not sell democracy by force to other countries.

False Tank

False Tank

CNN showed as evidence for the “massacre of Homs” by the Syrian army and government parallel to the useful “activists” some pictures of Syrian tank. But these Syrian tanks are clearly showing the flags of the “opposition forces” in Syria and the pictures are from January and not from the last weekend.

We are surprised that CNN failed in this attempt of propaganda and that the editorial offices of CNN are the opinion that their viewers are all just stupid and that it is easy to brainwash them. Finally, it is CNN, what else was to expect? You see.

Syria: Emotion replaces information – a huge lack of real journalism

Whenever the information content on the reports on Syria goes towards zero, the Western media uses most dramatic words to underline their propaganda purposes and to distract the viewers and readers from the lack of confirmation and truth. A striking example is the report of the German “news” channel n-tv on the 4th of February, 2012.

The German news channel n-tv reported that the Arab League observer mission has been aborted and that the observers in Syria have sent a “cry for help” to the United Nations (UN). What they didn`t have said in this questionable report was the fact, that the “termination” and the “distress call” originally was sent by Qatar and not by the observers in Syria. Qatar, that has buried the report of their observers.

The n-tv report literally: “The UN Security Council (UNSC) should take decisions to stop the killing machine of Assad.” No word on the artillery and the tanks of the so-called “peaceful protesters” in Syria.

Whoever chooses NATO, is voting for war

The objectives of this campaign are clear:

First, the situation in Syria is dramatized by the media. Reported by the observer mission of the Arab League (subchapter 68/69).

Second, the “world” has to be “convinced” against Russia (and China), which wants to prevent a war against Syria similar to the Libyan patterns.

Third, political pressure is exerted; on all countries such as BRICS, the non-allies, the African Union, which are, in contrast to the false media campaign of the NATO countries, against a war with Syria.

Fourth, the Europeans should get the (false) impression, that the whole world is against Syria, but that is only a virtual mirage, that delivers a completely false picture here behind the Iron Curtain of the “news” – for propaganda purposes. Of course, there are many governments who know, that whoever votes for NATO, chooses war.

Syria: The unpublished report of the Arab League observers

The reports, highly hyped by the NATO media, on the situation in Syria, contradict the report of the Arab League observer mission. This report was adopted by the Arab League despite the hypocritically dissenting vote of Qatar. Qatar wanted to achieve that the Arab League observer report will not get published. For example, the report said that the Syrian army has withdrawn all tanks from the cities.

Syria: Tanks of opposition forces sold as “Assad`s tanks”

CNN broadcasted to the report on the attacks of the “Syrian tanks” on Homs also a tank which deliberate gave the false impression, that the Syrian army has attacked Homs or even civilians. Legally, this “deliberate mistake” by CNN is called a fraud.

This armored tank belongs to the “Syrian opposition” forces and was already shown at the 1th of February, 2012 (here).

Also other Western media stations had no problem in selling the opposition tanks as “Assad`s tanks” to their readers and viewers. Of course, the opposition flags and even tanks disappeared later, but the lie remains. A lie is a lie, isn`t it? A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth.

Hysteria, defamation and incitement at the NATO. The NATO alliance drifted already too far away from their former charter.

After Russia and China have prevented a war against Syria again, the shameless propaganda against Syria goes further. Some Western media channels are even so shameless and false that they skip no awkwardness in their questionable coverage.

For example, the German Foreign Minister G. Westerwelle said that the veto of Russia against the draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was “a decision against the people in Syria”, which probably means, that he is convinced that the war in Libya was a decision for the people in Libya.

Not to mention that Mr. Westerwelle seems to have no clue that the huge majority of the Syrian population is against a resolution and is happy about the veto of Russia and China. The German Foreign Minister Westerwelle should work at the office of a Ministry for Propaganda.

Ironically, the colonial power France, which was responsible for a lot of air raids without an end over Libya, hardly as the information about the Libya Resolution 1973 has arrived in Paris, dared to blame Russia for having the blood of Syria on their hands. Paris has the blood of a lot Libyan civilians on its hands. It´s a cynical and shameless impertinence by France. Propaganda.

Source: „Massaker“ von Homs – Logik gegen Propaganda


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