Syria: University Professor accused Western media

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Sideviews
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A few days ago, the Arab League observer mission in Syria has been stopped because of the increased level of violence in this country. The Arab League (AL) has forgot to mention that the violence of the armed groups within Syria has increased, but this was just in line with the way the (now “leading”) member states of the Arab League, e.g. Qatar and Saudi Arabia, have buried the own report of the observers in Syria.

They still want to hide the fact, that the so-called “rebels” (groups of armed criminals, religious fanatics and extremists) are also responsible for many acts of sabotage, terrorism and violence in Syria.

This attempt to hide these facts is also in line with the methods behind the draft resolution from Morocco at the United States Security Council, which was originally edited and updated by Britain. Every government on the entire world would protect their civilians against armed terrorists and against religious fanatics with weapons.

The Arab League (AL) has never used the real content of the report by their observers in Syria for the “new” draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The draft resolution, submitted by Morocco, was finally edited and updated by Britain.

This draft resolution on Syria is not really new. In contrast to the objective Russian draft resolution, which condemns both sides in Syria for the violence and clearly calls on the armed groups of “insurgents” to lay down their weapons and to stop all their acts of sabotage and terrorism in Syria, this British-Moroccan draft resolution is just a farce. Of course, we could also call it a “NATO / UN draft resolution”.

The draft resolution was updated the last day because the “international community” wants to prevent that Russia (and China) make use of their veto rights at the UN Security Council (UNSC) again. The revised draft resolution dropped the call that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad shall delegate all his power to a deputy. This call to the Syrian President was originally a plan, which has been proposed by the Arab League (AL) (e.g. Qatar).

Moscow will never allow any actions against the sovereignty of Syria. It seems that the “international community” has finally understood that the Russian bear is angry about the hypocritically and non-democratic behavior of some Western governments and some member states of the Arab League (AL).

Of course, even if it is a good update of this draft resolution, there are still important things which are missing within this draft resolution on Syria. Not to mention that the Russian draft solution still seems to be the better draft resolution.

The Russian version of a resolution on Syria is objective, honest and in line with the real situation in this country of the Middle East. The Russian draft resolution is even more democratic and promises a better solution for the end of violence in Syria than the now debated draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Surprisingly enough, that Russia has a better democratic stance than the West.

But the situation is still clear for the Western media: The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hasn`t stopped the violence and the killing of innocents in Syria continues. This false propaganda is a useful tool for the questionable interests of some Western governments and some member states of the Arab League (AL). If you prepare for dubious actions it is better to have the public opinion behind you. We already know these methods from the events in and about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on…

Of course, we also could mention the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, again. This is one of the main sources for a lot of false information about the events in Syria. Willfully used by Western media despite the fact that these journalists should know better. There is no confirmed information or evidence behind this source.

Voltaire Network goes further and even started to call this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” an office of the Muslim Brotherhood in London. There is a huge lack of real journalism in Western media nowadays. It`s a business finally.

But in contrast to the questionable and non-confirmed reports of mass media on the situation in Syria, there are still some people in the West who have a more differentiated image about the events within Syria. Their image of these events and even their experiences in Syria show that there are still some objective, independent and intelligent people out there.

For example, the expert of affairs in the Middle East, Prof. Dr. Guenther Meyer (Günther Meyer) of the University of Mainz. This German Professor gave a radio interview at the German radio station “Bayern 2” about the situation in Syria and spoke about the real events behind the false image, which is still sold by Western media and governments.

The East-expert Prof. Dr. Gunther Meyer (Günther Meyer) of the German University of Mainz has spread quite a different truth about the situation in Syria. To be honest, this German Professor, Dr. Meyer, has spoken about the truth and that`s the reason why his statements are in contrast to the questionable and false reports of Western press and Western media.

For example, Prof. Dr. Guenther Meyer has clearly denied that the observer mission of the Arab League (AL) had failed. He said in this radio interview with “Bayern 2” that the number of deaths has dropped significantly and that many prisoners were released since then.

He also blamed the Western media for delivering a totally false impression about the situation in Syria. Prof. Dr. Gunther Meyer denied this image of the Western press that there is only a violent Syrian regime which acts brutally against peaceful demonstrators.

He stated in this interview with the German radio station that it is obvious that the Syrian government is faced with an armed terrorist organization, which is also responsible for a very large proportion of deaths in Syria. The German Professor also has the opinion that this fact about the situation in Syria should be no secret anymore. He explained to the biased radio moderator of “Bayern 2”, that there is a clear prejudiced view against the Syrian regime.

A view, so Prof. Dr. Guenther Meyer (Günther Meyer), which is strengthened considerably by the interests of the United States, but also by the interests of its Western allies like France, Britain and not least Germany. The German Professor also said that this “provoked” anti-view is primarily intended to break the axis of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

The German radio host of “Bayern 2” was irritated by this answer of his interview guest and said perplex that this “almost sounds like a Western conspiracy against Syria”. Of course, this radio host was biased, misinformed and had no clue what is really going on here – here in Syria.

The Professor at the University in Mainz raised serious allegations against the West afterwards and blamed the West to spark a civil war in Syria finally. (Destabilization of Syria, “regime change”, foreign support for armed terrorists and religious fanatics in Syria.. we already know it.. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…)

Prof. Dr. Gunther Meyer (Günther Meyer) said that Syria has to deal with a massive intervention from the outside. He also mentioned the Libyan thugs who are said to fight in Syria against the Syrian army and security forces. He also explained about the reports of the training camps for armed criminals and fanatics, managed by France and Great Britain at some borders (Turkey, Lebanon) to Syria.

The financially support of the United States for the Syrian opposition inside and outside Syria- The arms delivering to groups of criminals, terrorists and religious extremists in Syria by foreign powers. He finally said that the West wants to initiate a civil war in order to weaken Syria and to pave the path to Iran.

The German Professor Dr. Meyer also emphasizes that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still has the majority of the Syrian people behind him, as an examination of the Qatar Foundation have shown, for example. And we can assume that the result of the examination by the Qatar Foundation has been whitewashed in the end. This means that the final result should even be higher.

This Professor of the University of Mainz has a better image about the situation in Syria and a smarter brain than the most Western journalists. He also has spoken the truth, in contrast to so-called journalists and democratically Western governments.

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