Syria: Changes on the draft resolution at the UNSC

Posted: February 3, 2012 in International
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The Syrian population commemorated the massacre of Hama, Syria, in 1982 yesterday. Of course, some mass media and so-called “rebels” refer to the massacre of Hama, Syria, in 1982 for their current propaganda purposes.

But it`s quite interesting how a “historical” event, which happened only some decades ago, can be so easily turned upside down by media. There were times in which the entry of the massacre of Hama at Wikipedia has been more correct.

Once again, there are new reports of the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, about new deaths in Syria. There are also some so-called anonymous human rights activists with names like Homsi, Idlibi and so on, who report about the new violence of the Syrian army and government. The Western media loves them and they know it.

We already explained again and again why this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” has no credibility and why journalists who refer to them, act against the dogmas of real journalism and also lose credibility. For example, there must be evidence why Voltaire Network has begun to call this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. In these times, in which every Twitter and Facebook user becomes a human rights activist, the real journalism should be more aware to not lose its last credibility.

Not to mention that some are careerist and willfully tools for propaganda and false information. For Example, the German correspondent Mr. Armbruster (German state TV ARD) is known in his branches as careerist and self-exposer. We know him as a liar, recalling his false coverage about Libya. When German TV offices as the SWR office in Cairo, Egypt, have huge problems to deliver correct translations of Arabic speeches to their headquarters, we have some doubts, this just happens because of “mistakes”.

As always, verifiable sources and evidence are not included in the reports about allegedly new deaths in Syria. Media does not care about. It is useful for propaganda purposes and the selling of newspapers. Journalism is just another business.

As noted several times, from different sides, the Western media uncritically accept these figures of deaths in Syria and publish them in questionable articles. Some of them are already known for their copy & paste articles. Others seem just to use e.g. Google Translator, for translating of al Jazeera reports into French, English or British.

Sometimes you clearly realize that some journalists seem to have a lack of knowledge when it is about the sentence construction of their own mother language. Newspapers which publish these questionable reports must have a lack of reexamination within their editorial offices.

Of course, there is a lack of money, journalism is a business, and students are cheaper than real journalists. Not to mention that another story about an “Arab dictator” sells itself sometimes better than the truth. The headline is also important, not only on the front page in the print edition, but also online. Shall we still have respect, considering these methods of journalism which clearly show, that there is a huge lack of many things? False propaganda never was real journalism.

Western media and some Arab media (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain…) sell this non-confirmed information from dubious sources as real information to their readers and viewers, while they accuse the Syrian government again and again for publishing propaganda.

To be honest, this should finally count for both sides and even for some Western newspapers and media stations. Also, some of these journalists should already know about this, they just do not speak about that in public, of course. Maybe they are afraid to lose their job. Understandable… but still a questionable attitude in the end.

The West has positioned itself clearly and specifically against the Syrian government. This is evident in the speeches of Western politicians, the previously imposed sanctions against Syria and in the end also within the content the draft resolution, which was put forward by Morocco, but lastly edited by Britain and so on…

After the announcement of Moscow, that they don`t support this one-sided draft resolution on Syria, there have been another meeting of UN ambassadors to debate the resolution against Syria again. (A resolution “against” Syria is no resolution for the Syrian population…)

After the meeting, all participants showed themselves somehow satisfied. It seems that they have started to believe in the success of this draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), after this next meeting.

The Moroccan (actually British) draft resolution on Syria has now been modified slightly, to convince Russia that they are finally able to accept this modified content of the resolution.

But it is still questionable whether these “embellishments” of the draft resolution cab be taken seriously and will condemn the violence on both sides. It is also questionable if the quick resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is really off the table now. In contrast to some other reports about this “updated draft resolution” there is evidence that this “call for a resignation” on the Syrian President al-Assad is not really off the table. Only the “time permitted” (for this step) could have been changed.

Clearly, they want to drag Russia on “their side” with these changes. But it is the question whether Moscow is convinced to change its stance after these changes and after the events in Libya. Considering the enormous involvement of the West to finally obtain such a one-sided resolution, there should be some questions about the motives of the West.

By this resolution, they want probably prepare a later military intervention (in whatever form), despite all denials. This foreign intervention in Syria could be made possible by this resolution. The Libyan scenario is re-played on the desk of foreign policies.

The sentence “to take further measures against the violence in Syria” is a good base to make an intervention in Syria possible. We already know this sentence from other former events. In principle they still stay at the one-sided proposal of the Arab League (AL / Qatar…) from November, but some details have been removed from the Moroccan (British..) draft resolution.

The displacement of power in Syria by the call on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to hand over his power to his deputy was removed. This call for a “timely removal” of the Syrian President is removed. Also the call for an establishment of a so-called “unity government” in Syria, which shall lead to elections, was removed. According to some diplomats, the arms embargo on Syria has been revised, too. Sure because Moscow has already made it clear that Russia will continue to provide weapons to Syria.

Just recall Libya and you will be able to quickly realize the parallels. An arms embargo was also imposed against Libya, but this arms embargo was only executed very one-sided finally.

While the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) felt this arms embargo on “him” enormous, the so-called Libyan rebels and insurgents were supplied with the best weapons from the West. Russia wants to prevent the similar scenario in Syria.

Considering these two changes at the draft resolution you can see how carefully they have changed these points. Not really surprising, in contrast to the very good Russian draft resolution on Syria, the condemnation of both sides for violence is still missing in this “new” (not really new…) draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

The West loves to ignore the fact, that the Syrian government is faced with well-armed criminals, terrorists and religious fanatics. Of course, maybe because some Western governments support these armed “rebels” with funds, weapons and advices. Not to mention the training camps for these opposition forces. It is said that Britain and France are behind the training of some rebel groups to fight in Syria and to finally destabilize the country of the Middle East. Regime change, here we are.

The West tries to cover the truth because that doesn`t serve their propaganda purposes. The public opinion gets indoctrinated. Even a German University Professor in the city of Mainz has talked about these facts and accused the Western media for false information and bad journalism.

These armed terrorist organization and the armed criminals in Syria are still financed from abroad and even actively supported by some Western and Arab countries. The peaceful protesters from the beginning already have left the stage. They have no interests in the violence and the damages of these armed groups. The “uprising” which always was smaller than it has been sold to the Western population has been taken over and is finally misused now.

The intervention of foreign powers in Syria is enormous. The main reason for this should be their questionable “interest” in the destruction of the axis Iran-Syria-Lebanon / Hezbollah – and to pave the path to Iran.

Despite these clever changes, Russia could remain at its veto right. The fundamental convictions are still in the content of this one-sided draft resolution. If Russia doesn`t agree to this draft resolution, China will sure also make use of its veto rights again.

As a side note you have the German chancellor Ms. Merkel in China and the German Foreign Minister Mr. Westerwelle in Tel Aviv. While Ms. Merkel tries to change the attitudes of China, Mr. Westerwelle continues with his personal anti-Syria campaign in Tel Aviv. At least, the most Germans should be happy about the fact that this Foreign Minister is soon replaced.

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle demanded very naive, following his hypocritically colleagues, for the resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Tel Aviv. We are sure not the only one who are convinced that this Foreign Minister has no clue about the possible consequences of his demand. If Assad is overthrown, the Middle East is able to say hello to more chaos, violence and war. Mr. Westerwelle even does not know what the German communities in Syria think. Bravo! In former days, Foreign Ministers have known the importance of their office. Nowadays, they prevent talks already in the beginning by acting like angry birds on drugs.

In the end it is still questionable whether there will take place a vote on the draft resolution “against” Syria in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) today.

It also remains to be seen how this day, Friday, will be. Of course, we can expect more false information of the “Syrian Observatory for Propaganda, Human Rights”, based in London. Also more false reports in Western media. We are used to it finally.

Unfortunately, Syria has to bleed for dubious interests, questionable goals and false propaganda. Maybe it also bleeds because of imperialism, economic interests, Zionism and Iran. The West wants to destabilize Syria and to overthrow the Syrian government – regime change – methods. The U.S. President, Barack H. Obama, is just another Bush in a more amicable disguise. Some “good” old boys and women stayed.

The Lobbies (e.g. AIPAC) are still there and the United States are here to police the world, but with questionable intentions since decades. The U.S. Foreign Policy, even the internal policy, is no good policy for the American people. Too much hypocrisy, too much influence of Lobbies and companies. They act like creationist when it comes to facts.

If you want to sell democracy to foreign countries, you should be a good example for it. Since when are democracy and peace sold by force? You know it.

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