Syria: Resolution at UNSC – Morocco's just a straw man

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Sideviews
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When you start to follow the changes at the draft resolution on Syria from Morocco, you will realize that these changes finally display the authorship of Great Britain behind this draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Yesterday, we have published the report of a German blogger about the false propaganda and reports of the German state television channel ARD. This German channel reported that the United States are following the Arab League (AL) on the topic Syria.

But as we know today already, the U.S. just follows the “own” NATO text. It is really interesting and Microsoft`s Word makes it possible to follow the track down the changes of this draft resolution on Syria. Because of Microsoft`s Word you are able to track the changes of this draft resolution on Syria; the electronic signature of the author(s) is displayed, of course.

Matthew Russell Lee, author of Inner City Press, has reported from the UNO (UN) on 31th January.

“The new draft resolution on Syria, which has been received by Inner City Press (with complete tracking of changes, insertions and deletions), shows clearly how much influence the withdrawal of the Arab League observer mission in Syria had on this draft resolution.”

Here you can see the document which has been released online by Inner City Press.

British diplomat made "Moroccan" document

British diplomat made "Moroccan" document

We could use the title: “British diplomat made ​​”Moroccan” document”.

The author of Inner City Press describes how the 15 member states already had a meeting on Monday evening (30.01.2011) on “expert level”, in advance of the meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to talk about the topic Syria. The date is very important here.

Inner City Press staked-out the meeting and exclusively live-tweeted it, and separately spoke with more senior diplomats at the members’ Mission to the UN, one of whom laughed when asked if the changes were attributable to Morocco, which ostensibly drafted and circulated the resolution and chair Monday night’s meeting.

“Morocco’s just a straw man here,” the senior Council diplomat told Inner City Press.

The proof: Any change includes the electronic signature of Reza Afshar, the “First Secretary” for Political Affairs of the UN (Diplomatic) Mission of Great Britain.

Directory of Representatives at the United Nations - May 2011

Directory of Representatives at the United Nations - May 2011

Directory of Representatives at the United Nations – May 2011

The tail wags the dog finally?! The United States follow the Arab League, which “follows” Morocco, Morocco follows Great Britain, Great Britain follows NATO and the NATO follows… whom? It is an indictment for democracy.

Source: Syrien – USA folgen Marokko folgen Großbritannien…

  1. Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has lashed out at certain Arab states for lobbying the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution on Syria and warned against a any reckless decision on Damascus.

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