Libya: Relief organizations have stopped their work

Posted: February 2, 2012 in International
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The topic Libya became relatively quiet in the Western media. The international presses, mass media, are not interested in a daily coverage of the real events within Libya.

They are not interested to expose themselves and that they finally have to admit in public, that Libya is anything else, but no successful example of the so-called “Arab Spring”, let alone that Libya will be a good example for it.

How is the situation in Libya, a country that was being (allegedly) freed from his tyrannical ruler? The former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) was not only overthrown, but also murdered afterwards.

In Libya, nothing has really improved, quite the opposite. It rather looks like the fact that Libya has been thrown back for years, even decades.

Fractious armed tribes are fighting against each other. Black Africans are still in jail, because they are accused that they were mercenaries for the former Libyan leader Gaddafi and that they have fought against the well-supported NATO rebels. These groups of rebels are still to well-armed and not interested to lay down their weapons.

In contrast to the sold image about these rebels, they are more interested in protecting their “new” power and to increase their influence all over Libya. They want a piece of that wonderful cake.

These armed militias, which had a common goal last year, are now trying to be successful in pushing forward their interests. If they realize that this intention is not so easy, they start to rely on their weapons and violence. But not only then… These armed militias, once the celebrated rebels, are (not only now) a threat for everyone in Libya.

The former prosperous Libyan cities are almost completely in ruins now. There is barely pulsating a lifeline in Tripoli. One must have the opinion that a new war could break out every day.

Not to mention that there is still a war in Libya. The armed militias, the former Gaddafi-supporters and other bunch of people are fighting and not only against each other’s.

NATO will not return to Libya (and the United States is only interested in the protection of the Libyan oil). You’re done:

Muammar Gaddafi dead, mission accomplished.

Who should be interested in the Libyan people who were left in their suffering – with a thank you to a “No-Fly Zone” and NATO?

It`s quite not understandable how NATO still sells their “No-Fly Zone” as an successful mission. The NATO is responsible for a lot of violence in Libya. It was a failed (and faked) mission from its beginning.

Nobody prevented mass murder in Libya. A mass murder was organized under the flag of NATO in Libya, by a little help of some friends, e.g. Islamists (al Qaeda and so on). This was a common command by NATO, al-Qaeda and other dubious extremists and groups.

There is no other explanation for the tens of thousands of dead in Libya. So who was saved by the NATO? The Libyan people? Not really. NATO saved themselves and also their donors and the governments of its member states? Perhaps.

Efforts are made within Western mass media, to report as little as possible about the real situation within Libya. Rather report nothing, than to risk that the truth is being revealed even further.

All the information and evidence which was already shown and confirmed, should be already enough to pose tough questions, but the West has no real answers. At least, they have no real answer that could justify the actions of the West in Libya.

The country is shattered. Vigilantism seems to be the only functioning judiciary at the moment. The so-called questionable “Libyan National Transitional Council” (NTC) is overburdened and has no capacity to act. The Libyan nation is angry.

To be honest, in the past week there were some reports on Libya in Western media and newspapers, but no reports showed the real situation. This news about Libya was not the news you have probably hoped for.

No news about free elections in Libya. No news about the disarmament of the armed militias and groups in this country, too. You have hoped in vain. The situation in Libya is on a brink of a real civil war.

At least, you could get a little insight into the real situation in Libya in the past week. The situation after the NATO invasion is bad. Amnesty International (AI) and Doctors Without Borders gave up their work in Libya, because of the bad level of the situation there.

Both gave up their work in protest against what they have really seen in Libya. The general day in Libya is dominated by disputes. The armed militias are still fighting against each other. It is characterized by acts of revenge.

Militias take revenge on people and on the tribes who were and are still loyal to the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has been murdered. So-called Gaddafi-supporters are sent to prisons without any hesitation because they were not on the side of the rebels, which were celebrated in the West.

What about the guarantee of a fair treatment of the people who remained loyal to Muammar Gaddafi? The big words of the dubious Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC) were worth nothing. No surprise.

Amnesty International (AI) and Doctors Without Borders announced the end of their work within Libya in protest against the many detainees and it is not only about supporters of the former Libyan leader Gaddafi (Qaddafi).

They also laid down their work in protest against the many black African detainees. We have to mention that Amnesty International (AI) is not free of guilty when it comes to Libya. Amnesty International (AI) has lost its credibility after the beginning of the NATO “No-Fly Zone” mission. The reports by this Human Rights organization were not confirmed, checked and verified. Finally, Amnesty International (AI) had to admin in public, that some of their reports were just false.

Just recall the dissemination of news that “Gaddafi-soldiers” should have received a lot of Viagra, so they were able to rape more women. Even Amnesty International (AI) had to admit that this news was just a lie.

This organization is also responsible for the situation in this country now. Their false reports have also led to the violent “No-Fly Zone” and the bombing of Libya. They played a part at the decisions before the beginning of the “No-Fly Zone”.

The black Africans are in prison now because they have the wrong skin color, wrong religion or just because the armed Libyan rebels “take their revenge” on everybody. Sometimes it doesn`t matter if the victims have really supported Gaddafi or not.

Torture in Libyan prisons is common now. Many prisoners even died in the prisons as a result of torture and mistreatment. The confessions of prisoners were forced confessions. They were beaten up till they have made their (false) confessions. Of course, the violence not always stopped at that point.

According to Amnesty International (AI) and Doctors without Borders’, many prisoners confessed crimes they never have committed. This time, we are able to trust these reports from Amnesty International (AI).

The damage that was caused in Libya, is irreversible.

Image (Slider) by Elizabeth Arrott [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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