Syria: USA follows Qatar`s democracy-plan?

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Western press and media have a hard game to still rely completely on false propaganda at their reports. The influence of the Central Committee of “Psychological Warfare” had to slowly decrease because more and more Western civilians have started to put the questionable information and reports into question.

But that doesn`t mean that real journalism with all its dogmas is back now. Of course, others still insist on their false propaganda to take influence on the opinions of the Western population.

For example, the German state media ARD published a very balanced report about Syria yesterday – at least, a very balanced report for the conditions of ARD. They even reported about the readiness of the Syrian government to talk with the Syrian opposition abroad.

At least, this readiness of the Syrian government is reported at least once. But it would not be the German media station ARD if this gaffe hasn`t been eradicated immediately. This time it has been eradicated from New York. No surprise.

The latest report of the German state media channel ARD is on the meeting of the so-called “World Security” – the meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) about a (draft) resolution on Syria. This new ARD article claims, that “Russia still blocks resolution on Syria”. This claim is false. The logical and correct headline would be: “The West still blocks resolution on Syria”. We have stated it already here.

Aside from the next lie of ARD – Russia is finally FOR a resolution (if the resolution on Syria is objective and in line with the true situation) – the article of ARD is really funny. (The article cannot be really meant seriously)

Quote of this ARD article about the Russian stance to Syria:

“The United States – just like other Western countries do – follows the plans of the Arab League.” (ARD)

The United States is really following the Arab League (AL)?! This vision or better, this “presentation manner”, has something. The warmonger Hillary Clinton (AIPAC favorite) listens i.e. to the Qatari monarchy and follows the Qatari proposals for democracy, free elections and a unity government in Syria

Note: According to German state media ARD, Qatar leads the United States on the leading way. Qatar leads the way, United States is following. It is also a nice question, what experiences have Qatar made with democracy, free elections and a real unity government. Qatar? Come on, ARD. You really think your readers are so damn stupid? Considering the real information you always left out, maybe. But it is not their fault.

Russia is for a resolution on Syria since the dawn of this partly faked uprising. But when a draft resolution (this time by Morocco, based on the so-called Arab League (AL) peace plan, which has buried the report of their observers) sounds like the way of the justification for the war in Libya (e.g. “all necessary measures…”), which costs the lives of about 30,000 people even according to the statements of the dubious Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC), it is no surprise that Russia is against such a hypocritically resolution which won`t deliver peace to Syria.

Not to mention that the Qatari leadership still demands to send foreign troops to Syria. No surprise, that Russia is equally skeptical about this draft resolution like we.

Did we already mention that the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navanethem Pillay (Navi Pillay), said that “the people of Syria want a No-Fly Zone”? Beside the fact that Navi Pillay is not independent and objective, she is clearly not speaking the truth at this point and she knows it.

The huge majority in Syria doesn`t want a so-called “No-Fly Zone” or even “humanitarian corridors”. The UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay is spreading false facts and she knows about this. Navi Pillay also knows that her published information is not verified and still unconfirmed.

But this information is useful for the questionable goals of some Western and Arab countries. Someone as Navi Pillay has a huge influence on the opinions of people and her false information can be used with pleasure for propaganda purposes. We have to say it again, more and more of these “useful tools” and persons know that they are using lies for the propaganda against Syria. This fact is making all this worse.

Another joke from New York

“Because the international pressure on Russia is growing at the same time, Churkin has signaled willingness for a political dialogue.” (Sarre / ARD / New York)

Russia has offered to ALL parties talks since a long time. Russia offered all parties to meet in Moscow at the same table. The Syrian government accepted this Russian offer.

The so-called Syrian “opposition” outside Syria (e.g. based in Istanbul) rejected this good offer by Russia (again and again). The western-dominated part of the so-called Syrian opposition, which claims to be the opposition (what is false, there is an opposition in Syria already), rejected these offers again and again.

Mrs. Sarre from New York should perhaps read the report of her colleagues Mr. Blaschke, who is in the Syrian capital Damascus. The ARD correspondent Mr. Blaschke reported yesterday:

Mr. Jihad Makdissi, spokesman for the Syrian Foreign Ministry, said to the invitation of Russia to bring all sides at the table in Moscow, that:

“We are always open to any proposal that will help to end the tensions and also helps to achieve a political solution. Because in the end there has to be a political solution and we are ready for it.”(ARD Radio studio, Damascus / Syria)

The (false) propaganda and their victims are also convinced that Qatar does not represent the intentions of the Arab League (AL), but rather Nabil al-Arabi does represent the Arab League. Really? Come on.

First, Qatar has taken the practical leadership of the Arab League (AL) since the beginning of the war in Libya and is also the head of the so-called Syria-Commission of the Arab League. Qatar bought more time to further lead the intentions of the Arab League.

Second, just take a look at the biography of Nabil al-Arabi. He already worked as a judge at the most questionable court of the world, in The Hague; Qatar withdrew its own candidate for the post of the Secretary General of the Arab League (AL) in favor of al-Arabi. You didn`t know about that? Why did Qatar withdraw his own candidate in favor of al-Arabi? Why did they? Anyway!

Russia is FOR a resolution on Syria and only blocks the one-sided, hypocritically war-resolution of the West and some Arab countries – this draft resolution of Morocco (based on the dubious Arab League peace plan for Syria) would lead to further Libyan scenarios.

At least since the war against Libya and the decision of the Arab League to suspend Syria, which was contradictory to the Charter of the Arab League, you are able to realize that the most member states of the Arab League (AL) dance to the tunes of the West in order to not become the “next Libya”. They are Western puppets because of dubious interests and questionable goals.

Source: Syrien – USA folgen katarischen Demokratieplänen

  1. China to support Russian draft resolution on Syria

    China will support Russia’s draft resolution on Syria, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations Li Baodong said at a session of the U.N. Security Council on Syria on Tuesday.

    According to Li Baodong, China intends to take an active and constructive part in consultations and make efforts together with other parties towards the settlement of the situation in Syria through a political dialogue.

  2. Syria – The imaginary flight of the Assad family

    The Western and Gulf press reports of heavy fighting on the outskirts of Damascus. With maps to prove it, it claims that the revolutionaries are about to take the capital. The wife and children of President al-Assad were supposedly intercepted on their way to the airport attempting to escape and were forced to turn back. The fate of the tyrant’s family will soon resemble that of the Gaddafi’s, said Haitham Maleh, a leader of the pro-Western opposition.

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