Syria: Special session of UN Security Council on Syria

Posted: February 1, 2012 in International
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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) met again for a special session on Syria yesterday. The sides described their positions once again and it became clear that a lot of parts at this meeting have some serious problems with the true events in Syria.

While hiding important facts about the situation in Syria, a lot of false propaganda has been used to influence the public opinion in order to substantiate a resolution on Syria.

The West still hopes to adopt a resolution against Syria. The wordings “resolution against Syria” says it all. Russia has good reasons to use their veto right again later this week. The draft resolution, this time by Morocco and based on the questionable Arab League “peace plan”, is one-sided and has no real reference to the report of the Arab League observers and the true situation in Syria.

While Russia wants to condemn all responsible sides for the violence and call on the armed opposition forces to lay down their weapons and to stop acts of sabotage and terrorism, the Moroccan draft resolution is just another farce of the West and Arab League.

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. The West and some Arab countries, the hungry for a war – side, made their bills without Russia and China. Russia and China will continue to veto against a one-sided and non-objective (draft) resolution on Syria which also harms the sovereignty of this country. Not to mention that Moscow is not pleased with the behavior of Western countries after the beginning of the war in Libya.

The debate at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Syria was like expected. AIPAC-darling Hillary Clinton was once again back and shared her hypocritically views and statements on the situation in Syria. Hillary Clinton incited against the Syrian government with false facts and propaganda. She`s a real dog of war who likes to bark a lot.

Of course, even France and Germany demanded a quick resolution against Syria. A resolution “against Syria” is no resolution for a brighter future of Syrians in Syria. We have to say it again. France, who is partly responsible for the training of opposition forces near the Syrian borders, condemns the violence of the Syrian government.

Similar to the British machinations behind the curtains, France turns the facts upside down. Britain and France are not only responsible for training camps for armed opposition forces near Syrian borders; both governments are also responsible for a part of the violence and bloodshed in Syria.

Similar to the United States, which has financially supported the Syrian opposition in and outside the country since the administration of George W. Bush. (They still do under the administration of U.S. President Barack H. Obama) Not to mention that the financially support should not be the only way of support by the United Stations for oppositional forces.

It was finally no surprise to hear again that Hillary Clinton speaks about the approaching end of the Syrian regime.

But when the overthrow of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad will happen, then surely not because of democratic reasons, but because of the financially support of the oppositional forces in Syria by foreign powers and also because of the support with arms, training and advice for groups of criminals, religious extremists and radicals. Every dubious group and person receives money and other support if they might provide resistance against the Syrian government.

In a country like Syria, where the unemployment of young people was already a major problem before the outbreak of this misused unrest and which has been exacerbated by hypocritically sanctions, people can be easily bought.

So even if the politicians at the UN Security Council again and again reject, almost too obvious, a foreign intervention in Syria and make themselves more and more unreliable, they do already intervene in Syria.

This intervention is not done openly and by military actions, but a formation and training of fighters in Turkey and Lebanon, the arming of the “insurgents” and their financing of armed groups of radicals and religious fanatics should already be enough interference in Syria. Not to mention that it is also against any international law.

But all this was not discussed at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) yesterday; these unpleasant details are kept hidden from the Western public. Of course, Qatar played a role at the UN Security Council yesterday.

The emirate Qatar leads the forefront of the “Syrian topic” at the Arab League (AL) and determines more or less the single-handedly policies against Syria.

If the Emir of Qatar occurs in front of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and talks for freedom, peace and democracy in Syria, this sounds more than just ironic and also makes clear, that there is a huge lack of credibility within this Security Council.

The Emir of Qatar should know that his own emirate has some huge lacks of democracy, social topics and equality. There are no parties; no Parliament and foreign guest workers are exploited in the highest style. Not to mention the other “internal problems” of Qatar.

A first class dictator plays the teacher for another country. Even with all the criticism on the Syrian government, Syria has been always more democratic than an emirate like Qatar and still is. But Qatar is a good ally for the West, so why should they blame Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for their brutally crackdowns of peaceful demonstrators? Yeah, it smells very hypocritically. It would be laughable if it were not so tragically.

The Qataris don’t think about the people of Syria and a good future for the Syrian population. The Qataris, just like it is the same also with other oil monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, want the weakening of Syria.

When Syria is internally divided and destabilized, it is no longer strong enough to take care about the support of the friend – Iran. A Syria as it is currently is a pleasure for the oil monarchies of the Gulf States. The political interests of the Gulf States go far beyond Syria.

The Gulf States are pursuing, at least in one respect, the same goal as the West. They want to “fight” against the Shiite Iran. Especially in the Gulf, the fear of an increasingly powerful Iran is large. These Gulf States fear the loss of power not only in policy matters, but especially in the religious sphere.

Therefore, these Gulf States are currently working together with the Western governments; they want to destabilize Syria and to pave the path to Iran. If the overthrow of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad is achieved by them, the Shiite alliance disappears. Syria is the link between Iran and Hezbollah. If Syria is destabilized and weakened, the Iran will be further weakened and isolated. The link of the Shiite alliance is gone.

Then the Hezbollah is also weaker and gets more vulnerable to be attack by Israel. What is currently running against Syria has less to do with the true interest in the welfare of the Syrian population, but with a much wider interest to take actions against the Shiite alliance and ultimately against Iran, of course.

Yesterday, there was no decision at the meeting of the (hypocritically) United Nations Security Council (UNSC). There was only a debate which could hardly sunrise with new insights. All remains the same.

The vote at the UN Security Council on the next draft resolution, which is one-sided and not in line with the true events, is likely to take place at the end of the week. Maybe tomorrow, perhaps on Friday.

It is probably to be expected that both, Russia and China, will use their veto rights again and so they will block another too one-sided and hypocritically (draft) resolution on Syria. China and Russia know all this. They also know that this draft resolution on Syria offers plenty of space to invade Syria – another war due to false propaganda and dubious interests.

Russia condemned the unilateral draft resolution on Syria which only condemns the government side, but also encourages the armed groups of criminals and terrorists to continue.

If the West is really interested in settling the conflict in Syria and in the welfare of the Syrian population, they should turn around and accept the Russian draft resolution on Syria. They also should publish the truth and swap their propaganda-“journalists” into objective and professional journalists.

The Russian draft resolution protects the Syrian civilians and is in line with the true events in Syria. The “UN Security Council” draft resolution is not objective, will not bring peace to Syria and supports armed criminals and religious fanatics in the murder of Syrian soldiers and civilians. We are sorry but we finally have to say it on this harsh way.

Russia proposed to take the role as mediator between the Syrian government and the so-called Syrian “opposition” abroad – e.g. based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Syrian “opposition” in Istanbul rejected this Russian proposal even before they had received the invitation for talks. Very democratic and very interested in peaceful solutions… Indeed. It is like the “hidden” call of a member of the Syrian “opposition” to kill the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and even his wife and children – “like Gaddafi”.

“Assad, you’ll die like Gaddafi” – Rebels want off with Syria head

Of course, you should ask the question of who is behind the ongoing bloodshed and the death of the innocent in Syria. Beside the criticizing the Syrian government, this questionable opposition doesn`t wash their hands in innocence, too. It is no peaceful, democratic opposition. Just another “National Transitional Council” (NTC) – similar to the Libyan scenario.

The longer political negotiations are delayed, the more people are murdered. This dubious Syrian opposition, however, pursues their goals relentlessly and seemingly without the interests to really stop the bloodshed in Syria.

This quintessence was also reflected in the report of the Arab League observer. This report was buried by the Arab League (AL). Why? Too much truth is not good for propaganda purposes. That´s why the Arab League (AL) has buried this updated report of their observers.

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  1. Russia warns against foreign forces meddling in Syria’s internal affairs

    “We are convinced that in a time of extreme internal political crisis, the role of the international community should not be one of exacerbating conflict nor meddling by the use of economic sanctions or military force.”

    “We will not stand for any sanctions resolutions or using the council’s toolbox so as to fuel conflict or possibly justify any foreign intervention in the future.”

    The Security Council met on Tuesday afternoon on the current situation in Syria, with the Arab League and Western countries urging the 15-nation council to adopt their joint draft resolution, which demands what they call a “political transition” in the Middle East country.

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  3. SYRIA. TEXT OF LEAKED ARAB LEAGUE MISSION REPORT Report Reveals Media Lies Regarding Syria

    We bring to the attention of our reader’s the Observers Mission Report of the League of Arab States to Syria.

    The report acknowledges the existence of “an armed entity” involved in the killings of civilians and police as well as the conduct of terrorist acts, which contributed to triggering actions by government forces.

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