Syria: Russia has a bigger democratic stance than the West?

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Sideviews
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The events in Syria seem to follow in quick succession if we would believe the reports of Western media. The imagination that the events in Syria are coming thick and fast appears on this way because Western media always addresses rumors and false information without checking the sources and credibility. Yesterday was a good day to realize this lack of journalism methods in Western media.

If you trust questionable sources without checking your information, you shouldn`t be surprised if more and more readers start to put your professionalism as journalist into question. No surprise, journalism is a huge business nowadays. So it is no wonder that the lack of professionalism is increasing.

Not only professionalism and objectivity is missing nowadays, but also media became a very important tool for propaganda – already a long time ago. Maybe even shortly after the publication of the first newspapers on this planet. It seems as if everything that would help to solve the chaos in Syria and which would also be a good solution for the Syrian civilians, is pushed into the background or is simple ignored by the Western media. This is an indicator for false propaganda.

We already explained why Russia had to use the veto on the new draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The logic says that Western media uses false headlines to influence the opinions of their viewers and readers.

The correct headline should be: “Western governments reject draft resolution on Syria”. The Russian draft resolution on Syria is not one-sided and a good solution for a real peace plan for Syria. This draft resolution condemns both sides for the violence and chaos in Syria.

The Russian draft resolution also calls on the armed “rebels” and opposition forces to lay down their weapons and to stop their acts of sabotage and terrorism within Syria. So any democratic government which rejects this Russian draft resolution on Syria is just hypocritically and not really democratic in the end. Maybe it also is not interested in a real peaceful solution for Syria that doesn`t mean that a “regime change” can be enforced in this country of the Middle East.

The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which is overrated in the West or by Western media (your choice), is certainly not the best solution for peace in Syria. Armed thugs, criminals and religious extremists with weapons are sure no guarantor for a brighter future for the Syrian population.

Not to mention that this bunch of religious fanatics and armed criminals, supported by abroad, have already murdered many Syrian civilians (besides their killing of Syrian soldiers and security forces). The remaining relatives and friends of these murdered civilians by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are surly not happy about the celebration of these groups of terrorists and criminals in Western media. Understandable, isn`t it?

There is no doubt that many Western and Arab countries are no more interested in a peaceful settlement of the violence and situation within Syria. It is the reality, that these Western and Arab countries are planning how they can overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. This is, without any doubts, no democratic and peaceful intention, considering the real situation in Syria.

A politically and serious dialogue is essential in Syria. The Syrian government was always ready to talk with the Syrian opposition and even with the Syrian opposition abroad. In recent months, the Syrian government has called on the different oppositions to sit down at the same table, but the Syrian “opposition”, e.g. based in Istanbul, was never interested in a democratic solution.

It may be that one could accuse the Syrian government of not being sincere or that they do not want a real dialogue. But unlike the opposition in exile, the Syrian government was ready for talks, and this is even still.

Especially the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul has always blocked and rejected talks with the Syrian government. These dubious members of this next “Transitional Council” (after Libya) are praised by the United States and other Western governments for this attitude.

The known AIPAC-favorite Hillary Rodham Clinton even demanded from the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), to boycott the negotiation attempts by the Syrian government and she also demanded, that they shouldn`t lay down their weapons.  This is anything but a good prerequisite for a possible political and peaceful solution in Syria.

Syria plays a very important role in the Middle East. If Syria falls and is sinking into chaos, it will have an enormous impact on other countries and also on the whole region of the Middle East. Everyone, including the West, should give up their threats and desist from the attempts to overthrow the Syrian government with violence, bloodshed and destabilization.

Yesterday, one was able to realize again, that the Syrian government is ready to talk. The Syrian government is looking for a solution. The government and President Bashar al-Assad know, that the country is in crisis and that they need help to get out of this crisis. Russia appears here again as an honorable mediator.

While most Western and Arab states are working on a very questionable, one-sided and hypocritically resolution against Syria, Russia offered itself as a mediator and admitted the possibility of an informal discussions between Syrian government officials and the opposition (abroad) in Moscow. Russia only demanded from both parties to take part at the talks without any preconditions.

The Syrian government accepted the offer for talks from Russia immediately. Ghalioun, the questionable head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, rejected this Russian offer for talks and a possible solution yesterday. The dubious Ghalioun said that the “opposition” (abroad) is not willing to talk.

The offer of mediation from Russia was rejected because of the not very democratic reason, that the resignation of the Syrian President al-Assad is a precondition for any negotiations. It seems not to be very democratically, when a group of about 200, partly dubious, members of a questionable “Transitional Council” can make decisions about the future of about 20 million Syrians within Syria.

Not to mention that the huge majority of Syrians do not know many members of this opposition abroad and are not interested in them. The huge majority is still in support with the Syrian government and the already begun reform process. Even if they do not support their government, they are supporting the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Syrians make differences between them.

The Russian offer for talks between the Syrian government and the questionable opposition abroad reaffirmed the stance of Russia on this situation. Is Moscow more democratic than the West? What a surprise.

The government in Moscow is still on the side of a peaceful solution for Syria. Russia wants a real solution for the conflict in Syria, a solution which is not one-sided and in contrast to the real situation within this country. At least, Russia wants a more equitable solution than many Western and Arab states.

Russia repeatedly insists on the condemnation of the violence on both sides. That there are armed groups in Syria is a fact. Even Western media started to report about armed groups within Syria. But there are still editorial offices and Western TV stations which seem to hide the facts for their readers and viewers. Why?

Even if more and more Western journalists start to accept the fact that there are armed groups within Syria, the assessment is completely contrary to the Russian stance and the real situation in Syria.

While the huge majority of the Syrian population is afraid of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and are calling for a real crackdown on these armed criminals, fighters and religious extremists, these armed groups are still praised by some Western newspapers and even by Western governments.

The amount of Syrian army deserters within these radicals groups is overrated in the West. The Western media reports are not objective about the acts of terrorism and sabotage by these armed “rebels”. Western media also misses the fact often, that these armed groups receive financially support by foreign powers. They are also supported with arms and advice by foreign governments.

There are more and more reports from Syrians in Syria about armed attacks on civilians, kidnapping and also the harassment of Syrian women by these armed “insurgents”. It is also facts that these armed „rebels“ are responsible for a lot of acts of sabotage and terror. Explosions of gas pipelines sabotage of rail roads, the suicide bombing in Damascus and so on…

Unfortunately, these kidnappings and and other violent acts by these armed “insurgents” are blamed on the Syrian army and government by Western media and Western governments. There is no confirmation, verification or credible source. But Western media does not care about. Propaganda and a lack of real journalism.

They even celebrate the violent acts of sabotage and terror by those opposition forces in some Western media outlets. They don`t have any clue or are the willing tools for false propaganda. Not to mention that the Exile-Syrians of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and women like Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton know how to influence the opinion and brain of the Western civilians. Editorial offices also know how to do this.

Some soldiers, some mayors and some policemen, made mistakes in the beginning. We do not deny this. But the people, who have acted falsely, have been made responsible for their acts by the Syrian legislative.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has also made mistakes. Bashar al-Assad should not be portrayed as the sole patron of Syria here. The point is to represent that the so-called Syrian “opposition” abroad is not really democratic and that this Syrian “Transitional Council” is no option for a brighter future for the huge majority of Syrians in Syria.

The false propaganda of Western media and governments is shameless and could lead into a new world war. They want to pave the path to Iran and to break the so-called “Axis of Evil” (e.g. Syria, Iran).

They want to weaken Hezbollah and also protect Israel. The U.S. Foreign Policy is driven by questionable interests, dubious intentions and too much influence of Lobbies; e.g. the arms lobby and AIPAC. The U.S. Foreign Policy was no good policy for the interests of the American people in recent years. Americans should not only be aware and against SOPA, they also should start to call some Lobbies and their influence in the U.S. Foreign Policy (even the internal policy) in question.

Should the Syrian government and President al-Assad be overthrown by force, even without a real road map for the period thereafter, it won`t help Syria much. This would only bring more suffering to the Syrian people and it would also lead to a destabilization of the region of the Middle East. Not to imagine what this could really mean.

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  1. Russia says West’s Syria push “path to civil war”

    A senior Russian diplomat said on Tuesday that the push for adoption of a Western-Arab draft U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria was a “path to civil war,” the Interfax news agency reported.

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