SalamWorld: A Facebook-Alternative for Muslims worldwide?

The new social network “SalamWorld” will already launch in February. “SalamWorld” is advertised to be a social network website which is in line with the religious values of Muslims worldwide and so it complies with the rules of faith for Muslims.

Maybe one could call it the “halal version” of Facebook. Of course, there is a business behind and a lot of Muslims worldwide are already registered at social networks as Facebook. But perhaps such a social network which is in line with the morally attitudes of Islam could be a good idea.

One of the managers of the social network “SalamWorld”, which is responsible for the Russian-language edition of “SalamWorld”, told the “Voice of Russia”, that “there are about 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, but there is still no global social network for them”. We doubt that this statement is totally correct, because (even) the most Muslims use e.g. Facebook without hesitation, but it could be indeed a nice idea (also for the business side) to crest a social network for Muslims worldwide.

Like the Russian-language edition manager of “SalamWorld” explained to “Voice of Russia“, Muslims would always run the risk that they find content of the Internet which is contrary to the Islamic morality. Therefore, so Abdul-Vakhed Niyazov, the manager of the Russian-language edition, a space which is in line with the religious values of Muslims for Muslims in the social networks and in the Internet is necessary.

For example, there will be no advertisement for alcohol at the social network “SalamWorld”. Also the so-called “sexual revolution” will not take place on this new social network website. “SalamWorld” is launched with several languages which can be chosen by its users. This new network for Muslims worldwide will support the languages like Arabic, Russia, Farsi, Urdu, Malay, Indonesian, French, Russian and English, of course.

The headquarters of the social network platform “SalamWorld” are based in Istanbul, Turkey. This means, that e.g. some Syrian Muslims will have doubts if they really should register an account on this platform, considering the actual situation between Syria and Turkey and the fact that Turkey hosts armed opposition forces and also hosts the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC).

At the moment, “SalamWorld” tries to create additional 15 offices worldwide. Donations from public organizations and political parties are not accepted. The company behind “SalamWorld” only accepts donations by individuals. We wonder, if these donations could influence the intentions of “SalamWorld”.

The initiators behind “SalamWorld” expect that this new social network will have about 100 million members within the next three years. Also theologians and religious leaders are welcomed to discuss with the Muslims on this platform. For example, they could and should discuss issues of faith with “SalamWorld” users.

Despite the advertisement of the initiators behind “SalamWorld”, it is not really the first social network, which respects the religious values of Muslims, online. So far, there are already websites like

The “Salam Business Club” (SalamBC) finally describes this new platform for Muslims as the “world`s first Internet-based business network for the Arab, Muslim and Asian world”, which respects the religious faith of Muslims worldwide. As stated in the beginning, this new social network “SalamWorld” shall be launched already in February.

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