Iran: IAEA experts arrived in Tehran

Posted: January 30, 2012 in International
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On Saturday evening, a new team of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) experts arrived in the Iranian city of Tehran. It is not entirely clear what this visit of these IAEA experts will concretely try to achieve or which result of these experts in Iran are to expect.

Before the departure of these IAEA experts to Iran, they made some statements, that they are confident to be able to start a new dialogue with Iran about their nuclear policy. The West accuses the Iranian government of secretly developing and building a so-called nuclear bomb for years.

For this reason, negotiations with the Iranian government were again and again put on hold. The West has also punished Iran with embargoes and sanctions, of course. But it is still not proven that the Iranian government is really interested in the development of nuclear bombs. Even some voices out of Israel have stated in recent weeks that the accusations of the West on Iran are based on nothing.

The Iranian government shows themselves always open for a dialogue, as long as their rights in terms of the nuclear program are not impaired. Of course, there are differences between a civil nuclear program and a nuclear program for nuclear bombs.

But as long as any prove is missing, it seems very hypocritically to decide about sanctions and embargoes, which let the Iranian people bleed. There are further intentions behind these decisions of the West.

Clearly, the Iranian government counts the uranium enrichment of about 20% to its normal rights. As correctly explained, this higher-enriched uranium cannot be used to produce real nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, the West sees a danger in this uranium enrichment of Iran. The West fears that Iran could use this uranium in order to further process it so that it can be used for the construction of nuclear weapons.

Also, the current IAEA delegation to Iran will not be able to dissuade the Iranian government from the enrichment of uranium domestically. As emphasized repeatedly by Iran, the Iranian government has so far not violated international rules.

But the West still continues to use the propaganda about the danger posed by a nuclear-armed Iran. Of course, they make this level of danger greater than it should actually be if the Iranian government really works on the development and production of nuclear weapons.

Looking into the history, you will quickly discover that Iran was more peaceful than the United States and Israel. You also discover that Israel and the United States have instigated several wars and all know that the Americans were the ones who have used the nuclear bomb at the end of the Second World War (WWII). Sad enough that such a horrible weapon has ever been used by humans.

You could almost call it an irony of fate. However, Israel has the power of decisions, somehow. As long as the Israeli government (supposedly) feels threaten by Iran, or at least sell these fears outwardly (as they often do), America and more recently the Americanized EU (European Union) tries to protect Israel, even if some governments know it better behind the curtains.

Again, it is somehow strange, but Lobbies as AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) do good work when it comes to false propaganda and when it is about the instigations to wars.

It is not yet sure whether the IAEA inspectors / experts to Iran are also able to visit the new Iranian underground facility “Fordo”, which will be launched in February, 2012. This Iranian underground facility “Fordo” will be responsible for the enrichment of uranium at 20 percent.

In first place, the IAEA inspectors will take care about a resumption of dialogue with the Iranian government and therefore, these nuclear experts will also speak about the possible conditions for the Iranian government, so that all sides are able to take place at the negotiating table again. It is questionable if the Iranian government is willing to accept all conditions. Not to mention that some of these demands could be again hypocritically.

In principle, the Iran shows itself ready for talks since a long time, but not really under all conditions which were prescribed by the West. At least, Iran appears ready for talks since a long time. It is not the first example of the hypocritically policy of UN, EU and others.

We have no real clue about how we should evaluate this visit of IAEA experts to Iran. As others, we have to await the first statements of these IAEA inspectors. But considering the war of Iraq, the IAEA inspectors were not able prevent the war. The war of Iraq already was prepared. Not to mention that the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is questionable in some parts.

Even when the visit of the IAEA inspectors to Iran starts a new dialogue between the Iranian government and the West, it is questionable of this would also mean that the decided oil embargo on Iran will be repealed in time.

This oil embargo has been adopted by the European Union (EU) last Monday. On the one hand, you have the Americanized European Union (EU), on the other hand, the Israeli government would be “upset”, if there is a real new dialogue between Iran and the West.

Previously, imposed sanctions were not really eased or lifted against the convicted, no matter how cooperative they showed themselves again. Moreover, the West hopes to further weakening the Iran behind the curtains. The stated readiness for a dialogue with the Iranian government by the West should only represent a distraction.

The currently still much vowed ally Saudi Arabia is pleased with the oil embargo on Iran and the Saudi leadership will work to ensure that this oil embargo on Iran remains upright. Thus, Saudi Arabia is able to export more oil and therewith Saudi Arabia can increase its influence and power over the arch-enemy Iran.

Besides Saudi Arabia, the EU has also some other countries which were “brought” to be obedient to the West. For example, countries like Libya and Iraq, by which the European Union (EU) can also obtain their oil.

If there’s a chance to weaken Iran or even to harm the Iran, the West certainly will use its chance to do so. A weaker Iran means a safer life for Israel. Even the threat of Iran to close the important Strait of Hormuz will likely not change the partly hypocritically attitudes of the West.

The price rise in the oil sector only hits the population in those countries, not the governments. Insofar you can take the threat of Iran with little concern. But the economy is also partly depending on the price rise in the oil sector, so the West probably will take actions if the important (oil) Strait of Hormuz will be closed by Iran.

The IAEA inspectors are in Iran now, but the saber-rattling of both sides, Iran and the West, is still not over yet. We predict that it will also go on after the visit of the IAEA experts. So far, nobody knows if a dialogue between the West and the Iranian government will be really started (again).

The goals to make Iran more subservient and to harm the country are getting closer. Also important is the situation in and about Syria. The situation in Syria weakens Iran, too. The chaos and destabilization of Syria at least, softens the so-called “Axis of Evil” a little bit.

Maybe the West wants to “take” Syria to pave the path to Iran. It would be no surprise. Also a destabilization by abroad or by within a country is an important part of a so-called “regime change”. No wonder, that the US is again to be blamed because of the violence in the Middle East. Not to mention the U.S. support for the Syrian opposition in and outside Syria since years. The plan to break the “Axis of Evil” is nothing new.

The West is clearly not stupid and tries to take these times to its advantage. Is a war the consequence of false propaganda, hypocritically Foreign Policies and questionable, even dubious interests? Hopefully not.

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  1. Two ships of the US Navy, the nuclear submarine USS Annapolis and the destroyer USS Momsen have passed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea.

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