Syria: Russia had to reject draft resolution

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Sideviews
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Moscow had good reasons why they had rejected the “new” draft resolution by Morocco, based on the Arab League “peace plan” on Syria, at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). For Western citizens it should be also important to read the real content of this draft resolution.

Maybe they understand why Russia wasn`t able to agree on it and has made use of its veto again. Despite good reasons and the truth, which shall finally even reach more and more so-called journalists, the Western media is still constantly following their predetermined line, it doesn`t matter what happened or what will happen.

Everything that serves the intentions of NATO (code name “international community”) is praised by Western media and governments. Every different position, each with its own independent opinion, and every real effort to create peace, gets defamed by these Western media and governments. Propaganda works that way and the media is the most important tool for it.

And so, the typical phrase of Western media was repeated again in the last days, “The Russians are preventing peace in Syria”. A lie and even some Western journalists should know this. Maybe even journalists behind such false headlines are more objective outside their editorial offices.

Lies of Western propaganda about the Russian stance on Syria

As an example, we use the German main news by the German state television channel ARD after the veto of Russia on the draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

The so-called news show “Tagesschau”, probably the most important news show in German television (but also the one with the most propaganda), delivered the typical slogans to their viewers.

But again, without any real background information and slogans with are not really true. These slogans are used to influence the opinion of the regular viewers, which believe the news they get delivered by ARD`s “Tagesschau”.

The German evening news (Tagesschau / ARD) called Russia the bogeyman – by words which were chosen very deliberately:

“Russia blocks UN resolution against Syria”

We write it again, this headline and slogan is a lie and it is not based on the truth. Moscow had good reasons to block this hypocritically draft resolution on Syria at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Russia wants peace – the Western governments follow their propaganda, united with some Gulf States allies

This slogan that Russia blocked the UN resolution on Syria is a lie because:

First, there is no resolution on Syria, but only a draft resolution of the West, submitted by Morocco. Russia would not block a balanced and honest resolution (draft resolution) on Syria.

Second, this draft resolution on Syria was submitted at the UNSC by Morocco, because of the order by the Qatari-dominated Arab League (AL).

Third, Russia has its own draft resolution on Syria for the UN Security Council. This Russian draft resolution was never really accepted by the West. So the German state television channel ARD should logically better use the headline, “The West blocks UN resolution” for peace in Syria. This would be correct because the Russian draft resolution is balanced and was already there since weeks. The West is not pleased with the content of this Russian draft resolution because e.g. it condemns the violence on both sides in Syria and also calls on the opposition forces to lay down their weapons and stop their acts of sabotage and terrorism within Syria.

Fourth, Russia would agree to an UN resolution on Syria if the resolution would be balanced and in line with the true situation in Syria.

“Resolution against Syria”

The German State-TV ARD often tells the truth behind the curtains of slogans and headlines. This was conspicuous since a long time. After all, ARD (Tagesschau / German evening news) told their viewers that is was a “resolution against Syria”, not on Syria or for peace in this country in the Middle East.

A “resolution against Syria”, not a “resolution for a better Syria” or a “resolution to end the violence” in Syria and so on… of course, there is a reason why ARD has used the slogan “resolution against Syria”.

The German TV viewers only receive pre-chewed stuff without a lot of true background information and they never get the real facts. That`s the way ARD (and others) work since years. There are good examples for this false behavior of this German TV channel ARD. They not only made false propaganda about the speeches and interviews with the known Russian Vladimir Putin, they also called the speeches of Ahmadinejad a “scandal”, but they have never delivered the true contents of these speeches to the audience.

If German viewers would be informed about the real facts by e.g. ARD and their evening news (Tagesschau), they would uncover some lies of NATO and – not really hard – of their media, too. We could also write about British, French, American, Qatari, Saudi Arabian, Brazilian or Lebanese, Turkish and certainly Syrian media at this point, too. (And so on…)

The wording of the “draft resolution” on Syria

This draft resolution by Morocco, based on the questionable Arab League (AL) peace plan for Syria, could not have been more unilateral. The real wording of this draft resolution is below.

The Arab League, mainly dominated by the intentions of Qatar, has already supported the war in Libya in the air and on the ground. Qatar also uses the Arab TV channel Al Jazeera for their dubious interests and spreads false propaganda and fakes to the world. Qatar is practically appointed to determine the further developments in Syria.

What a strange draft resolution, considering some Western governments shall know it better behind the curtains.

If there had been a draft resolution in which the West condemns the violence on both sides in Syria. If this draft resolution would had also included the important point that the delivery of arms to opposition forces are stopped, it would have been a different matter and sure acceptable to Russia.

Under the growing influence of Vladimir Putin, Russia shows strength again and cannot get, as it happened under Medvedev, wrapped up into the talks about the approval of a war as it happened with Libya. Therefore, Russia is now under attack by the typical NATO propaganda. Of course, it was to predict easily.

Syria: No foreign terrorists and invaders?!

There is no word about the NATO training camps in Lebanon and Turkey within this draft resolution. There is no word about the arms delivery to opposition forces (against international law) and the dubious machinations of Colonel Cleveland, related to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) within this questionable draft resolution. The truth has been completely cut out in this draft resolution.

But the Syrian soldiers and security forces should be sent back to the barracks? Which government would really do this while armed criminals, religious extremists and terrorists (funded by the UN) are “allowed” to move in the country? It`s the command of any government to protect its civilians.

Perhaps these armed groups in Syria even get the protection of a so-called “No-Fly Zone”, as the hypocritically and non-independent UN Human Rights Commissioner has announced the day before yesterday? What a hypocritically statement, also considering the “No-Fly Zone” above Libya and its consequences. Not to mention that there is no air attack in Syria. A so-called “humanitarian zone” is similar to the scenario of such a hypocritically “No-Fly Zone”. Just nice words for war.

It`s an intent. The Arab League (AL), which is under the auspices of Qatar, submits a proposal that no government on the entire world would accept. It was their intention to do so. Ironically, Qatar also demands the invasion of foreign (Arab) troops in Syria – according to e.g. BBC.

Already the events in Libya and Yugoslavia have shown that under a NATO war, the people suffer. Anyone who would really want to avoid the suffering of a population would submit a balanced resolution which condemns all sides for the violence and tries to put a real end to the violence and chaos.

UN draft resolution on Syria – only one-sided and based on false propaganda

The Security Council,


pp1 Recalling its presidential statement of 3 August 2011,


pp2 Recalling General Assembly resolution A/Res/66/176 of 19 December, as well as Human Rights Council resolutions S/16-1, S/17-1 and S/18-1,


pp3 Recalling the League of Arab States’ request in its decision of 22 January 2012 [UNSC document #],


pp4 Expressing grave concern at the deterioration of the situation in Syria, and profound regret at the death of thousands of people and calling for an immediate end to all violence,


pp5 Welcoming the League of Arab States’ Action Plan of 2 November 2011 and its subsequent decisions, including its decision of 22 January 2012, and supporting full implementation with the aim of a peaceful resolution of the crisis,


pp6 Noting the deployment of the League of Arab States’ observer mission, noting the decision of the League of Arab States of 22 January 2012 to reinforce and extend the mission for one month, urging the Syrian authorities fully to cooperate with the mission through implementing all the terms of the Protocol of 19 December 2011 and the Action Plan of 2 November 2011, and recalling the Syrian authorities’ responsibility to protect the observers,


pp7 Underscoring the importance of ensuring the voluntary return to their homes in safety and security of those who have fled from violence, including Syrians who have fled to neighboring countries,


pp8 Expressing grave concern at the continued transfer of weapons into Syria which fuels the violence and calling on Member States to take necessary steps to prevent such flow of arms,


pp9 Mindful that stability in Syria is key to peace and stability in the region,


pp10 Reaffirming its strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria, emphasizing the need to resolve the current crisis in Syria peacefully, and stressing that nothing in this resolution compels States to resort to the use of force or the threat of force,


pp11 Welcoming the engagement of the Secretary-General and all diplomatic efforts aimed at addressing this situation,


1. Condemns the continued widespread and gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Syrian authorities such as the use of force against civilians, arbitrary executions, killing and persecution of protestors and members of the media, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, and interference with access to medical treatment, torture, sexual violence, and ill-treatment, including against children;


2. Demands that the Syrian Government immediately put an end to all human rights violations and attacks against those exercising their rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association, protect its population, fully comply with its obligations under applicable international law and fully implement the Human Rights Council resolutions S-16/1, S-17/1, S-18/1 and the General Assembly resolution A/RES/66/176;


3. Demands that all parties in Syria, including armed groups, immediately stop all violence or reprisals, including attacks against State institutions, irrespective of where it comes from, in accordance with the League of Arab States’ initiative;


4. Recalls that all those responsible for human rights violations, including acts of violence, must be held accountable;

Implementation of the League of Arab States’ decisions

5. Demands that the Syrian Government, in accordance with the Plan of Action of the League of Arab States of 2 November 2011 and its decision of 22 January 2012, without delay:

(a) cease all violence;

(b) release all arbitrarily detained persons due to the recent incidents;

(c) withdraw all Syrian military and security forces from cities and towns, and return them to their barracks;

(d) guarantee the freedom of peaceful demonstrations;

(e) allow full and unhindered access and movement for all relevant League of Arab States’ institutions and Arab and international media in all parts of Syria to determine the truth about the situation on the ground and monitor the incidents taking place; and

(f) allow full and unhindered access to the League of Arab States’ observer mission;


As is clear from the content of this draft resolution, they want to use the Libyan method on Syria. One of these formulations leads to the so-called NATO doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect”. This “Responsibility to Protect” (e.g. civilians) is sold by the NATO “psychological warfare” and also by various members of the warring factions in Europe as a “UN principle”. This was one of the key phrases in the resolution No. 1973 of March 2011, which has finally led to the war in Libya.

You can call the “National Unity Government” also a “National Transitional Council” without any hesitation. In Libya, there was a group of Libyans in exile, with U.S. passports, which “submitted” the country to the West. Considering the situation about Syria, there is already such a group of Syrians in exile, who claim to speak for the opposition. But people should make a huge difference between the Syrian opposition in Syria and e.g. the so-called Syrian opposition, based in Istanbul, Washington, Paris, Berlin and London.

It is clear, considering the content of this questionable one-sided draft resolution, that this “Syrian NTC” (National Transitional Council) shall openly carry a so-called transitional phase in Syria. Libya says hello (again).

Within this draft resolution there is also precisely a formulation which should raise your eyebrows. This formulation was already used by Ban Ki-Moon and so Ban Ki-Moon gave the permission for NATO to begin the ground war against Libya and also the bombing of Libya. So the Libyan NTC is the role model for the Syrian NTC.

There are only receivables against the Syrian government within this draft resolution by Morocco. Only in one phrase, there is a general call on all sides to stop the violence. No real reason for a panic mode within the NATO. Libya says hello again.

If you take a look at the original German article of the blog “Hinter der Fichte” you can see that the author also mentioned the online propaganda methods of the German state television channel ARD. If these useful “propaganda trolls” are automatic robots or even members of the ARD offices is not clear.

Considering our German friends, this uncovering of this method by ARD on their website and so-called blog(s) is nothing new for them. If this is a method of a so-called free press, we are not really convinced that this free version is really in line with the situation Western citizens want it. It rather looks like cheap but useful propaganda.

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  1. Author: Iraqi Scholar Dr. Omar Thaher
    Translated by: Ghassan and Intibah Wakeup (Kadi)

    Why Do I Defend Syria ?

    It is very wrong for anyone to assume that those who are currently defending Syria are necessarily supporters of Bashar Al Assad and that they want him to be president for life and to later pass on the presidency to his son. Quite the contrary, some of those defenders could be very staunch critics of the regime but, not from the perspective of Syria’s own Ahmed Jalabi (ie Burhan Ghalyoun), but rather from the perspective of care and respect of the Syrian people and a conviction that the people deserve to have a government that gives its people their rightful place in humanity. Some of those defenders may well be some of those who have in the past had a taste of the harshness of the regime. The writer of this article is a man who ran away from Syria in 1984 three years after escaping to Syria from Iraq, and did not manage to return to Syria for 22 years and is still unable to go back to Iraq.

  2. All the news about closing Damascus airport, and occupying “Abbasid” square are false news, promoted by the bias media to give the impression that Damascus is now under control of the armed Terrorists.

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