Syria: UN & Arab League – An united destabilization

Posted: January 28, 2012 in International
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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will discuss a new draft resolution on Syria. This time, the draft resolution was brought in by Morocco and is mainly based on the new so-called “peace plan” of the Arab League (AL), which has no reference to the report of their observers on the situation in Syria.

This draft resolution on Syria favors the intentions of some Gulf States as Qatar and some Western governments and also is in line with their false propaganda about the situation in this country of the Middle East.

Finally, it seems again very hypocritically, but that doesn`t matter – this draft resolution on Syria will be the matter of discussions at the UN Security Council. Of course, the Western governments and some Gulf States hope that Russia and China will not make use of their veto rights again.

Although the West and Arab world unite together with this new Morocco draft resolution, Moscow already announced to stay at its veto at the UN Security Council. Russia is against this resolution on Syria, in contrast to some strange Western propaganda-reports within this week (e.g. German, Austrian, British and French newspapers).

This Morocco resolution on Syria, which is based on the Arab League peace plan, is like the foreign media reports and the propaganda against Syria, far too one-sided and based on false but “useful” information. This resolution definitely won`t provide peace within Syria, but will stoke up the level of violence in this country.

That the current level of violence could be achieved in Syria at all is ultimately due because of the participation of the United States – in the background. The financially support for Syrian opposition groups in and outside (mainly) Syria by the United States started in the times of the former U.S. president George W. Bush.

Barack Obama continued this support for the Syrian “opposition”. He also supports very dubious and partly radical persons, no question. As a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, he should act otherwise.

Without the questionable interferences by abroad, the situation within Syria would not escalated to such an extent. But some foreign governments and, of course, some Gulf States, want to get rid of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, whatever they might plan after this “regime change”.

In the context of foreign interference we could also see the arrest of a Saudi intelligence agent in the Syrian city of Homs. This arrest of the spy from Saudi Arabia has been already confirmed.

Even if Syria is again debated at the UN Security Council (UNSC), Russia will not agree to this resolution on this country, for sure. Although the people in Moscow know, that Syria continues to sink further into chaos and that it also seems that the Syrian government is losing control more and more, yet there is no reason for Russia to sigh such a hypocritically resolution.

Of course, when Moscow knows that this resolution would certainly lead to a tightening of the internal conflict in Syria and that it could be stoke up an actual civil war in Syria.

The situation in Syria is bad; the Syrian civilians suffer because of sanctions, the threats by armed radicals and the acts of sabotage and terrorism. More and more Syrians are calling for a real “iron fist” action of the Syrian army. Not to mention that some started already to call for Maher al-Assad, the brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the commander of the Republican Guard. Syrians and so-called experts on Middle Eastern affairs know what this means.

The fact is that the Syrian civilians are living in fear; especially the minorities have fears for their safety, but not because of the Syrian army and security forces.

The Syrian civilians are also getting more and more frustrated considering the decrease of their living standards. The gas prices get more and more expensive because of the sanctions and the acts of sabotage on gas pipelines by armed groups.

Many people have lost their jobs and more and more Syrians are experiencing harassments by armed groups, without the interference of the Syrian army. This is sure another image than Western civilians get delivered by press and governments, but it`s the truth.

Syria has been destabilized and is now broken from inside. A destabilization from within, part of any so-called “regime change”. At least, some Gulf States and parts of NATO countries have already achieved this. Bravo! These parts are also responsible for dead, violence and bloodshed in Syria, at least from the background.

It is still questionable whether this is sufficient for them, to break the axis of Iran / Hezbollah / Syria. We must never forget about the fact, in all debates and decisions about Syria that the Iran is also on the hit list of the West, especially on the hit list of Israel since years. If Syria gets weaker, you are able to reach Iran more easily.

They still do not hesitate and are not afraid to work with the fake numbers of some pseudo companies, organizations and so-called political activists such as the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London.

They still take this questionable information as a basis for the condemnation of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus. But no one checks this information, which is mainly absolutely unconfirmed and not verified. There is even huge evidence that this so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” has a huge lack of credibility. Voltaire Network started to call this faked “Observatory” an office of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the middle of London.

A similar scenario was played in March 2011 against Libya, and so there is still a lot of suspicion to recognize parallels between Libya and Syria.

Navi Pillay, the UN Human Rights Commissioner, still uses unexamined sources and false information for their publications about the numbers of victims in Syria and her demand for the protection of the civilian population in this country.

Navi Pillay is not dumb, she knows about the lack of credibility, but also knows about the fact, that there is no one who would put it into question. At least there is no one with enough credibility and power. The Syrians in Syria were amused as the UN Human Rights Commissioner started to demand the protection of the civilian population in their country. Now they are only pissed about it.

That Navi Pillay is not averse to start a war and that she is clearly using only one-sided information and manipulated facts, proves a new interview with Pillay by CNN. To what extent her demands are heard and implemented remains to be seen. Navi Pillay, UN Human Rights Commissioner, is anything but independent and objective. This was already confirmed by e.g. reports of Land Destroyer.

The situation in Syria intensifies further and it looks as if the West could achieve its goals by supporting government opponents with arms, money, training and advice. Even when this could mean a grueling and horrible time for the Syrian civilians. “Western interests” do not care about.

It is not to predict what will happen, when the Syrian government announces and publishes the new constitution.

The fact is that the so-called opposition abroad and the Syrian government must meet at the same table. But as long as parts of the opposition abroad are against a dialogue and continue to focus on violence, the preparations of the new constitution and its announcement by the Syrian government won`t change much.

The West wants to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, no matter what´s the truth and whatever he is doing. They do not care about the begun reform process or the real situation in Syria.

They want to establish a Syrian government which is subservient to the West, at the expense of the safety of many Syrians, maybe even at the expense of the most Syrians in Syria. A closer look to Libya should be enough to see what could be expected in Syria.

The Syrian government and President al-Assad have lavished too much time, without actually doing anything. President Bashar al-Assad tried to reform the country, but occurrences at borders and other events have dissuaded him. People who talk about the “Damascus Spring” often omit important details.

There are reasons why Bashar al-Assad is not known as huge reformer. Of course, partly it is also his debt. This time, the Syrian President has still the trust of the Syrian people and the huge majority supports his new reform process. Even if they are not in support with the government, they support the Syrian President. Also an important detail which is omit by mass media.

It is questionable if the Syrian government is still able to turn things around. The Syrian government has made many mistakes; some are already falling back on their feet. The hypocritically sanctions are hurting Syria, so that reforms cannot work.

Everybody has to make sure to do everything to decrease the chaos in Syria. Everybody has to jump over his shadow and start a dialogue. Hopefully, the so-called Syrian “opposition”, e.g. based in Istanbul, shows the world that they finally know what democracy means and accept a dialogue with the Syrian government. If not, they still have not understood it.

Foreign countries have to end their support for armed opposition forces and the Syrian government has to accept that there is no turning back. The reform process must go on this time. Of course, the acts of sabotage and terror by armed radicals, criminals and the religious extremists have to end or to be ended primarily.

  1. The Arab League has temporarily suspended it’s observers mission in Syria.

  2. The Arab League has frozen its monitoring mission in Syria, because of the escalation of violence there. More than a hundred people are thought to have been killed in clashes between Syrian security forces and opposition groups in the past two days.

  3. Ankhar Kochneva, writer and sole foreign journalist permanently living in Syria, tells RT what is really up in the country, who funds the opposition, how international media fake images of unrest and why it is so important to watch weather forecasts.

  4. Media Accounts of Syrian Unrest Crafted to Twist Public Opinion | American Free Press

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