Syria: New debate over Syria at the UN Security Council

Posted: January 28, 2012 in International
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The Arab League (AL) observer mission to Syria was controversial from its beginning, of course. Also the pressure by the West and international press played a part in this game. The pressure on the Arab League observers in Syria by media was huge. The head of the observer mission, al-Dabi, was asked into question, after he gave some true comments about the real situation in e.g. the Syrian city of Homs.

The Arab League (AL) observer mission was put into question after the observers did not exactly represented what some Western countries and especially the Gulf States, Kuwait and Qatar, wanted to hear.

So these leaderships talked already about the end of this observer mission and especially Qatar shared the opinion that this mission should be discontinued. Too much truth isn`t good for Qatar`s intentions.

On 19th January, the observers should have submitted a final report to the Arab League. This has been done, but with some strange delay at this weekend, but the report of the Arab League observers was filed finally.

In contrast to the announcements of the Arab League (AL), the final result is still not really published to the general public. The report is even not yet published in original Arabic at the website of the Arab League (AL), and there is still no English translation of this report.

Of course, there has been a press event about the report and the statements by the head of this observer mission, al-Dabi, but the real printed report is not to find. It is finally no surprise, that this report of the Arab League observers is not yet really published, at least not in any official media.

Some of the member states of the Arab League, e.g. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, have no intentions to rely on this report of their observers about the situation in Syria and their experiences. This report has too much true content for the questionable and partly hypocritically intentions of e.g. Qatar and some Western governments. But instead relying on the report of the observers, they have even designed a new so-called “peace plan” for Syria. This “peace plan” is not really based on the report of the Arab League observers.

This new so-called Arab League “peace plan” for Syria was the result. A peace plan of the Arab League (AL), which reflects more clearly the demands of the West. No wonder that more and more people think that the Arab League are a league of puppets for Western and Gulf States` interests.

The observer mission is continued, despite heavy criticism. The Arab League observers are again in Syria, the Sudanese al-Dabi still has the lead.

Unlike the beginning of this observer mission, which has been launched in December, you are not able to hear still a lot from the head of this observer mission – al-Dabi. Al-Dabi stays quieter now, because he has to. However, al-Dabi just said that the level of violence had increased, especially in the separatist regions of the Syrian cities of Homs, Idleb and Hama.

He meant some districts of these cities and the areas around these Syrian cities. This statement is in an interesting contrast to the last words of Mr. al-Dabi in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

This time the head of the continued observer mission, al-Dabi, doesn`t mention from which side the violence proceeds. This is also interesting. The last time, al-Dabi didn’t really hesitate to speak the truth. One should assume, however, that al-Dabi still thinks that armed rioters and criminals, and also the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), are the reason why Syrian citizens still live in fear and terror, especially in these Syrian areas.

It seems clear that the Syrian army takes tougher action against terrorists and armed religious fanatics and criminals now. At least after the last speech of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem.

The Syrian army needs tougher actions to better protect the civilians in the known areas of Syria. The criminals are well armed and also financially supported by foreign governments. The arms smuggling over Syrian borders is still reality, despite what the Lebanese and other governments have said. Even German and French experts of Middle Eastern affairs already have stated that armed groups were trained and also supported by British and French special units near Syrian brooders.

The plan to destabilize Syria becomes more and more a fact. Not to mention the financially support of the United States for so-called Syrian opposition groups in and outside this country of the Middle East. The financially support started under the administration of George W. Bush and is still a reality. Some cables by WikiLeaks have already proved it.

It is questionable whether the Syrian security forces are able to really succeed in protecting the Syrian population within these areas. The so-called government`s opponents receive support by foreign countries in all form. Arms, funds and advices. The false image about the situation in Syria, which is sold to Western civilians, makes Syrians in this country sad and angry.

Weapons and funds are delivered to the government’s opponents and this questionable support from outside encourages violence and bloodshed within the country.

We already mentioned that in addition, dubious forces are trained and also formed in the border area of Turkey and Lebanon, to invade across the borders into Syria then and to apply their guerilla tactics to destabilize the country and its government, by acts of sabotage and terrorism. It is also no secret anymore, that these armed groups of terrorists and religious fanatics have also fighters from Libya to their side.

The Syrian government still relies on its security pact with Iran from 2006. Well, the fact that Iranian forces allegedly are fighting on the side of the Syrian army, catches the attention of media sensationally and much too much.

The trigger for these sensational reports is probably the seizure of three alleged Iranians by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). It is difficult to fathom what is really to believe. It was already proven that these dubious groups often use “False Flag” acts and lies for their propaganda and intentions.

In these days, mass media is too easy to affect and even willing to buy it without checking the facts and sources. But this is not a new situation. The demise of journalism already started years ago – maybe when it all started to alter itself into a real business.

It is striking, however, that the foreign assistance of armed groups is condemned by the Syrian government and a huge majority of Syrians, while the so-called Syrian “opposition”, outside Syria, applauds to this dubious and questionable support of armed groups within Syria. Not to mention that this support by foreign governments is against any international law.

The situation in and about Syria became more muddled and even gridlocked. The point of the so-called “no return” is likely already achieved and this statement is certainly true for both sides. Until today it is not detectable whether Iranian Revolutionary Guards are really fighting alongside the Syrian army within this country. There is no real evidence about it, but it is a good story for false propaganda and bad journalism.

Nevertheless, this headline has some nice benefits for the NATO countries and helps a bit to go on with their goal to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. For this propaganda, which is delivered to the Western population, it is a quite good (but not confirmed and verified) story.

Just as the questionable information of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. But who cares? The most journalists seem to be blinded by the business benefits of this propaganda against “another Arabic dictator”, despite some have better knowledge. But in these days, it is also about their jobs and future.

Back to the so-called Arab League (AL) “peace plan” for Syria. This new peace plan of the Arab League has no reference to the updated report of their observers. This “peace plan” is a farce because it includes only one-sided calls for an end to the violence (in direction to the Syrian government) and also calls for a distribution of power to the Syrian Vice President. A questionable demand of the Arab League, that is a directly offense against the Syrian sovereignty.

Of course, also demands for reforms are again included. But this call is hypocritically. Real reforms need time. The last real reforms in Europe have lasted..? You see. Not to mention that the reform process in Syria has already started. The Arab League (AL) should rather demand similar things of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

But that you are not able to just unilaterally demand an end of the violence is a fact which is completely irrelevant in the ranks of NATO and the Qatar-steered Arab League. Democracy would always call for an end of the violence of all sides. There is violence on both sides. Any kind of violence should be condemned.

If they would be honorable, they also have to appeal to the so-called opposition parts, the opposition abroad and the armed opposition forces in Syria, to end the violence. These opposition parts denied already from the beginning a peaceful dialogue and are so responsible for the escalation of violence, too (at least).

The UN Security Council (UNSC) starts another round of hypocritically discussions on the topic Syria now. This time, a new resolution draft will be put forward. This resolution was drafted by Morocco and is mainly based on the questionable “peace plan” of the Arab League (AL).

This Morocco draft resolution on Syria favors the intentions of the West. Of course, some Western governments hope that Russia and China will not use their veto again because of this resolution draft by Morocco. We have to say it again: It is based on false propaganda and not on the real experiences of the Arab League (AL) observers.

The Morocco draft resolution, which will now be discussed at the UN Security Council, condemns the violence in Syria from the government vehemently, but still doesn`t include any established measures to protect the Syrian civilian population. There are also some passages of other possible measures – the doors for a intervention in Syria is left open.

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