Syria: Arab League and their problem with the truth

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Arab League (AL) had a problem after the observers in Syria have delivered their final report. The problem was that the Arab League (AL) observer report on Syria confirms the version of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad about the situation in this country of the Middle East.

We could also write, that this report of the Arab League (AL) observers has confirmed the version of political activists and journalists like Webster Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan, even of tourists and other travelers to Syria.

This report of their own observers was clearly a problem for the Arab League (AL), especially for member states like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, because this updated report of the observers in Syria has clearly demolished the version of Western governments and organizations. Of course, it even demolished the version on the situation in Syria from some Gulf States and the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Right”, based in London.

There is evidence why e.g. Voltaire Network started to call this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. Considering the latest reports in European mass media, some journalists started to not use this dubious source as they were used to (without questioning the credibility or to check the information).

Of course, although some French and British journalists stopped to use this questionable source, some other so-called journalists still do – also others just do not publish the source anymore. This method of journalism is a reason why more and more see a huge lack of professionalism and credibility within the journalism in recent years.

The way the Arab League (AL) handled the report of their “own” observers is an evidence for a false game. Since the outbreak of the events within Syria, there are two sides of the story. On the one hand, there is the so-called Syrian “opposition” abroad and their image of the situation in Syria. The West and their Gulf allies share this vision of the events in Syria. This story tells the Western population that the Syrian government crushed the “democratic revolution” in blood, and still does.

The Syrian government, the huge majority of Syrians in Syria and its BRICS allies have another image of the situation in this country. They say that Syria is assailed by armed groups, mainly from abroad. These armed groups of criminals, jobless fanatics and religious extremists are also supported with funds and weapons by foreign powers.

Surprisingly enough, even some German, French and British experts of affairs in the Middle East have mentioned in recent weeks, that there is evidence about, that British and French specialists have trained opposition forces near the Syrian border, e.g. near the Turkish border to Syria.

After suggestions by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Arab League (AL) started to create an so-called “Observer Mission” to Syria. This team of observers should include people of all Arab League member states, but the Lebanese government has declined to participate in this observer mission to Syria.

We also know since weeks, that the head of this observers to Syria, al-Dabi, was quickly criticized after his first true statements about the real situation, e.g. his first statements about the situation in the Syrian city of Homs. We should mention that we also think that Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi, head of the already ended observer mission to Syria, did nothing good in Sudan.

All in all, this diversity of so-called experts within the team of observers constituted a guarantee against the possible manipulation of their results. But the credibility of the observers was quickly put into question by the West, at least, as some observers of the Arab League (AL) spoke about the true events and their true imaginations about the situation in Syria in public.

After the criticism on al-Dabi, the whole group of Arab League (AL) observers was put into question by the West and some Gulf States. There has been also a huge pressure on the Arab League observers by the international media. Not only the British journalist Lizzie Phelan seems to share the opinion, that this pressure of the international press on the Arab League (AL) observers is one of the reasons why the events about the report of the observers are still obscure.

Of course, the Arab League (AL), or at least some member states as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, is another reason why the truth did not yet came out.

Overall, the amount of observers to Syria was over 160 people. To date, nobody can claim to know more about the events in Syria than this huge group of observers. At least, no others than this group and the Syrian citizens within cities like Hama, Homs and Idleb.

But a so-called “Observatory”, based in London, knows better and mass media is willfully buying it. Another Arabic dictator and a brutally crackdown of “democratic and peaceful protesters” is a much better (selling) story than the truth about the situation in Syria.

This false image about the events in Syria is also useful for propaganda purpose of some Western governments and the dubious goals (e.g. of US Foreign Policy, AIPAC-driven) for the Middle East. Maybe they really want to pave the path to Iran. A destabilization of Syria would suit perfectly into a so-called “regime change”-plan of the U.S. administration.

As we already stated in the beginning of this short article, the problem with the report of these observers was, that the report has confirmed the version of the Syrian government, some independent activists and Journalists.

For example, the report made it clear that there was no brutally crackdowns on so-called peaceful demonstrators in Syria and also confirmed the existence of armed groups in this country. In this report it is also confirmed that these armed groups are responsible for the death of hundreds of Syrians and also for the death of an uncountable amount of Syrian soldiers and security forces.

Not to forget about the fact, that this report of these Arab League observers also has confirmed the hundreds of acts of sabotage and terrorism by these armed groups, which are even supported by abroad.

The so-called Ministerial Committee of the Arab League (AL) had to decide what they should do with such a report of their observers. This Ministerial Committee of the Arab League was also responsible for monitoring the so-called Arab Plan on Syria and composed of 5 of the 22 Arab League member states (Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Sudan and Oman). After all, they decided by 4 votes against 1 (Qatar) to extend the observer mission in Syria by one month.

Because the Arab League (AL) had a problem (with the report) with the truth about the situation in Syria, the Qatari leadership has sought to prevent the dissemination of this report by any means. And Qatar was again successful. Of course, the truth about the events within Syria would be nothing, which is in line with the dubious intentions of the Qatari government. For Qatar’s intentions, it`s quite good that they still hold the Presidency of the Arab League (AL).

They bought this from the Palestinian Authority. The Presidency of the Arab League, Qatar, has decided not to publish the report of the observers. So this report has not been translated into English.

This report even was not published in Arabic on the website of the Arab League (AL). Another misbehavior of the Arab League (AL) against their own statutes. That they didn`t publish the report should make your eyebrows rise and should be a main reason to finally ask some questions.

If the Western population and credible journalists were able to gain access to the real updated report of the Arab League (AL) observers in Syria, Qatar would have a huge problem. The truth would be spread all over.

Not to mention that even some Western governments and other Gulf States would have a problem then. Also some known humanitarian organizations, which have increased the lack of their credibility sadly in recent months.

After all, if the truth about the situation in Syria would reach more and more Western citizens, some Gulf States like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia would have also the problem, that they could be held accountable in terms of their brutally crackdowns of peaceful protests, their democratic deficiencies and their involvement in the killing of Syrian citizens, soldiers and security forces.

In the end, the Western governments and their Gulf allies will never permit that the real updated report of the observers will ever reach the general public. Not to mention that also imperialistic, Zionistic and religious reasons are playing their part in this game of Foreign Policy and false propaganda – regime changes and secular interests. Finally, all is about money and power.

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  1. Arab League Observers Report on Syria – Cairo, January 23, 2012

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