Syria: Lizzie Phelan has some doubts concerning Arab League report

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Sideviews
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Press TV has managed to get another interview with the independent British journalist Lizzie Phelan, who is in Syria since some days. Of course, the interview was about the Arab League (AL) report on Syria and the opinions of Lizzie Phelan about this.

We already published some reports and video interviews with Lizzie Phelan and we have to mention that we do respect Lizzie a lot for her work in the recent years.

In this new interview, Press TV asked Lizzie Phelan about the major points of the report, which have been delivered by the Arab League observers in Syria. This points mentioned that the Arab League observers didn`t have any problems in Syria and that they got support by the Syrian government for their job as observers.

It also mentioned that the violence has subsided and that this reality is in a clear contrast to the claims by the armed opposition. This also underlines the fact that the opposition groups within Syria are armed.

Press TV wanted to know from Lizzie Phelan how she sees this report of the Arab League (AL).

The independent journalist Phelan, who is sure known because of her reports about the events in Libya, answered that there are some positive things in this report, also for the Syrian government. But the recommendation that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should hand over the power to the deputy is sure a main point which cannot be accepted by the Syrian government. It is quite understandable that the Syrian government called this a blatant violation of the Syrian sovereignty.

Lizzie Phelan also mentioned the political process which is happening in Syria and talked about the announcement of reforms by the Syrian President some weeks ago. The Syrian President al-Assad not only has announced some reforms, but also he has announced a new constitution.

This new constitution will be put to a referendum in a very short time. The Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem has again confirmed this in his press conference this week.

That Lizzie Phelan is a smart girl shows her next content in her answer to the question by Press TV. Phelan said that it is difficult to know to what the Arab League (AL) observers are comparing their statements that the violence in Syria has subsided since they arrived in this country of the Middle East.

The journalist Phelan stated that there have been only reports about allegedly violence by the Syrian government on supposed peaceful protesters before the Arab League observers arrived in Syria. She also said that this information came from unverifiable sources. We would call some of these sources as non-credible and dubious, too.

Afterwards, Lizzie Phelan mentioned the questionable organization called the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. She calls this organization very dubious.

Of course, we just can agree. Phelan stated that nobody really knows who they are and that there are some evidences that this dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is linked to some Western intelligence services. We also know that it is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (e.g. Voltaire Network – “Office of the Muslim Brotherhood in London”)

She also mentioned in her answer to Press TV that the Arab League observers themselves have said that the attack on the famously killed French journalist Gilles Jacquier and eight other Syrian civilians was a combat action of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the Syrian city of Homs. Of course, this is a extraordinary acknowledgement.

We also know that some other independent journalists and political activists are convinced that this murdered French journalist was no real journalist – some say he was working for the French intelligence service. We cannot reject or confirm this. Considering the events in Libya, it could be the truth.

Lizzie Phelan also spoke about the acknowledging of the Arab League (AL), that there are armed insurgents inside Syria – e.g. in places like Homs and Idleb.

Phelan explained the difficulty for the Syrian army and government to respond in a decisive way because a lot of these armed opposition forces (armed criminals, religious fanatics and so on) are embedded amongst the Syrian civilian population. So it’s hard for the Syrian security forces and government to protect the population without harming Syrian civilians. The Syrian soldiers still care about Syrian civilians.

In her long and smart answer, Lizzie Phelan also explained the point that the observers of the Arab League also said that they have been under a huge pressure by the international media.

This could confirm that there might be a huge media war against the Syrian government and that the crisis would already be over when media, especially TV channels like al Jazeera and al Arabiya (and others) wouldn`t have been totally involved in this crisis. And they are still involved in the bloodshed in Syria.

Finally it`s an admission that the Arab League (AL) observers have been under a lot of pressure to not speak the truth about what is really happening within Syria.

Not to mention that a channel like al Jazeera is not only responsible for a lot of bloodshed since 10 months, but also responsible for a lot of media fakes and false propaganda. Al Jazeera is funded by the state of Qatar, which has called for Arab troops to intervene in Syria.

Has Qatar democracy? Isn`t there a brutally crackdown of peaceful protesters within Qatar?

You can read and watch the full interview with Lizzie Phelan at the website of Press TV:


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