Syria: How many mosques were already bombed by Assad?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Sideviews
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Syria: The German blogger urs1798 published another article about the situation in Syria and the fakes and false propaganda of the so-called “Syrian” opposition abroad – partly based in Istanbul, Paris, Washington, London and Berlin.

This time, the Blogger wrote about the bombing of mosques within Syria. Of course, we know the false propaganda that the Syrian army is responsible for the bombardment of mosques and that they have nothing better to do than shooting at mosques in some Syrian cities.

We also know that Arab channels, primarily al Jazeera and al Arabiya, like the topic that the Syrian army does not care about mosques and use these holy places in Syria as targets. In contrast to the fakes and false reports of al Jazeera, the truth is a different image.

It is easy to reject the false reports by these channels. You just have to take a look at some of the mosques in Syria, which were already the content of fake reports by e.g. al Jazeera. These mosques are still there, even without bullet holes.

We also know that the Syrian system is secular and it even depends on it, in many ways. The Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad wouldn`t be so stupid to give the order to the Syrian army so that the soldiers will shoot on mosques.

Not to mention that the Syrian soldiers would be scared to shot at holy mosques. They would also be scared when they were ordered to shoot on Christian churches. The false propaganda is e.g. that the Syrian government intends to raise the level of religion struggles within Syria. This cannot be the truth if you start to think about this. Syria is secular and a lot depends on this fact.

The truth is that the armed criminals and religious fanatics want to raise the religious struggle within Syria. This also destabilizes the situation and even the government in Syria. Considering the methods of “regime change”, this add-on to the strategies in Syria fits very well.

It’s the intention of the armed groups, backed by foreign powers, to destabilize the country. It is already proven that these armed criminals and religious extremists are supported by the British, Turkish and French government. Not to mention the financially support by the U.S. administration (started formerly under George W. Bush) under Barack Obama. There is also a support with arms, too. Like this already happened in Libya.

Back to this German blogger and the latest article about the videos of opposition forces within Syria. These videos of armed opposition groups allegedly show the shooting on mosques in Syria and, of course, the responsible people behind the cameras blame the Syrian army for it.

In the beginning of the post (source), you can see a video with an mosque, allegedly based in the Syrian city of Hama. Of course, you can hear the sound of bullets in the background. All other sounds would finally surprise. We were ourselves in the Syrian city of Hama and also at this mosque. Just to make clear why we understand, appreciate and agree totally to the tenor of this article by the German blogger.

There are also the standard calls for a buffer zone in this video. This demanded buffer zone (humanitarian zones, No-Fly Zone …) are sold to be important to protect and rescue the Syrian population against Syrian security forces. They also call for NATO support and so on. People who have some knowledge with the events in Libya should raise their eyebrows.

They might know that No-Fly Zones do not really deliver a huge protection for civilians. The huge majority of Syrians also knows that they do not need so-called “humanitarian zones”, just another word for a military intervention by foreign powers. It could even eventually be another word for war.

But what can we say… These calls of so-called activists in Syria are the usual phrases. Let´s bomb our land to deliver democracy and a brighter future to us. It`s up to you to decide if it’s really clever or not. We also should mention that the most videos are fakes.

Even some German and French experts in this branch already stated that these videos are fakes. It is only clever that they want to appeal the socially adjusted citizens in the West and their caring hearts with this stuff. They know what works, don`t they?

Afterwards in the article, there is the same mosque again in another video clip. You need a bit patience because it lasts till minute 1:30 of this clip, till it is really getting interesting. Also the film maker behind the camera had a lot of patience, too.

The staging starts at minute 1:30. Similar fake stagings were there already at the beginning of the so-called revolution in Syria. The scripts and execution are still not really better. So it even should raise some questions for lay people.

Also the German blogger asks himself, why they are using these fakes. He suggests that these fakes are used by these groups to stoke the level of hate on the Syrian government.

What could be worse and apply more people against the own government than the attacks on sanctuaries of devout Muslims, along with the dead? The German blogger hopes for himself, that the people aren`t so stupid and have a real close look at these videos – to realize the fakes.

The blogger also shows a screenshot. You can see clearly at this screenshot that the allegedly “bombardment” comes out of the tower of this mosque. So the mosque is not really attacked. The situation was different to the propaganda phrases the film maker(s) used. People in the mosque have attacked the Syrian security forces. Surprise, surprise.

The explosion took place from the inside of the mosque. No “bombardment” as it was claimed. As so often in the last 10 months, just another lie. And what`s about the alarm clock in the foreground of this video? Strange, isn`t it?

The German blogger afterwards explained that the delivered the second part before the first part of this video clip. The first part is only an excerpt. The German author of this blog concludes, considering these clips, that the Filmmaker (of Part II) knew exactly what will happen. He knew what will happen and always focused the camera on the tower of this mosque. Everything else was not interesting enough for the filmmaker.

Maybe the guy in the tower of the mosque knew what he did. Despite all smoke and the huge bang, the tower survived. The Blogger also mentioned that there is said to be snow in this area now and asks if these videos are older than they are sold. If we remember correctly, these clips are older. At least 2 months.

The German Blogger also wrote that this so-called revolution is also a huge bang with a lot of smoke, in the end, a huge fake and we can just agree again.

This foreign Blogger is convinced that the media continues to use this (faked) smoke to keep the fire burning. A fire, which doesn`t exists in reality. The fire of an insurrection, the fire of a civil war. Allegedly.

But what the media does is to stoke the level of hate and murder by their propaganda. They always use the stupid phrases, that they are not able to confirm this. But they are in Syria. Maybe they should start to question the dubious so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, primarily?

This questionable source is responsible for a lot of fake reports, false information and virtually deaths. Voltaire Network started to call this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sure not without any evidence.

This German blogger and artist is also convinced that the explanations of journalists are nonsense. He wrote that they are not interested to check their information, because the line of reports is already defined.

There is no other explanation why the international media and journalists have rediscovered their hearts for cheaters, criminals, murderers and religious fanatics and even seem to favor and celebrate them for their violent acts against Syrian soldiers, security forces and civilians.

He finally wrote that there are a lot of video fakes, sometimes better or worse. Mainly used for propaganda against the Syrian government. He also wrote that these videos could also be there for the Syrians who cannot wait to be tattered by NATO bombs. Irony.

The German Blogger also asked who should really believe in all these fakes and propaganda. Since 10 months, the Syrian population defends themselves against the lies of Western and some Arab media, against the interference from abroad, the arming of criminals and terrorists by foreign powers… And the Western world has nothing better to do than to train, host and support these criminals?

These are not our words; these are the words of this German Blogger. In the end he also mentioned that they (the West) have experience with it and that Libya is the perfect example for this.

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