Syria: German state media – part of NATO's propaganda network?

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Sideviews
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The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” published another evidence for the false propaganda of mainstream media. This time, the blogger dedicated his post to an example of false propaganda by the German state-television network ARD.

After the German report about the defame of those, who just want peace in the Middle East, by the members of the bourgeois parties in Germany, who are known as close friends with some Arab dictators and so-called monarchies. This happened at a meeting of the German Bundestag.

Even a member of parliament from the German party CDU thanked the “Western media” for their coverage of the events in Syria. So, this Member of Parliament thanked the German media for false reports, propaganda and the forgetting about the dogmas of real journalism?

Maybe it is at least a surprise, that his member of the German party CDU didn`t thanked the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. Of course, it would not have made a huge difference, because the majority of reports of Western media use this non-credible and dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” as source for their reports.

We are just able to agree to the words of the German blogger behind “Hinter der Fichte” – “Thank you for every new lie…“.

This blogger already reported on 17th of January, 2012, about the brazen propaganda of NATO at the German state television channel ARD. Also promoted by the NDR media-magazine “ZAPP” – this propaganda “documentary” was called “Secretly in Homs”.

But the truth about the propaganda and real situation in Syria comes to light, slowly but steady. Of course, also the truths behind this questionable NATO-commissioned work – Secretly in Homs. A fake documentary just made for propaganda purposes, based on partly false facts and statements.

This video tape, which suggests that it was created by a very courageous journalist of the German state TV ARD, has been already broadcasted at the American TV channel CNN, too. This questionable documentary was also published at CNN with similar wording and headlines to advertise for it. Of course, some people behind CNN and ARD know about the truth and the propaganda purposes of this video.

Concluding sentence of the broadcasting: “Here, many believe that true change can only come from gun barrels.”

Considering the known methods of propaganda by Goebbels, the tape in English and German only differs in the absence of a slow rasping voice. Voltaire Network and Professor Domenico Losurdo already mentioned Paul Joseph Goebbels, the German Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933 to 1945 – in “Nazi Germany”.

The Professor called his report at Voltaire Network: “Goebbels’ disciples tackle Syria“. In his report, Professor Domenico Losurdo pinpointed some inconsistencies in the Western media and rhetoric against the Syrian government. In line with the methods which have been used by Goebbels.

Maybe it is no real surprise that the German team behind the blog “Hinter der Fichte” suggested that you take the dubious report “Secretly in Homs” and repeat it in the (known) tone of an old Nazi newsreel. The result should be astounding.

But not only this German blogger wrote about the truth behind this propaganda documentary, also another German artist and blogger already published the real truth behind this faked documentary.

Considering the statement of “Hinter der Fichte”, you should not miss the German blog about this false documentary, because the content and cut inappropriate manipulations are said to be worked out very well in his article on this piece of propaganda. It`s worth reading if you are able to read German text.

All in all, this is another evidence that the false propaganda of NATO is coordinated widely and that some German media as ARD are an essential part of the network of this psychological warfare – with its contributions to NATO, e.g.. Although the people behind the TV show “ZAPP” should know it better, they are participating in this false game. What a shame.

This goes so far that the German blogger also compared these fake methods behind this “documentary” to the methods of the questionable German journalist and ARD-correspondent for the Middle East, Joerg Armbruster. Armbruster is known in his branch as careerist and some also know him as somebody, who also lied in his reports about the events in Libya.

He lost his credibility already years ago. Not to mention that there are some rumors that Joerg Armbruster shares to intensive connections with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, Egypt.

Stefan Buchen was the responsible person who has cutted the so-called ARD-documentary “Secretly in Homs”. Stefan Buchen was also responsible for the lie about the cluster bombs of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The problem is, that Stefan Buchen and this strange documentary never mentioned the truth, that it is no exclusive material. It is just material from CNN. So, willfully propaganda lies for the intended purpose.

Certainly, this manure was also broadcasted in other NATO countries as “exclusive”, even it is far away from being exclusive and true.

But that`s just the way, how the NATO propaganda network works. Mass media is the most important tool for propaganda purposes. Brainwashing 2.0 – it happens and nobody does care about.

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