Egypt: Anniversary of the so-called Revolution

Posted: January 25, 2012 in International
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While the Syrian government has agreed to extend the mandate of the Arab League (AL) observers by another month, it is still questionable why the Arab League (AL) did not rely on the report by their own observers on the situation within Syria.

Again, the Syrian government in the capital Damascus has pledged to guarantee the safety and freedom of travel for the next Arab League (AL) observers. This means, that also these (trained by UN personnel) observers are allowed to visit the few conflict areas, the prisons, the hospitals and also police stations.

Meanwhile, the people of Egypt celebrate their Anniversary of the revolution today. Whether it is really questionable if all Egyptians are celebrating this Anniversary of the questionable “Revolution in Egypt” today. Not to mention that a group of Bedouin tribesmen stormed a tourist resort in the Sinai Peninsula. This group of Bedouin tribesmen stormed this tourist resort to reclaim land for them.

Today is the day of the Anniversary of the “modern” Egyptian revolution, but the future of this country is still uncertain and there are still many construction sites in Egypt. But it is still an important day for the Egyptians – or, at least, could be an important day for some of them.

The demonstrations and protests have begun in Egypt on 25.01.2011. On 11th of February, these protests in Egypt (e.g. on the Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital Cairo) have achieved the overthrow Husni Mubarak. It is not yet quite clear how this day in Cairo will be. Some airlines have already canceled some flights to the Egyptian capital today, because of the fear of unrest and turmoil.

The Egyptian Supreme Military Council will use this historic day in Egypt to abolish the emergency laws. These emergency laws were introduced in Egypt in 1981, after the assassination of Anwar as-Saddat. These emergency laws should now only find application on violent crimes after they are abolished for all other crimes and topics. Which specific crimes are included in these “violent crimes” is not yet clear.

On last Monday, the Egyptian Parliament has met for the very first time. Considering the broadcasted pictures and videos in media, it should be clear for every media-consumer, that the Islamists have the clear majority in this Egyptian Parliament. The Muslim Brotherhood is represented with impressive 235 seats, 121 seats are for the Salafis (Salafists / Salafiyah). A total number of 508 seats were assigned within the Egyptian Parliament.

The result is somehow frightening and will be soon getting recognizable in the law of Egypt, with certainty. While the first meeting of the Egyptian Parliament on last Monday, there were some demonstrations in front of the building. The protesters expressed their wishes that the new Parliament should continue the ideas of the “revolution” in their favor.

Again, they also demonstrated against the Egyptian Supreme Military Council. They call that this military council should accept the decrease of its power and also open the path to a real civilian government in Egypt.

But the Egyptians still have to be patient, even if they have already learned that they you are able to protest for everything… In late January, there are the first elections to the Egyptian upper house. Afterwards, there will be a constitutional assembly in Egypt.

If the new Egyptian constitution was drawn up, the new presidential elections will take place. As it already was regarded by some MPs on Monday (within their swearing e.g.), the new constitution will have a strong reference to the Sharia.

The new Egyptian presidential elections are announced for June, 2012. After these elections, the Supreme Military Council finally wants to withdraw from its power. That`s at least what the Egyptian Military Council has announced till now.

The Egyptians are ready to go on the streets for their continued interests. They already learned that you can protest for and against everything. Not to mention that some have nothing better to do in Egypt. Perhaps, a new wave of protests will start soon. Then they might protest for better social justice.

The situation of many Egyptians hasn`t changed since the so-called revolution last year. The situation of many Egyptians is anything but comforting or acceptable. Many live in absolute poverty, without food or shelter. Women are still getting harassed or even raped, also in the middle of Cairo. It is also questionable how the rights of women will develop in Egypt.

The worse situation of some Egyptians leads to excessive violence in some neighborhoods and regions of this country. It is a clear mammoth task for the new Egyptian government and it is also questionable if this government is able to solve all these problems.

As already mentioned the future, which awaits the Egyptians, is uncertain. There is still much in the Egyptian air and nobody really knows in which directions all this are heading.

The High unemployment is likely to be only one of the main problems facing the new government. Not to mention the efforts of the Supreme Military Council to defend their power in Egypt. Although Tantawi has announced that the Egyptian military council will retire after the upcoming parliamentary elections, it is still very questionable. The old guard of Egypt likes their power and they will (perhaps) try everything to lose as little as possible.

The “victory of the Islamists in Egypt” should clearly show, that the youth of the so-called revolution a year ago, is actually a part of the main losers of this Egyptian revolution. The ideas and hopes of the youth of this revolution in Egypt have hardly been realized or hardly taken seriously. The Egyptian youths are the losers across the board.

It is still questionable whether the Egyptian youth will continue to keep quiet. You certainly have to wait for the next few months, before you can really make some “safer predictions” about Egypt. As we have seen in recent months, they try to save the revolution. Everybody is demonstrating, for everything and more.

The Egyptians are now ready to take their anger out on the streets and not to retreat with their anger into their private space. It has to be seen whether this is always a real advantage. At least, some of these demonstrations were able to halt some regulations of the Army, which would have been certainly a betrayal of the so-called Egyptian revolutions.

As mentioned in the beginning, a group of Bedouin tribesmen has stormed a tourist resort in the Sinai Peninsula. They wanted to reclaim land. As mentioned by Egyptian sources, dozens of gunmen took control of Aqua-Sun, a hotel complex at the Red Sea. These gunmen are demanding some money in exchange for leaving the area peacefully. At least, no tourists were taken as hostage. But some Egyptian security guards were taken as hostage during this incident by the armed Bedouin tribesmen.

The disputes about land are common and known in the area of Sinai, at least after the questionable “Red Sea Riviera”-program of the central government in the 1990s.  The Customary law was replaced by a new system of land ownership without hesitation. It is somehow, at least, understandable, that some locals and Bedouin tribesmen share the opinion that they were being cheated out. Hopefully nobody will be injured.

Of course, this is just a marginal note today, the day of the Anniversary of the so-called Egyptian revolution. We already published a short trial of a summary about the “Arab Spring“.

Image: By Lilian Wagdy (DSC_9256 Uploaded by The Egyptian Liberal) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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