Syria: Arab League presents a provocative new peace plan for Syria

Posted: January 23, 2012 in International
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The observer mission, which began its work in Syria in December last year, should write a report and forward the results of their observer mission in Syria to the Arab League (AL), to debate further solutions for the situation within Syria.

The date set for the submission of the report by the observers was the 19th of January, 2012. On that day, no result and report was published by the head of this Arab League observer mission, al-Dabi, and by the other participating observers of this mission.

There were delays for any reason whatsoever. These delays didn`t mean, however, that the report on the situation in Syria by the head of this observer mission, al-Dabi, was not secretly presented to the Arab League (AL).

The report of al-Dabi and his team of observers about Syria is simply not yet to be found. According to unconfirmed and less formal sources, the evaluation of al-Dabi as head of the observer mission to Syria looks like that – but these points are nowhere to find in more credible sources until now:

  • The armed opposition had a hand in the murder of the French journalist Gilles Jacquier.
  • Armed militants, in several areas, start firing at the official army forces, provoking these forces to retaliate
  • The Syrian government complied to withdraw armed forces from the cities, and was responsive with the observers’ requests.
  • The observers noted, more than once, the exaggerations committed by the opposition regarding the same incidents.
  • The observers saw that some media channels are exaggerating the events and distorting the truth.
  • The report deplored the acts and declarations of some “observers” who did not comply to their oath in order to execute secret agendas.
  • The observers saw with their own eyes different media channels active in Syria.
  • Some of the observers were calling their governments and reporting untrue events.
  • The observers’ protocol was found lacking, as it did not address the opposition regarding stopping forms of violence.
  • A new clause should be added to the protocol regarding the armed opposition, after its existence was confirmed.
  • Whoever is sponsoring the direct campaign against the observers’ mission did not have good intentions in the first place and never intended to save Syria.
  • The report praises the presidential amnesty in Syria, which is the most important clause in the protocol.

At the moment you are just able to find this compilation about the allegedly report of the head of the Arab League observer mission, al-Dabi, only in some so-called groups at the social media network Facebook. So the content of truth cannot be verified at the moment. This allegedly representation of the report of al-Dabi should be checked. Groups at Facebook are no primarily credible sources.

Otherwise, you are only able to find on the net the evaluation of the meeting of the Arab League (AL) Foreign Ministers today. The Foreign Ministers of the Arab League determined the last weekend that the observer mission in Syria is not only extended by one month, but also will be increased by more participating observers. Not to mention that the UN should train these new observers of the Arab League to Syria. This should raise some interesting questions.

Furthermore, the Arab League has submitted a new “peace plan” for the events in Syria. The Arab League calls the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to release at least a portion of his power.

The Vice President of Syria, al-Scharaa, should then take over the reins of the Syrian government. Within two months they are called to form a new Syrian government of national unity. The Arab League plan also includes that the so-called Syrian opposition is to be involved in this new government of national unity within Syria.

But it does not mention specifically, whether it is about the opposition in Syria or the dubious so-called “opposition” abroad – partly based in Istanbul, Turkey. Of course, the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad rejected this proposal of this strange plan of the Arab League (AL).

In the end it is totally incomprehensible how such a “peace plan” by the Arab League is published. This so-called “plan” of the Arab League does not consider and cover the real situation in Syria. The huge majority of the Syrian population is still in support with their government or, at least, with the President al-Assad. At a survey by a Qatari company, it has been clearly revealed that 55% of the Syrian population still support President Bashar al-Assad and want him to led Syria into a democratic future.

Not to mention that this Qatari company behind this survey surely decreased the final result. It is a Qatari company. So much the more it is not only surprising but also to believe that at least 55% of the Syrian population are supporting their President. Maybe also a higher amount of people, than the number of Americans, who are really behind their President, or the number of Germans, who really support their Federal Chancellor.

But the West is not interested in anything else. They want to destabilize Syria to pave the path to Iran by using false propaganda and by supporting armed and violent groups of criminals for their questionable goals.

The goal is clear: Assad has to go, because he is not pro-American enough. But the United States also wants to use the currently favorable time to reorder / remap the Middle East. For example, eliminate all the enemies (e.g. so-called threats to Israel) and keep only the well-meaning Arabic dictators in power (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…). A very hypocritically Foreign Policy of the United States. Maybe also driven by AIPAC, other Lobbies, imperialistic and economic interests.

Because the United States are not able to hold on their strategy after the fiasco in Libya, they have to develop new layers of a so-called “regime change” for Syria. What is better than the financially support and training for armed opposition forces, and thus to undermine the stability and government of Syria.

To pull Syria into a vortex that pulls the country down constantly – until the Syrian population cannot stand all this anymore and starts to act from within the country. It is clearly a good method of a “regime change”. Just destabilize and destroy a country long enough, till its population is on your side or starts to act in your favor.

But it is still questionable whether America will succeed in this plan to destabilize Syria.

They are definitely trying on and on and use the press for his purposes. Large sections of the press are brought / forced into a (propaganda) line. Copy and paste without any research. Western readers seem not to care about the huge lack of credibility, evidence and research.

An easy game for the Western press, even if they just use copy and paste. The more brutal a headline is, the more papers are sold. The same is more evident in the net. Latest news became an important business. It is about selling, not about confirmations and facts.

The details of this non-confirmed news are delivered by various questionable agencies. One of them is the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. More and more journalists should already know that this “observatory” is no real “observatory” for Human Rights in Syria and that it is a dubious office based in London. Even Voltaire Network finally calls this “Observatory” a clear office of the Muslim Brotherhood within London.

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle had to gear up once more before he flies to the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels. Westerwelle, the clown, underlined his stance against Syria once more. He did it again without evidence and just for propaganda purposes. His rear is backed by the U.S. administration.

Of course, the German Foreign Minister, Westerwelle, wants to try everything to solve the German mistake at the events in and about Libya. Not to mention that his party does not very well in Germany and that Westerwelle is in his last political days – hopefully, at least.

For these reasons, Westerwelle introduces himself as the driving force against Syria and wants to revisit the Syrian issue in the UN Security Council, despite the clear facts about the situation within Syria. But these facts are hidden to the German population. He runs exactly the same line as the Arab League, which also requires that the subject of Syria is brought before the United Nations.

If the Arab League (AL) (Qatar e.g.) and others succeed in their propaganda pressure on Syria, this could probably mean a war with and in Syria. If the heart of the Middle East burns, the entire Middle East will burn. It doesn’t matter whether international troops, commanded by NATO, or Arab troops will invade Syria.

That would be the prelude to a war that would involve the entire region and endanger of Israel’s security would be enormous. Whether they really want to risk all this is finally unclear. It is certainly clear that many are facing against Syria now and simply repeat things parrot-fashion, what is given to them. With narrow eyes, so they do not have to think about the truth.

The fact is that the violence in Syria must come to an end. At this point you can only connect to the Russian side and say:

The appeal goes to both sides.

But how can the Syrian government avoid violence and also withdraw the Syrian army if this would clearly endanger the lives of Syrian civilians?

Particularly the case of the murdered French journalists (maybe a spy) should finally open the eyes of each. There are gunmen in Syria, armed criminals and religious fanatics, who do not care about the lives of people. It does not make a huge difference for these armed terrorists if their targets are Syrian soldiers or Syrian civilians.

They also know that the propaganda machinery works and if they murder civilians, the story will be turned upside down in media. They are not afraid to murder innocent people for their own purposes.

But the Western population has a hard game to have knowledge about such information. The international press / mainstream-media, why ever, sweep these information under the rug or turn them upside down for… propaganda purpose, economic success? Who knows…

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