Syria: Gilles Jacquier – Propaganda and Obfuscation

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Sideviews
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Syria: The German independent blog “Hinter der Fichte” published another article about the (false) propaganda against the Syrian government by Western media and the guys behind this blog are also convinced that the evidence about the real background of the murdered French journalist Gilles Jacquier are more and more uncovered.

The information in the remaining independent media is mounting that the murdered French “journalist” Gilles Jacquier, who was killed by Syrian opposition forces, has to be attributed to the intelligence service.

He has worked in several “wars” under the guise of a “war correspondent”. It also comes more and more out of the shadows, that the common variant of Western propaganda about his death was false.

The French journalist Gilles Jacquier was not killed in a Syrian ambush by Syrian soldiers. Jacquier was killed by the armed opposition forces in Homs. The first reports about his death, especially the French reports, were just the usual propaganda lie of the NATO media.

There are various sources, which all confirm our views of what really happened within the Syrian city of Homs. (e.g. Politaia)

Even since yesterday evening, also a French newspaper and news agency reported that this “journalist” was “accidentally” killed by Syrian opposition forces in Homs. These new reports call these brutally act of the armed militia misconduct.

Interesting enough how these so-called journalists evaluate the same violence with different view. The murder of a human being is never just misconduct. The targeted assassination and attack by these armed groups of criminals, extremists and religious fanatics is sure to condemn and cannot be called just as “misconduct”.

These Gauls are crazy!

That the German state television ARD still widespread the demand by Sarkozy`s Foreign Minister Juppé is almost a joke and also an act of propaganda:

“The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé called on the Syrian authorities to investigate this incident. The government in Damascus is responsible for the safety of the international correspondents”.

This requirement is impertinence. France’s ambassador in Syria has withdrawn the corpse of the killed French “reporter” of the Syrian authorities and has sent the corpse to Paris, against all international conventions.

As already stated here, also all alleged “journalists” / agents of this group in Homs were immediately brought back to France. The Syrian authorities never had a real chance to investigate this “misconduct” (AFP called the murder of the French journalist by the opposition forces a misconduct..) and also this group of alleged journalists.

Of course, the German state television ARD does not report about these facts. How can a real investigation take place when you have no corpse and no witnesses anymore? It is also interesting that the common media turn the facts upside down as they want them to be.

Even, there was never a proper autopsy by the French experts within Paris. Also interesting, only considering the damn quickly actions of the French government after the murder of this French “journalist”.

We should not forget:

Even the NATO media confirmed that Jacquier wanted to go alone, without the backing of the Syrian security forces. Security forces which told the journalists daily, that there is a huge level of danger because of the armed groups of criminals and religious fanatics in these areas.

An unbelievable hypocrisy:

If the Syrian government cares about security forces for the media delegations and so-called journalists, they are vilified by the West as surveillance and censorship. If armed opposition forces kill someone of these delegations, they blame the Syrian government for not securing the lives of these journalists. As already stated yesterday, the Syrian government is clearly fallen into a miserable dilemma.

Now what?

An Abbess brings the truth to light

Abbess Agnes-Mariam, from the monastery of Saint Jacques l’Intercis Qara near the Syrian capital Damascus, knew the French “journalist” Jacquier and cared for his visa to Syria, gave an interview to the independent journalist Lizzie Phelan. This interesting interview will appear soon.

But even the small teaser of this interview between the Abbess and Lizzie Phelan makes it clear that Western media, e.g. the German FAZ, BILD and other, are lying.

“Journalists make propaganda – This is a crime.”

“Gilles Jacquier died together with civilian citizens; they were attacked by unidentified gangs. They came pretty late to Homs. That was a big mistake.”

“Gilles Jacquier had very good (“cute”) connections to the opposition. It was very dangerous.”

“The third shell landed directly at the demonstrators. It certainly looks, that someone has indicated them, where the grenades should hit.”

“They thought, the journalists had already left the place, so they (the armed opposition group) attacked the population. “ (There was a peaceful pro-government demonstration)

“My concern is that the journalists, who were there, start to lie. They make propaganda. This is a crime. ”

Source: Syrien – Gilles Jacquier – Propaganda und Verschleierung


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