Yemen: Hillary Clinton barks about growing strength of al-Qaeda

Posted: January 20, 2012 in International
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Hillary Clinton warns about the growing strength of al-Qaeda. The unofficial AIPAC-Lady Clinton spews some hypocritically rhetoric against Saleh, who was considered as an “absolute supporter” and “key ally” of the United States just a year ago.

Nowadays, there is no longer any trace about the good old days between Hillary Clinton and Saleh, between Yemen and the United States. That`s the way how American Foreign Policy works. When the air turns itself, the U.S. administration also turns itself.

Quick allies become also quick enemies, without any hesitation. It just depends on the questionable interests of U.S. Foreign Policy at these moments. Not to mention that this Foreign Policy doesn`t seem to be a Foreign Policy in benefits for the American people.

The known hypocritically Hillary Clinton, sure in line with war-sister Condoleezza Rice, has directed harsh words in direction to Saleh. She said that Saleh has to stick to agreements and that he has finally to implement the announced departure from Yemen into action.

Late last year, Saleh announced, that he soon will leave Yemen. He even has allegedly inquired for a visa to the United States. This situation about Saleh has led to debates and controversies within the U.S. government, of course.

Since this January, this matter should be off the table. Saleh announced that he will stay in Yemen due to the ongoing problems in his country. This is precisely the position where Hillary Clinton starts to bark again. Clinton claims, that he aggravates the situation within Yemen and that he also prevents, that the orderly transition to democratic elections is successful.

It is questionable whether his presence will really prevent, that the implementation of the scheduled elections will be successful in Yemen in February. Even the upcoming elections within Yemen are likely to be very questionable. The former deputy Hadi, who took over the affairs of Saleh, is the only candidate for president in Yemen.

This is truly not in line with democratic elections when there is only one candidate available and this candidate was also even the deputy of Saleh. There is no mainstream news about this constellation in Yemen. Why is that?

It’s hard to imagine that the Yemenis agree to a transfer of power within the ruling ranks, because some Yemenite tribes are already fighting bitterly against the current regime and to strengthen their power and influence within Yemen. The situation in Yemen is confused and dangerous.

Whether the departure of Saleh can defuse the situation is really is questionable. After all, thousands demonstrated time and again on the streets against the immunity, which was granted to him. The Yemenite people want a prosecution of Saleh, who is accused of the killing of demonstrators. It`s exciting and interesting how the situation around the, as yet as located in power Honorary President Saleh, will develop.

What is certain is that there is a huge vacuum of power in Yemen. This power vacuum makes it very difficult for the governance to rule the country and to decrease the chaos. It also increases the possibilities for al-Qaeda to increase their power and to spread within Yemen.

Right here is the approach by Hillary Clinton:

The so-called “fight against terrorism” (war against terrorism) became America´s pseudonym to interfere in other countries and to influence the destinies of these countries – as it is in line with the American Foreign Policy, partly motivated by AIPAC, other Lobbies and questionable goals.

Even now, Hillary Clinton has addressed in her hypocritically statement to Saleh, that they combat terrorism with a vengeance and that they cannot allow that the Islamic terror is able to spread in the Arabian Penisula. We wonder why the U.S. administration, in contrast to these statements, supports al-Qaeda thugs and fighters within Libya and also supports religious extremists in Syria. Strange, isn`t it?

At first, terrorists are supported with U.S. weapons and are even supported to increase their influence in parts of the world. Afterwards the U.S. fights against them. Finally, when these terrorists changed their (US) path or became dangerous for American interests in the end. Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are interesting key words at this point.

The discrepancy of American Foreign Politics is huge. Now, the drone attacks of the United States in Yemen became difficult, since Saleh left his role as leader of Yemen. But the U.S. administration is going to rely on other strategies now.

But it might take some time till the U.S. administration is convinced about other strategies when it is about Yemen. In this time, al-Qaeda could take advantage and spread in Yemen. Al Qaeda already were able to spread within Yemen since the outbreak of protests against the longtime “Yemenite president” Saleh.

Only recently it was reported that another southern city of Yemen, Rada, has been brought into the power of al-Qaeda. The Yemeni soldiers surrounded this city. It is questionable who will be the winner in this fight finally.

There is no question about the fact, that the U.S. administration is interested in this impoverished country, Yemen. It`s strategically important for them. This is about control of ports and thus the monitoring of the routes from Asia to Europe. If they are lost, the American influence is lost. Whether people have been adhered to is questionable.

Equally questionable is how it will continue in Yemen after the elections scheduled for February. A major policy change is not likely to be expected within Yemen. Hadi is the only presidential candidate and the (“former”) Saleh government still owns half the votes within the Transitional Council of Yemen.

Within Europe, it became very quiet about the situation and future of Yemen. Maybe because no one knows what might come or how to unobtrusively as possible increase the involvement in “the future” of Yemen.

Of course, the dog of war, Hillary Clinton, considers the instability of Yemen as a problem of global proportions. President Ali Abdullah Saleh has not adhered to the agreements with the U.S.; to the renunciation of power.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed concern about the situation in Yemen and criticized the departing President Ali Abdullah Saleh. But her words are hypocritically again. While her visit to the Ivory Coast, Hillary Clinton said on last Tuesday, that the “instability” in Yemen is not only a threat for the Yemenis, but also for the region and the whole world. She also mentioned that she has deep concerns considering the situation within Yemen.

Clinton accused Saleh that he has not complied with the agreements for his renunciation of power. She said, “We regret that the President has not yet complied with his obligation to leave the country and to allow the elections”. Should we mention the word “hypocrite” again?

Last November, Saleh signed an negotiated agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council about the renunciation of his power. This agreement came after months of protests and paved the way for his departure and also assured impunity for him and his family.

Some bad leaders are really lucky bastards. It just depends on USA..

Afterwards, Saleh gave the reins of the Yemeni government to his deputy, Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi. Hadi will be, as stated already, the only presidential candidate at the upcoming elections in February. Until the elections, Saleh will remain formally as honorary president in office.

Late December, 2011, Saleh had announced that the will make a trip to the United States. This trip was canceled in early January.

Of course, Hillary Clinton also warned about the strengthening of the terror network al-Qaeda in Yemen at the press conference in the Ivorian economic capital, Abidjan.

This raises the question if AIPAC-Lady Clinton knows about the fact that her government financially supports religious extremists and terrorists in other countries? (Maybe we missed a “too” at this point…)

And also supports them by the supply of weapons and “interesting” advices. Of course, she knows about..

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