Syria: US encourages violence in this country

Posted: January 20, 2012 in International
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Some say that Washington is encouraging unrest, violence and even bloodshed in Syria, instead of seeking to facilitate important political dialogue and peace in this country of the Middle East. Press TV was able to have an interview with the president of the Syrian UN Association, George Jabour, on this topic and the situation within Syria.

Of course, any democratic government on the entire world should seek to facilitate a political dialogue and also condemn the violence on every side. Doesn`t matter if it is about Syria, Portugal, Greece or the United States. But we know that there are differences if it is about a country of the Middle East, e.g. Syria, or about the methods the United States “cared” about their Occupy-protesters.

There are even differences in the evaluation of the same events in different countries. The U.S. administration, for example, should not only think about a military intervention in Syria, but also about such an “intervention” in Bahrain or Qatar.

But in the end the U.S. just cares about their own interests and so it does not really surprise that they evaluate the same “events” in different countries completely different in public.

There is hypocrisy. Even without mentioning that the image of the situation in Syria is been sold totally false to the Western population. The U.S. Foreign Policy must be questioned since years – even since decades. It rather seems that the interests of several Lobbies (e.g. AIPAC), interests of economy, imperialism and domination are behind the Foreign Policy of the United States. U.S. Foreign Policy which finally does not seem like a policy that is good for the American people.

The discussion between Press TV and the president of the Syrian UN Association, George Jabour, is about the arms smuggling to armed groups within Syria and that the Lebanese government finally said that it is seeking to prevent such a weapons smuggling to armed groups of radicals and extremists in Syria now.

Of course, these statements by members of the Lebanese government could also be taken as a evidence for arms smuggling and the arming of extremists, religious fanatics and criminals in Syria from abroad. Also the Syrian army chief announced this week that they are going to stop that arms smuggling to Syria.

The president of the Syrian UN Association, George Jabour, is convinced that this sends a clear message to the international community and that neighbor states of Syria should cooperate with the Syrian government to finally stop the arms smuggling, which could also be a threat for every country in the Middle East.

George Jabour stated in this interview with Press TV, that arms smuggling is something that has been very rampant in recent weeks and months in this region. He also mentioned that even the international press published articles about the arms smuggling into Syria.

But Jabour finally does not know if the observers of the Arab League (AL) will use these as a point in their content of the report about the situation within Syria. Of course, he can`t know if the Arab League observers will cover the arms smuggling to Syria in their “final results”.

George Jabour also said that the Syrian government has already implemented parts of the obligations under the agreements with the Arab League (AL). Jabour also supposed that there are different allegations from all parts of the Arab world and from all parts of the entire world. Different allegations by different sides. Some blame the Syrian government, some the so-called Syrian opposition.

But finally, the president of the Syrian UN association, Jabour, is convinced that the situation is clear, that there is a conflict within Syria. He also mentioned that the Syrian government is not the only side which is responsible for violence and shootings in Syria. He said that there is also fire from opposition groups in Syria.

We already mentioned in the last weeks that there are armed groups of radicals, criminals and religious fanatics, who misuse the so-called “uprising” for their goals – or who are even misused by foreign interests. They are armed by abroad and even financially supported. There is no doubt about this anymore.

George Jabour thinks, that there is a huge need for a dialogue between all sides and that the Arab League (AL) should sponsor and favor such a dialogue between all sides in this Syrian conflict. Although, a dialogue with terrorists and armed religious fanatics is something, that is just hard to implement – for every country on the entire world.

Not to mention that the so-called “Syrian opposition”, mainly based in Istanbul, Turkey, rejects any dialogue with the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Even the two war-dominas and AIPAC-Ladies, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice, suggested to reject any dialogue, despite both should be in line with the dogmas of democracy and peace.

The president of the Syrian UN association, George Jabour, evaluates the position of the Russian Federation very highly and seems to agree to the Russian draft resolution.

The Russian government and the U.S: Administrations are trying to work out some resolution in the United Nations Security Council.

But also Jabour seems convinced that the Russian stance on Syria and the position, that dialogue should triumph, is not quite that high on the priorities of the United States. He also mentioned in this interview finally, that it seems to Syria that the United States is encouraging violence in a variety of ways.

You can read the full transcript of this interview between Press TV and the president of the Syrian UN association, George Jabour, here.


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