Syria: The West uses Qatar as tool

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Sideviews
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Only Qatar wants to intervene in Syria, but only Egypt is able to intervene in Syria – this is the opinion of the Beirut-based Middle East affairs expert, Ali Rizk. Mr. Rizk gave an interview to the Russian TV channel “RussiaToday” (RT) and talked about the UN sanctions on Syria, the probably military intervention and the Russian position.

The Middle East affairs expert Ali Rizk also mentioned the calls by Qatar to send in Arab League forces to Syria – a small war declaration, somehow.

Of course, Ali Rizk is convinced that the U.S. administration and its European allies want to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. While Russia wants to ensure that the UN doesn`t sanction any military intervention in Syria. The Kremlin also rejected these stupid calls from Qatar to send in Arab forces to Syria.

The Russian UN draft resolution condemns both sides for violence and also says clearly that the so-called Syrian “opposition” has to renounce on any violence and terror.

It is still a sign that the United States and their European (also Gulf States) allies are not happy about such a Russian draft resolution which condemns both sides and makes it clear that the Syrian “opposition” also uses violence and terror against the Syrian population and infrastructure.

In all, it`s still a very complex, interesting and also terrifying situation. It seems that the Arab League (AL) works as puppets for Western interests, too. At least, some Gulf States members of the Arab League (AL) seem to prefer the questionable Foreign Policy of the United States and its European allies.

Of course, they also miss the finally important fact, that the huge majority of the Syrian population not only supports the government or at least the President Bashar al-Assad, the huge majority also rejects any intervention in their country and any “solutions” by the dubious opposition members abroad – mainly based in Istanbul, London and Washington, but also in Germany.

That the United States and their European allies are still not happy with the Russian draft solution is strange. They should accept it, because the only democratic and peaceful decision is to condemn both sides for violence. But the United States and its allies around the world are not happy that this Russian draft solution says clearly that the so-called “opposition” has to renounce on any violence and terror finally.

This does not fit the image of the situation in Syria, which they want to deliver to their Western citizens at home. It is easier to start any “No-Fly Zone”, “humanitarian corridors” or “military intervention” (not a huge contrast between these things), when the people at home are convinced that you are just starting all this to help people abroad.

The Syrian government and the Syrians all over, reject the Qatari proposal to send Arab troops to the country to quell the partly faked unrest. They are correct when they said that sending Arab League troops to Syria would pave the way for a foreign intervention. The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued this statement in response to the strange proposal by the Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who wants an “intervention” of Arab troops in Syria.

The Syrian government said that they will oppose any attempt to violate its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Syrian Foreign Ministry also urged the Arab nations to end this media campaign against Syria, a media campaign which is only worsening the situation. A German archaeologist is also the same opinion and others agree to the media campaign against Syria and the bad days of “real” journalism. Some so-called correspondents already lost their credibility; some already lost their credibility months and years ago. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and so on..)

Meanwhile, the Syrian government also said that they will allow the observers of the Arab League (AL) to stay longer within Syria to continue their investigation of this “small” unrest. This “peaceful unrest” is already gone since months.

This U.S. supported “revolution” is not peaceful anymore. The Syrians, who went on the streets to protests for reforms and against their government, stay at home since months. They are also not happy with the Western-backed armed terrorists, criminals and religious fanatics. This “uprising” within Syria is partly faked, supported by abroad and misused also by religious extremists and criminals. They want to destabilize the country and terrorize the Syrian population – regime change 2.0.

While the Beirut-based Middle East affairs expert, Ali Rizk, talked with RussiaToday (RT) about the Russian draft resolution, the Qatari call for Arab troops in Syria and the position of the United States and its European allies, there is another interesting interview. Press TV has conducted an interview with Stephen Lendman.

Stephen Lendman is a writer and radio host which gives his opinion about this situation in this interview. Lendman is convinced that Qatar is “simply a mouthpiece for the Western imperial interest”.  The radio host also recalled it, that Qatar was also very much involved in the war within Libya.

Stephen Lendman also mentioned that it is very possible that Qatar already has Special Forces in Syria now. Qatari Special Forces which support the armed terrorists, criminals and religious fanatics in the fight against the Syrian security forces and government. They also could support them in the increasing acts of terrorism against the Syrian population and infrastructure.

Finally it would not surprise us if there are already some British, French, U.S. or even German Special Forces within Syria, too. Just recall the Libyan thugs – “rebels” – who are fighting in Syria and at its border to Turkey.

Stephen Lendman is convinced that Syria is already surrounded on its borders by US forces and that Qatar is just the tool for Western imperialism – questionable Western interests and plans.

Of course, Lendman calls the statement of the Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani an illegitimate statement and that Syria has every right to turn them down flat. Syria also should never allow foreign troops on its soil, because this is just an initiation to start a war.

Finally, the radio host Lendman also talked about the observers of the Arab League (AL) and the head of the observers in Syria, General al-Dabi. Lendman shares the opinion, considering the reports which al-Dabi made, that the situation in Syria is calming down and that al-Dabi seems more normal than one might think – considering his questionable actions / history with Sudan. Al-Dabi, as Lendman said, is saying exactly the opposite of what the U.S. administration, based in Washington, wants him to say.

That`s one of the reasons why Washington is trying to discredit the head of this Arab League (AL) mission in Syria. But Lendman also knows that the report on the situation in Syria by the observers of the Arab League (AL) could be completely different to the statements of some observers and their head, General al-Dabi. Maybe this Arab League report will be another tool for U.S. interests.

  1. Syria: “Qatar fosters anti-Syria terrorism”

    The call for deployment “falls within the framework of the negative role played by Qatar since the start of this crisis [in Syria]…through the financing of armed groups,” the Tishrin daily wrote on Wednesday.

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