Syria: Syrian government in a bind

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Sideviews
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There is no real peaceful uprising within Syria anymore. What is unfolding in this country of the Middle East is an armed insurrection by criminals, religious fanatics and other sorts of extremists.

In the beginning of this so-called “unrest”, peaceful protesters went on the streets. Not in a lot areas of Syria, but in known problematic zones of this country.

These peaceful demonstrators are gone since months. They also deny any violence of these armed criminals and religious fanatics.

In the beginning of this “Syrian revolution” it could not have been a religious extremist movement, but times have changed. These people, who are still sold to the West as “peaceful demonstrators”, are far away from democracy, peace and freedom.

They are supported by abroad with advice, funds and weapons. This armed insurrection is supported covertly by foreign countries, including the US, France, Britain, Turkey and maybe Israel, too.

Not to mention the strange behaviors of the German government and the false game of several so-called news channels. Finally it seems that every method is useful as long as it destabilizes Syria. This is far away from any democratic Foreign Policy and also against any international law.

Armed insurgents, mainly belonging to Islamist organizations, overtook the so-called “uprising” within Syria. These people are not always Syrians. Libyan thugs, ehm, fighters were send to Syria, too. Libyan fighters?

The world already should know that they could belong to al-Qaeda. We should also mention the part of the Muslim Brotherhood in this false play and the destabilization of Syria. This Brotherhood of non-Muslims is also behind acts of sabotage and terrorism, by the help of Salafis (Salafists), too.

A lot of those armed radicals and insurgents already crossed the border from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to force chaos and violence within Syria. Even the U.S. administration under Barack Obama already has confirmed that it supports the insurgency in Syria – again, it is against any international law.

Since the cables and leaks by WikiLeaks, it is no secrete anymore, that the United States already expanded its contacts with Syrians, who are counting on a so-called “regime change”, even before the beginning of this “revolution”. For example, the U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland confirmed the expansion of contacts with Syrians, who are against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Nuland also confirmed that this expand of contacts took place in and outside Syria.

Considering the cables of WikiLeaks, the support of the Syrian “opposition” started already in the U.S. administration under George W. Bush and is still continued.

It would not surprise a lot of people if the United States is also supporting these members of the so-called Syrian “opposition” with money and weapons. Even the known AIPAC-warmonger, Hillary Clinton, partly called for this support of the “rebels” in Syria. Not to mention the stupid false phrases of a war-domina, named Condoleezza Rice.

Not only experts in Middle East affairs should know that the plan to destabilize Syria and Lebanon as sovereign states has been on the table of the US, NATO, Israel-alliance since at least ten years.

We know that they want to pave the way to Iran. To destabilize Syria is a wonderful achievement to finally reach Iran and save Israel. The actions and propaganda against the Syrian government, even against the Syrian population, are a part of a so-called “military roadmap”.

This was even been confirmed by a former NATO Commander. NATO Commander General Wesley Clark said, that the Pentagon had clearly identified Libya, Syria, Lebanon and, of course, Iraq as target countries of a US-NATO military intervention. We know what happened and still happens within Libya. Not to mention Iraq..

The former NATO Commander, General Wesley Clark, said that there is a five-year campaign plan. Seven countries are included in this military campaign plan. Beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and finally Sudan. To be honest, the order of this five-year plan has changed a bit.

It is clearly on the table that there is a destabilization plan going on about Syria. Foreign powers want to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad through the covert support of an armed bunch of criminals, religious fanatics and terrorists.

Some would also call these groups an Islamist militia. These armed “terrorists” (they are no rebels or real insurgents) try to destabilize Syria by acts of sabotage and terrorism – not only against Syrian forces and army, but also against civilians and the infrastructure of Syria.

The acts of these armed groups of extremists within Syria are also used by abroad. The reports on civilian deaths, without any confirmation, objectivity and evidence, are used to provide a pretext and also a justification for “war” – but they call it a “humanitarian intervention” and “No-Fly Zone”.

Not to mention that the huge majority of the Syrian population does not need humanitarian corridors and is still in support with the Syrian government or at least, the Syrian President al-Assad. The amount of so-called “rebels” is a joke considering the amount of the Syrian population, which still supports their government and the already begun reform process.

Finally it seems that the Syrian government is caught in a predicament. If they protect the Syrian population and really care about the armed terrorists and religious fanatics, they just do for what they are blamed for since months – without evidence and confirmations.

If they do not act like a sovereign and secular state would act, considering armed terrorists and radical religious fanatics, they cannot really protect all civilians.

We already experienced that Syrian people of the city of Homs get angry about their government because they fell like left alone between extremists.

People of Homs mainly feel safer when the Syrian army is located there. Of course, the Western propaganda and this bunch of armed criminals are telling a different story. But that`s the way propaganda works.

It is even useful for these armed fanatics and radicals to misuse the way, Western people are educated and brought up. Just speak about peace, freedom, democracy and tell the world that your leader is bad to you… and the democratic civilians in the West listen, as long as the press wants them to care.

It seems that this predicament is a pain in the stomach of more and more Syrians, who are also angry about the huge level of false propaganda by international press and media.

Not only al Jazeera lost any credibility, but also ABC News, Sky News, CNN, BBC, ARD, ZDF, al Arabiya and so on lost this. If you do not care about the real dogmas of journalism, don`t be surprised if someone tells you, that you lost your credibility as journalist.

The situation and chaos within Syria is still not finished. The Arab League (AL) plays the role as puppets and Qatar calls for an intervention of Arab troops in Syria – in public. The false image about the situation in the heart of the Middle East is still sold to the Western population.


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