Syria: Russia still rejects any military intervention

Posted: January 19, 2012 in International
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Russia rejects sanctions against Syria and also rejects the deployment of foreign troops in that country. On Wednesday, Sergei Lavrov announced, that his country Russia was and is against sanctions on Syria and will never support them.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov further said that Moscow also rejects any foreign military intervention within Syria. The meeting of the UN Security Council on last Tuesday ended without any results on the subject Syria, too.

The protest demonstrations in Syria began in mid-March last year and despite the promises and the beginning of a reform process by Syrian politicians and President Bashar al-Assad, armed terrorists and religious fanatics continued, by the help of foreign assistance, to destabilize the country.

With the killing of civilians and security forces, the acts of sabotage against the Syrian infrastructure and the acts of terror, these bunches of criminals and armed radicals try to destabilize the Syrian government and deliver a wrong image about the real situation (in Syria) to abroad.

These armed terrorists, with have the foreign assistance in the form of funds, weapons and advice, are mainly behind the murder of Syrian civilians and the acts of sabotage and terror in Syria. The image of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is completely in contrast to the way it is sold to the Western population.

Of course, as the questionable one-man show, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is a useful tool for Western propaganda against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Not to mention the “nice” strategy of so-called “False Flag” acts and the lack of confirmation and evidence within the dubious reports of this office of the Muslim Brotherhood – the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in Syria. What a farce!

The Russian UN draft resolution condemns both sides for the violence within Syria. But in contrast to the propaganda of the United States and their European and Gulf States allies, the Russian draft resolution makes it clear that the so-called Syrian “opposition groups” have to renounce on violence and terror immediately.

So the Russian draft resolution sells an image about the situation in Syria with is in line with the true events in this country of the Middle East. Of course, this image about the situation within Syria is not the image the U.S. and others want to sell to their citizens. There is a lack of truth behind the Foreign Policies of some Western countries.

Further, there have been Russian delegations to Syria and there are Russian delegations to Syria. So maybe they really know what is really going on in the heart of the Middle East – Syria. Not to mention the lack of real journalism, considering the questionable and partly strange and false reports of some Western correspondents. The same already happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, of course.

The question remains: why are U.S. and European governments against the primarily democratic and peaceful Russian draft resolution? They should favor a resolution which condemns the violence by all sides, shouldn`t they? Although, these countries are mainly known as democratic states, it seems that there is a lack of real democracy there, too.

The Western game of Foreign Policies, mainly because of economic, imperialistic and questionable reasons, is known since years. The destabilization of Syria belongs to this game and the so-called “regime change” strategy of the U.S. administration – it does not matter if the administration is led by Barack Obama or George W. Bush. At least, it does not seem to make differences in the end. Maybe only, that Barack Obama plays these games smarter than George W. Bush ever was able to.

We should also mention that the stance of Russia on the topic Syria has some more reasons than just the true situation within this country. Russia has its port in the Syrian city of Tartous (Tartus), economic and infrastructure-interests. Russia also shares some other reasons why the Russian government rejects any military intervention in Syria and is also against the sanctions on Syria.

As China, there is much more behind these positions as just the truth. For example, Russia is still pissed about what happened with the decisions on Libya and how NATO, UN and U.S. have acted and still act. Russia surely knows about the true intentions of these Western governments and organizations.


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