Syria and Libya: Grimy Propaganda of State Television

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Sideviews
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The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” often publishes articles about the false propaganda, fakes and dubious reports of German media. This time, the author behind this German blog wrote about the common propaganda by the German TV channels NDR and SWR.

It seems that this German blogger is almost convinced that a war against Syria is imminent and that this war is prepared militarily and by the use of typical propaganda. This is also the usual topic on this German blog about media propaganda and fakes – mainly in Germany.

But finally, the guy behind “Hinter der Fichte” thought, that the repeated employment with the propaganda of ARD, one of the German state TV channels, seems ultimately unnecessary when it`s about the reports and real situation on and in Syria. He already published a lot of interesting articles on their way of propaganda with the events and situation in Libya.

Clearly enough, everybody was able to follow, as already in the war against Libya and the psychological preparation of journalists, how large parts of so-called journalists (working for the state TV channels) changed the sides in front of our eyes – without any shame or conscience.

From the dogmas of journalism, an objective reporting, to pure “psychological warfare” for NATO. So the situation with so-called journalists and the events within Syria is truly nothing new.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely worth considering how these journalists use the same “Libyan model” again when it comes to Syria. They are using the same “Libyan model” for Syria – in detail, absolutely shameless and hackneyed. It is truly worth considering and finally to condemn. These journalists are a pain in the ass for real journalists.

It`s worth considering, because it makes clear what the local state media think about the entitlement, memory and intellect of their viewers – nothing. (Apparently, the 7 million TV viewers of the “Jungle Camp”-waste are their image of German viewers…)

It is also worth considering, because even the few independent German editorials (e.g. ZAPP / NDR) overturned and started to advocate for the war propaganda.

It`s hair raising, as the Germans are aligned on the war against Syria by their media – with the same people (“journalists”) and the same phrases they already used against Libya and the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi); finally murdered by NATO thugs, ehm, rebels.

Strange things out of the Syrian city of Homs

The German blogger and its team suggest a report about the Syrian city of Homs to the hearts of its readers, although this German report on Homs is a clearly insults the intellect of its viewers.

On 28 12th 2011, the German state TV, ARD, broadcasted a report about the Syrian city Homs, obviously produced by their propaganda base in the Egyptian capital Cairo. The title of this questionable report: “Secretly in Homs”.

Of course, they made an attention-seeking story around it and claimed that this report has been filmed by the big bold anonymous strangers – secretly in Homs. Huge respect (irony), but why did they called it “secretly”? It is false. The film “Secretly in Homs” is still visible in the video library of this German state TV channel. (Of course)

The responsible people behind this “report” sell the image that the film was secretly made in the Syrian city of Homs, the so-called “heart of the uprising”. But they missed a lot of important facts, of course. Two districts of Homs are the heart of an uprising? Nothing about the Salafists- and Muslim Brotherhood-background of their “shown rebels”? No objectivity and a clear taking of a position. The position of Western propaganda. Also, using lies within a so-called report does not provide a lot of credibility.

This report is just advertising on a primitive style for the war against Syria. Journalist colleagues will shake (not in public) their heads, given the low level of journalism and the clear position-taking for a side. Eh, we speak about “real journalist” colleagues.

Agitation with a wooden mallet

First, back to the content of this dubious report about the situation within the Syrian city of Homs. This strange report could not have been made more one-dimensional and biased.

This questionable German report says:

“Just as in Libya, an oppressed population searches for freedom and wants to get rid of a dictator (attention, we already know the standard phrases here), who attacks his own people. There are no weapons, no money from the West or any other influence on the poor oppressed insurgents. But the Syrian people want military help from abroad.”(Not to mention, they missed the fact, that the huge majority of the Syrian population still supports the Syrian government or at least the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the already begun reform process)

You still don`t believe in such simple (false) propaganda in German television? Well, let`s look at the original sound:

Note the word choice in the film for the insurgents (the good) and the regime (of course, the bad):

“Government tanks are forcing the insurgency to its knees.”

“The Syrian regime has locked out foreign journalists.”

That’s a lie.

International journalists, such as Ossenberg  (German state TV –ZDF), were already in Homs in last December. The report of Mr. Ossenberg is missing. Unfortunately it seems that this report (and there should be a report of Ossenberg) is nowhere to find and never was broadcasted by ZDF.

The former Libyan leader Gaddafi made the mistake a year ago. He agreed that “journalists” are allowed to enter the country unchecked. He has paid a high price. Some of these “journalists” trained al-Qaeda people – sorry, rebels – later in Misrata and Benghazi. Armed rebels, Western-backed, which have killed thousands of Libyan people later.

The allegedly illegal journalist travels through the Syrian city of Homs. While shooting, he however said, that he is able to drive “unmolested through several roadblocks” within Homs. Very illegal (Irony).

In the end, we would not be surprised if this German guy was officially in Syria and this legend about the illegal journalist “secretly in Homs” was just created to have further propaganda material for the “psychological warfare” (psyops) script of the NATO office.

Because it all fits:

The armed gangs, supported by abroad, are called in this report only “insurgents and rebels” – just as it happened in Libya. ARD stays at its propaganda roots.

The occupied district of the Syrian city Homs is called a “Liberated Zone”, just as the Armbruster-model in Tripoli, Libya (pacified zones). (Armbruster – questionable German correspondent)

Also, it is not really the truth. The German TV channels SWR & ARD belittles armed extremists, criminals and religious fanatics – for propaganda purpose. Just like they did with their coverage about Libya.

The German state TV ARD shows two dead in their Homs-report and claimed that these corpses were “insurgents” and that the Syrian regime has “thrown” their corpses on the streets as deterrent. This was reported by… “insurgents/rebels”. This scene looked exactly like those scenes out of Tripoli with the “murdered by Gaddafi”-corpses, which later were confirmed as Libyan soldiers, who were murdered by al-Qaeda and NTC thugs.

The questionable correspondent Armbruster concealed himself an NTC massacre in the hospital of Tripoli, against his own better knowledge.

But this is not the end of this strange story about this dubious report on the situation within the Syrian city Homs:

Although the world knows for months, that the NATO delivers weapons and equipment over the Turkish and Lebanese borders to the criminals, extremists and religious fanatics, and that there even real training camps under U.S. (and maybe French) leadership in the neighboring country of Syria, the German state TV (ARD) still hides the truth.

ARD still reports that the so-called insurgents fight with weapons that they have captured out of the stocks of the Syrian armed forces.

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda just declared in Libya, that they sent their “fighters” to Syria. This doesn`t keep ARD away from reporting, that the “uprising lives through the support of the defecting Syrian soldiers”.

Of course, ARD shows a defected “officer” afterwards, who teaches the “insurgents” to use the so-called “captured weapons”. The intention behind this is damn clear. As the war in Libya, this should be presented as a national “insurgency” without the help of foreign governments and organizations as NATO. Another propaganda lie.

That even the last one shares this opinion, they use another blatant lie:

“The insurgents get no help from outside.”

Since the U.S. leadership has issued orders that every group of “insurgents” (bunches of criminals, religious fanatics and so on..) have to call themselves the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), also ARD meets these orders.

“They call themselves the ‘Free Syrian Army’.”

The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” published more evidence about the propaganda lies and psychological methods of these German state television channels. We are unable to translate everything correctly, sorry.

You can read the full German article about this false propaganda against Syria and the lies about the situation in Syria at the Source of this article / translation:

Libyen/Syrien: ZAPPendustere 08/15-Propaganda

  1. Hello Syria News Editing Team.

    Please notice the article ” US-Military Logic behind Syrian Insurgency. The “Special Forces Unconventional Warfare” manual TC 18 01 ” which includes the full, downloadable PDF Version of the US Special Forces Training Circular, that explicitly explains and documents the military strategem and logic behind the ongoing aggression on Syria.

    Please feel welcome to republish this article, or any other of my own articles, signed Dr. Christof Lehmann, from nsnbc no spin news, as long as you quote the source and provide a link back.

    In Solidarity, and with warm regards.

    Dr. Christof Lehmann
    Editor – nsnbc – no spin news.

    LINKS: nsnbc

    ARTICLE: US-Military Logic behind Syrian Insurgency. The “Special Forces Unconventional Warfare” manual TC 18 01

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