Syria: UN Human Rights Commissioners will train next observers

Posted: January 18, 2012 in International
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Tomorrow (Thursday, 01/19/2012) ends the Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria, at least the first observer mission, the disappointing one. Especially the Arab League (AL) had probably hoped for more by this delegation to Syria. Also the West had probably hoped for more useful statements to continue the propaganda against the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad.

But considering these hopes, this “first” observer mission in Syria should be a disappointment for them. Not only the Arab League (AL) and international press are disappointed, but also the Syrian population and even the government and President Bashar al-Assad could be disappointed by these observers of the Arab League.

Hopefully a lot of people remember the first statements at the beginning of this observer mission in Syria. Statements by observers were circulating, that the situation within the Syrian city of Homs is not so alarming as they thought and the media have reported. But these statements had to be withdrawn later.

Why? Too much truth about the situation and not useful for the propaganda against the Syrian authorities and President al-Assad?

Afterwards they wanted to abort this Arab League observer mission to Syria, but finally have decided to continue the mission and to highlight two members of them. These two members decided to stop their participation at this observer mission in Syria. So the international press had an easy draw to use the statements about the experiences in Syria as source for questionable reports.

At least, they used the statements and dubious reports of one of the two previous members of this Arab League (AL) mission to Syria.

Of course, these statements of this previous member of this Arab League (AL) delegation were anti-government and thus apt for the current policy against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. In these bad days of journalism, there is no need for confirmations, facts and objectivity.

That there is a rift within the Arab League (AL) observer themselves and that there are different views and statements was not really mentioned by the international press – or just mentioned only in passing. These so-called journalists did not really cared about the statements which were in contrast to the anti-government statements of this questionable previous member of this observer mission in Syria. Objectivity, where are you?

While the Arab League (AL) and observers decided (in the Egyptian capital Cairo) to go on with their mission in Syria, Qatar suddenly (not really surprisingly) made the proposal to send Arab troops to Syria to help the opposition to overthrow the Syrian government and President al-Assad.

Furthermore, they also decided at this meeting in Cairo, also after heavy urging by the West, to ask for the help of the UN and to accept such help finally.

In the next week in Egypt, so-called UN Human Rights Commissioners will teach Arab League (AL) observers so that these observers are able to do a better job in future. A much better job than the participating observers of the first mission which is classified as totally failed now. Some would say that these UN Human Rights Commissioners should teach the observers how to make statements, which are useful for the policy against Syria.

As more and more poison is sprayed against the government, the deserters and fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are almost celebrated as heroes. What a farce. Since when do we celebrate armed extremists, radicals, criminals and religious fanatics as heroes? Only when the United States sees benefits in this sold image?

The support, which they receive by so-called armed rebels from Libya, is not called into question, but welcomed by the West. Interesting democracy, isn`t it?

Despite the huge propaganda against Syria you are able to still find more and more evidence in some media that the situation in Syria is in contrast to the overwhelming media reports in mass media. The situation in Syria cannot be represented as simple. There is much more going on than this black and white coverage of events.

At least, some raise the questions now, that these questionable fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are too well equipped. Too good equipped for deserters and freelance fighters. These fighters get their weapons from abroad. You are able to also read some articles about the level of danger of this bunch of armed criminals, religious fanatics and extremists. Even in the West there are some articles about these facts now.

The members of this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) not only abduct and murder soldiers; they also kidnap and murder Syrian civilians. Mainly out of ambush. They plan and conduct acts of sabotage and terrorism, also against the infrastructure.

There is a new video by these questionable activists, as they are called by Western press and governments. These strangers released a video in which you can supposedly see four members of the Syrian security forces. One of these allegedly members of the Syrian security forces admits that he has been sent to Zabadani (a border town with Lebanon in the vicinity of the Syrian capital Damascus) to shoot (fire) at peaceful demonstrators there. This video is another fake.

These allegedly four members of the Syrian security forces look very abused and intimidated. Is this the freedom, peace and democracy of the “Free Syrian Army” and of the questionable Syrian “opposition” abroad? Is this the “better Syria”, they are fighting for? The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) invaded in the Syrian city of Zabadani, but it is still questionable whether they occupied Zabadani completely; at least, it is still unclear.

You have two sides of the coin – two statements about this:

The Syrian side reports that the Syrian army has the place (Zabadani) under control, the so-called “peace-bringers” (Free Syrian Army, rebels, “activists”) continue to provide the information that they have occupied the city of Zabadani and are going to pave their way to the Syrian capital Damascus now.

No matter which statement could be correct, this shows another evidence that the Syrian army have to act against gunmen and armed criminals who also shoot at innocent people – to blame the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad for these deaths of innocents.

The peaceful protesters in Syria, which are still the topics of reports, are almost gone. These peaceful people are not in line with the violent armed bunch of criminals and religious fanatics. This so-called uprising is partly faked and misused. The revolution is another imperialistic method of a so-called “regime change”. Many of the peaceful protesters have distanced themselves from the violence.

The new Russian draft resolution uses this fact now, too. Unlike the West, which blames the Syrian government and President al-Assad for everything, the Russian draft resolution blames the responsibility for violence and murder on both sides. This Russian draft resolution especially calls the Syrian “opposition” to finally renounce from violence and terror.

Of course, this Russian view on the events within Syria leads again to clashes between the members of the UN Security Council. But ask yourself – Russia should know what´s really going on, shouldn`t they?

While the West wants to finally obtain a resolution against the Syrian government, Russia is not willing to be fooled again – like it happened in the decisions about Libya. Not to mention the important Russian port at the Syrian city of Tartus (Tartous) and the economic interests of Russia.

A religious struggle increases within Syria. A religious struggle, which was prevented by the government, before the beginning of this partly faked and misused “uprising”. Large parts of the so-called Syrian opposition are not only Sunni, but are also attached to the radical interpretations of Islam, just as the Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafists (Salafis / Salafiyah).

If the Syrian government will be overthrown and if these Islamistic radicals (we should mention that a Syrian city as Aleppo (a lot of Sunnis) is still behind the government and President al-Assad) will take power (for example the dubious Ghalioun), Syria is likely to slide into dark times.

Some also would call it a slide into the middle ages of persecution of religious minorities. A difference to the current situation in Syria. Syria, a secular state and the heart of the Middle East.

The West, some Gulf States and Turkey, want to hide the foreseeable events. Just as it happened and still happens with Libya and even Egypt.

These foreseeable violence and religious struggles and also the persecution of religious minorities is not useful for propaganda and to influence the opinions of Western people to get them on “their” side of imperialism.

You get a meager foretaste of what awaits Syria, when you take a look at Iraq.

  1. Russia to prevent UNSC resolution on foreign invasion of Syria

    Russia will prevent the UN Security Council from adopting a resolution on foreign military intervention in Syria.

  2. A German magazine has printed a picture of five Iranian nationals kidnapped in Syria, featuring them held by the anti-government forces of the terrorist “Free Syrian Army.”

    The publication of the rare photo by Stern has also raised doubts about a like affiliation between the German magazine and the terrorist forces.

  3. Syria’s deputy foreign minister says the country will spare no effort to find and save the Iranian engineers who were abducted by gunmen in the city of Homs last month.

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