Syria: This is the way back to the middle Ages

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Sideviews
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A German newspaper published a new interview with a German archaeologist who experienced the growing aggressiveness of some Sunnis against dissenters in some regions of Syria. The German woman is outraged about the events in Syria and the way this situation is sold to the Western population by mass media. The woman lived and worked in Syria for seven years as an archaeological documentalist.

She witnessed first-hand how “her” country changes since the events in the Egyptian capital Cairo and the revolt of some segments of the Syrian population. We have to mention that the German magazine, which published this interview with the German woman, stated that a large segment of the Syrian population protests, but this is not true. Maybe they tried this way to be, despite the content of this interview, in line with the usually propaganda of Western papers.

The female archaeologist said in this interview, that she is angered when she reads, what the media published about the situation within Syria. She said, considering the truly partly false reports that these pages are all on the side of the insurgents, who are standing in front briefly, in her view, to push back Syria into the middle Ages.

The German woman also stated that she experiences much hostility, as they were previously unthinkable. Just because, as she explained, she looks European – despite she is also Muslim by faith now. The 62-year-old German woman further stated that she is not Sunni, as about 75 of the Syrian population, but Alawites, a sense of Islam. Of course, also the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad belongs to the Alawites. Alawites, in common, live more generous than e.g. Sunnis.

As a consultant, the German woman is fully integrated into the Syrian team and has already documented over 800 ruins within Syria. She is also allowed to move freely in Syria, without any restrictions, and lived in a house of a Christian family within the district of the Syrian city of Tartus (Tartous).

She never had any real problems living in Syria. But these days are gone. The situation in Syria changed for her and a lot of other people, too.

She also stated that when she is jogging or riding a bicycle nowadays, she is pelted with stones. She even was attacked by a group of children as she went through a traditional neighborhood of Sunnis in the region of Mared el Homan. The children even attacked her with slingshots. She mentioned the aggression against foreigners and other faiths in some few parts of Syria.

Already two or three years ago, she has heard how “hate speeches” sounded from the mosques and felt the effects of this false and pure radical Islam immediately. “When I ask kids why they attack me, they say, because I do not wear a veil and because I am not a Muslim,” says the German woman.

The fear was already there in spring. She also said, that the Christian territories were occupied, every moment there was fear that the churches went up in flames. The Syrian government troops have intervened and defended the Christians against the radical Sunnis. But in German media, these radical Sunnis are designated as peaceful protesters who were attacked by Syrian security forces. This is, so the woman, just wrong.

Almost no one dared even to go on the streets, because everywhere were expected to be snipers and it seems that this German woman does not speak about snipers of the Syrian army or security forces. She seems to speak about the snipers of the radical movement within Syria.

At these days she heard through internal channels, that some also wanted to get her or to harm her. So she followed the urgent advice of her landlord and fled helter-skelter across the Syrian border into Turkey.

She returned to Syria in August last year. And again, she found further changes there. As she stated, the whole coast is gradually bought up with Saudi Arabian money. All that, was allowed at these areas of the Syrian coast, was afterwards suddenly banned. No huge surprise if you ask us.

From one day to the other, there was no beer at the pizza restaurant anymore and drinking of alcohol was somehow banned there, because the owners have changed suddenly.

This German woman also explained that they should be pushed back into the middle Ages and that all women should wear veils. She criticizes that and does not understand the world, which favors this. At this point it seems that it is hidden criticism of Western media and governments.

She also said, that she is the opinion that everyone should be doing and what he wants, as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others and we just can agree her immediately.

She has learned the Arabic language at a mosque in the Rhine-Main area of Germany for seven years. But as the pressure to “wear a headscarf” got stronger there, in the middle of Germany, she decided to go and not to bow this strange call for women to wear a headscarf. So she went to Syria – a secular state.

Currently, she is experiencing in Syria, as children of Sunnis are not reported in order to escape the compulsory education. Instead of sending them to school, the children are sent to the mosques. She finally said in this interview with the German newspaper, that Syria experiences a bitter war of religion and if Syria will lose, Europe can say hello to this religion struggle soon, too.

She also blamed the inflammatory articles of the foreign media which encourage the demonstrators and radicals in Syria. She finally also stated that the current Syrian government was not elected democratically, but they had guaranteed freedom of religion, women rights, and any free treatment in hospitals, food and heating oil for the poor and to the beginning of the unrest, the freedom to travel.

At the end, she made the sentence in this interview, that what is happening currently is no Arab spring, but the way back to the middle Ages.



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