Syria: Gilles Jacquier – A dead "journalist"?

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Sideviews
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It’s a real spy thriller. Journalists can apparently move freely in Syria. But it can cost you your life. The German blog “Hinter der Fichte” reported already yesterday about the propaganda lie of the German state television ARD, that Syria does not allow journalists to enter the country.

Of course, this is complete nonsense and we will publish the English version of the last article by “Hinter der Fichte” also within this week – but the new article is a bit more important.  It is nonsense, which is already known, that Syria forbids journalists to enter the country. But these statements are repeated daily in the corporate and state media.

To be honest, some journalists are really not allowed to enter Syria, but it is, considering they published a lot articles based on lies and fakes, since months, understandable finally. Why should Syria allow journalists to enter the country if they already proved that they aren`t objective and not in line with the dogmas of journalism? Not to mention that also the ZDF (German state television) journalist Ossenberg was part of a press delegation through Syria in last December.

One of the so-called real official journalists was Gilles Jacquier in Syria. He has been tragically killed on 11th January in the Syrian city of Homs. Indisputable, he and some others were killed or injured by mortar fire in Homs.

It was also interesting afterwards, that the feature pages (!) of the German newspaper “FAZ” tried, in step with the German pulpy magazine “BILD”, and other private or governmental media, to deliver the impression, that this attack was an ambush of the Syrian side. Not to say that this way of “journalism” by these newspapers was to expect.

Just in line with the “journalism” of Sky News, ABC News, BBC, CNN, al-Jazeera, al Arabiyya and much more…  Bad days of real journalism. About seven hundred articles online deliver this tale to their readers. Copy & Paste – hello again.

Voltaire Network ( and some others published the more credible version of the circumstances about the death of the French “journalist” in the Syrian city of Homs today.

Syria: On your own

“On the eve, the reporter left the organized press trip by his own request by assuring, that he was not interested in the (for him) organized meetings with political and religious leaders. The French journalist had hired a private vehicle to move completely freely in Syria and exempted the people, who had helped him, to obtain a visa for Syria, from any responsibility. At the time of events, the later murdered French journalist was in the vicinity of a pro-government demonstration with some French and Belgian colleagues. A first rocket, launched from a portable missile base, has harmed pro-government demonstrators and killed eight people finally. After the French journalists has climbed to a terrace, to study the situation, Mr. Jacquier and his cameraman went closer to the dead bodies to film them. At this moment, another rocket struck near their position and killed the French journalist Mr. Jacquier. This second rocket also injured his colleagues greatly.”

Today, Thierry Meyssan (Voltaire Network) finally reported at PsyOps about the backgrounds of this sad event (English).

Gilles Jacquier – A victim of terrorism and propaganda

Gilles Jacquier rejected the guidance by the Syrian security forces in the Syrian city of Homs. He wanted to go without the escort of the Syrian security force. He reasoned that they are only there for the pressure on journalists. Gilles Jacquier did not believe that there are terrorists within Homs.

He might only has believed the stories of their own propaganda apparatus, that danger threatens only by “Assad`s snipers during an anti-Assad demo, who shoot only at peaceful demonstrators.” The Syrians told him every day, for months, that there are rocket attacks from the areas of the so-called “rebels” against the Alawi districts (Alawites) of the Syrian city Homs.

He and others did not believe in this and were finally hit by an RPG missile. It is exciting, what happened next.

Spies / Agents are evacuated

The body of the dead French journalist was brought to the hospital in the Syrian city of Homs. Therefore, to investigate the cause of his death and to document it. An autopsy as it is known. A standard procedure throughout the world. But now here comes the French ambassador from the embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus to the Syrian city of Homs. With a special machine, flown by the French government. As caring, one might think.

But he came to collect the dead body even before the autopsy! Extremely unusual. It would be usual, to wait for the autopsy by the competent court of medicine in Homs, as it is performed all over the world. Of course, after a request by the French embassy or government, it would have been no problem to call in some French experts and wait with the autopsy till they arrive.

Quite the opposite in this case. The French ambassador denied the autopsy and took the corpse of the French journalist. An unprecedented process.

The French ambassador also demanded from the companion of the dead French journalist Jacquier and some other “journalists” of the group, to come with him immediately. The “journalist” companion had just sought to renew his visa for Syria.

Without any hesitation, they used an armored convoy to get to the airport. A special machine was already waiting. This special machine flew directly to the French capital Paris. After the arrival, also at high speed, the autopsy took place. Without any Syrian coroner as it might be normal, at least.

Not even after the crash of Kaczynski at Smolensk, you saw Polish experts flying to Russia to collect his remains hectically to investigate them in Warsaw.

What is so extraordinary about this murder of Gilles Jacquier, that most government agencies get active and even get active in such a surprising hurry? Not even the death of a president leads to such a hurry. That looks more like a commando action?!

And indeed there are many indications, at least more than for the sold story of the brave “war correspondent”. Let’s say, the dead journalist Gilles Jacquier was an employee of the French intelligence under the guise of a “war correspondent” as we know this from the war in Libya.

The following events fit better to..?

When he first came to Syria, he informed the Syrian Ministry of Information, that he wanted to report about the Syrian army and asked them to get “embedded” within the army. (Embedded Journalist)

In technical jargon, this means, that accredited journalists are allowed to accompany the troops fighting there, and to be allowed to move freely between them. A bit cheeky for this reporter of an undoubtedly hostile power.

Especially since Western reporters generally do not report about the positions of the opposing side. Or have you ever seen a report from the Libyan army in the times of the Libyan campaign?

Finally, the French “journalist” wanted even more. He also wanted to determine which Syrian unit he and his group can “accompany”. He wanted to “accompany” the Syrian brigade under the command of the brother of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What a surprise, what a claim.

Easy to see through. It looked as a act of questionable espionage and was a very “transparent” intent of the French “journalist”. Of course, you can try it even once. Finally, the Syrian side rejected this suggestion of the French “journalist”.

Then there is also a parallel story. In December, Iranian engineers were abducted by the “insurgents” in the Syrian city of Homs. Pictures were taken from the hostages.

However, the kidnappers (the kidnapping of civilians is criminal, or not?) did not send these pictures, together with a blackmail letter, to the Iranian government to justify any claims.

The photos appeared non-pixelated in …Paris, the capital of France! The pictures of the kidnapped Iranians in Homs were published by the French magazine “Paris Match”. The political intention and message to Tehran is obvious.

The photos were taken by (what a coincidence) the “girlfriend” of Gilles Jacquier, who arrived with him to Syria.

There is no dispute about the secrete compound between the group of journalists by Gilles Jacquier and the so-called “insurgents” (terrorists and religious fanatics) in the Syrian city of Homs. Surprise, surprise! These pictures and the subsequent publication is evidence. This could also explain the hectic of France at the evacuation of these “journalists”.

At the time of the assassination on Gilles Jacquier, France did not knew, that this was a rather random and untargeted attack, of course. The French intelligence and government had to assume that this group had been leaked out / had been compromised.

Therefore, France demanded all the camouflaged people of their group within the Syrian city of Homs, to leave Syria as soon as possible. An armored convoy, a special machine… and so on.

The irony of the whole story is that the evacuation of one journalist was denied, as the ambassador and the team climbed into the armored vehicles within Homs:

The representative of the French news agency AFP was not allowed to get evacuated. Thierry Meysson, the founder of Voltaire Network and a known political activist and journalist, said, that they left him “on the battlefield”. He was obviously the only real journalist..

In the end it is amazing how such a report can be considered if you know the information which is hidden in the reports of the mainstream and hidden in the propaganda of FAZ, BILD, CNN and all other similar media. This sad event truly appears in a completely different light.


  • The strange documentation “Secretly in Homs” (Heimlich in Homs), where they missed to use correct words as Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, had not to be filmed secretly in Homs. The German state TV ARD probably tinkered a dark story about the situation within Homs, to use this for propaganda and promotional purposes. A gangster piece – but by ARD. That Syria does not allow journalists to enter the country is still a lie.
  • Even NATO sources confirm that many Western journalists are in Syria. As the action of Gilles Jacquier shows, they are able to move freely if they want to. They are not even forced to participate in the prepared events of the Syrian side.
  • The French “journalist” Gilles Jacquier died in a terrorist attack of the Western-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) at a peaceful pro-Assad demonstration in Homs. (The killed Syrians, who were murdered by real terrorists, are not worth any headline in German and international media – unlike the fictional victims of the faked “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, an “office of the Muslim Brotherhood” (Voltaire Network).
  • This story shows: The NATO uses, as it also happened in the war of Libya, “journalistic activities” as a cover for acts of terrorism, espionage, sabotage and the organization of an armed underground army. A bunch of armed criminals, religious fanatics, extremists and paid “freelancers”. It is understandable that a state wants to know about what these “journalists” are doing.
  • The unprecedented “welfare” by the ambassador of France shows how the cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and French intelligence works, when it is about to secure own spies and agents and to blur the traces of the NATO war preparations in this country – Syria. It already happened the same way within Libya.

Source: Hinter der Fichte

  1. Syria – Gilles Jacquier: The follow up (Sister Agnes-Mariam’s full interview)

    Following the attack on Homs that killed eight Syrian civilians and France 2 journalist Gilles Jacquier, the west’s mainstream media for the most part parroted the accusations of the Syrian opposition that the attack was perpetrated by the Syrian Army.

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