Libya: Battles between militias to strengthen positions of power

Posted: January 17, 2012 in International
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It became very silent around Libya after the fall of the former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi and his assassination. The world press and others remembered Libya again, as the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle moved off to provide German assistance for Libya.

The reality, which currently really exists in Libya, is still kept behind the doors as much as possible. At least for the Western population.

It wouldn`t look very well if they have to admit that this so-called “liberation” of Libya was no success in the end and that the land could slip into an ongoing civil war – accordingly to the “liberation” of Libya. What a farce.

Again and again, there are armed clashes between various groups of the militants within Libya – mainly northern Libya. When it came to overthrow the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi), the various armed rebel groups were united in this one goal.

But after the murder of the former Libyan leader Gaddafi, each of these armed groups wants to have a bit of this “success”, and above all, they want more and more power within Libya. Of course, no militia will give up their weapons, while the others still have their weapons.

Whoever makes the first step is threatened to be overrun by the other armed militias. This is finally a situation, which no one of these armed militias wants to risk. And if you already fought at the forefront for the new “freedom”, you will now fight for their rights and more power.

The fighting between the armed militias, which had risen again over the weekend and gained in intensity, cannot be stopped easily within Libya.

The questionable local representatives in Libya feel unable to do so. The armed rebel groups of this partly faked “revolution” in Libya are still trying to disarm the Gaddafi-supports.

The UN mission in Libya and the dubious National Transitional Council, government, have proposed a so-called “reconciliation process”. But all sides have preferred to reject such a proposal. No group is willing to give up their weapons.

The questionable Libyan Transitional Council (government) has tried repeatedly to convince the armed militias to surrender their weapons, but so far the council has failed miserably in this plan.

The Libyan city of Tripoli is divided among various militias. They demonstrate their claim to power, not only because they see themselves as champions of the so-called Libyan “revolution”, but also as their guards. Not to mention that they all want to strengthen their power after the murder of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). (And a bit of money as an Add-On)

Maybe they are ready to give back their weapons when men out of their ranks would get a bit of political power. The so-called Libyan rebels are far from united, and so each armed group is now trying to receive the greatest profit after this partly faked revolution within Libya.

The Libyan Transitional Council (government) is powerless and even looks almost helplessly as the country drifts into a civil war. Where are the foreign backers / supporters now?

The questionable UN / NATO mission is still in Libya, but after the so-called “liberation” of Libya and the positioning of puppets within the Libyan government, no one seems to really care about the Libyan people and the good of the country.

Access to the raw materials and resources is secured in Libya. The water project of Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) has been brought to fail and the former strong country Libya seems destroyed now; also shattered internally for a lot of years.

So why should they worry about the future of Libya or just about how it goes on now. They have their raw material and resources and also succeeded in weakening Libya. The appointment of the new Libyan army chief in early January also received a lot of criticism by the so-called armed revolutionaries.

Mangush was no candidate by the armed rebels, so they rejected this step of the Libyan Transitional Council – government. The so-called “rebels” are a huge threat to the security of Libya; because they are up armed to the teeth and do not even agree among themselves. Some are also religious fanatics, extremists or just criminals. Not to mention the huge amount of al-Qaeda thugs within Libya.

While the West has equipped the so-called revolutionaries with the latest weapons within Libya, it seems that the West is holding back now and lets the subtle Transitional Council (government) more or less alone with their “problems” and the militant armed rebels.

The visit of the Egyptian Commander in Chief, Tantawi, was the first time that the Egyptian leadership traveled to Libya since the outbreak of both partly faked “revolutions” in both countries – Libya and Egypt.

Tantawi was asked by the Libyan Prime Minister to deliver all the Gaddafi-supporters, who fled to Egypt, because they are a threat for the security of the country. Whether these Gaddafi-supporters are only a danger to the security is more than questionable. It is also questionable if the Libyan Prime Minister really spoke about Gaddafi-supporters.

All armed militias, which want their piece of cake by using their weapons and power, are potential threats to Libya. But this situation has long been predicted.

The main thing for UN, NATO, U.S. and so on was, to get back the important access to Libyan raw materials and resources. They also prevented the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) from the uniting the African countries and to decouple them from the Dollar system.

Libyan Mission accomplished. Why should they still be interested in the local situation in Libya? The access to Libyan resources and raw materials is guaranteed for the West.

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