Syria: Qatar calls for military intervention in Syria

Posted: January 16, 2012 in International
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It is no surprise anymore that Qatar is aligned with the US administration in destabilizing Syria by supporting armed criminals and religious fanatics to raise the level of chaos and bloodshed in this Arab country within the Middle East – Syria, a country which is also called the heart of the Middle East and Arab world.

It sounds strange but considering the interests and relationships of Qatar and even Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is finally clear, why they support all this and are in line with questionable US Foreign Policy.

The emir of Qatar has become the first Arab leader who calls for a military intervention in Syria – but to be clear, he is just the emir of Qatar is just the first Arab leader of the rat pack who speaks about his selfish wishes in public.

Of course, the emir of Qatar, who is sure one of the leaders, who are also to question and to criticize, uses the bloodshed in Syria as reason for his call for a military foreign intervention within Syria. The emir of Qatar misses some important points in his calls for an intervention in Syria.

Qatar, as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), France, Britain, Germany and the US administration are supporting the armed criminals, radicals and religious fanatics within Syria and also support the so-called Syrian “opposition”, mainly based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Moreover, the financially (and other) support for the Syrian opposition within and outside Syria by the United States has begun in the times of the Bush administration and this questionable support is still continued.

The Peace Noble Prize-owner, Barack Obama, should firstly criticize some of his allies (Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) than plan a intervention in Syria or selling tanks to the Saudi ruling family. But the financial crisis is sure a good cause for the president of the United States to forget about some bloodshed, dangers and human ethics.

Finally, not only Doha is aligned with the West´s agenda in the Middle East to “build a new Middle East”, to replace leaders for new willing leaders, help Israel and to distract a bit from the financial crisis. Also Qatar and other Gulf countries have their own interests in weakening Syria.

Sheikh Hamd bin Khalifa Al Thani had an interview with the known US news channel CBS. There he spoke about the situation within Syria and uses the known propaganda to call for a military intervention in this country of the Middle East.

Some also would say such a military intervention would be good to help some people in Qatar, because the Qatari leaders are sure no real democratically, peaceful and humanitarian guys – similar to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

We should not forget that the peaceful protests within Bahrain were partly brutally mowed down. Of course, there is no word by Barack Obama about any intervention in Bahrain. Do not criticize allies as long as you might need them – even if some could become the next enemies of the United States.

The hypocritically US Foreign Policy, partly driven by AIPAC and other questionable Lobbies and interests. Maybe an administration as the US administration needs “good and willing” enemies to distract from other problems at home.

In his interview with US news channel CBS, Sheikh Hamd bin Khalifa Al Thani called for some troops to go to Syria to stop the killing there. Don`t he know that we could also speak about some troops to Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to stop the killings, repressions and bloodsheds there?

Meanwhile, the Associate Editor for, Patrick Henningsen, gave an interview to Russia Today (RT) and made it clear that Qatar is aligned with the US administration in destabilizing Syria. Patrick Henningsen also said that Qatar already was aligned to US interests with the events in Libya.

Patrick Henningsen, Associate Editor for, said to Russia Today (RT), that Qatar played a important role in the destabilization of Libya and also provided about 1,600 Qatari troops on the ground during the so-called “Libyan uprising”. Henningsen is also spoke about the facts, that Qatar hosts an US Central Command and signed the deal to market crude oil from Libya in February 2011 – this is way in advance of toppling Gaddafi.

The new statement by the Qatari leader is finally no surprise anymore. It comes amid growing criticism of the Arab League (AL) observer mission to Syria to stop the bloodshed within this country. Criticism, which has been already prepared before the first Arab League (AL) observer has arrived in Syria.

You can see the way how propaganda works by viewing the statements and questionable media reports on Syria. The UN, NATO, US administration, the two war dominas Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice (Say hello to AIPAC), France, Britain, Arab League, Qatar and some others – Propaganda-actors. They know that they are partly are using lies for their questionable interests.

The chief of the Arab League (AL), Nabil al-Arabi, said on Saturday that the Arab League would reassess the work of its own mission at a next meeting later this month. Al-Arabi also said that there has been partial progress until now but that there is still daily bloodshed in Syria. Al-Arabi knows better but does not speak about this in public. It would not be very useful for some interests and allies when the head of the Arab League (AL) would speak the truth and tell what he really knows.

Patrick Henningsen, however, expressed his doubts about the capabilities of the Arab League (AL) to assess the situation within Syria. Henningsen understandable called the Arab League a league which is represented by petrol monarchy dictatorships. So Henningsen is convinced that the Arab League (AL) has no real democracy mandate. He also called this Arab League a bit of an oxymoron and maybe he`s correct with that – he could be.

Henningsen claimed that the US administration may be buying off defectors financially or promising them a major role in a new Syrian regime. The game of power and money is going on behind the scenes. All these puppets of Western interests and questionable US Foreign Policy want to have more power in Syria in future. One of the reasons why you can call them allies of the United States (at the moment).

It is about economic interests, policy interests, money, oil and religions – Shiites and Sunnis, of course.  When do they ever learn that religion should unite, not split and fight against each other? They are again misused by others. When will they ever learn? But maybe Qatari leaders and the Saudi ruling family are so convinced by themselves that they do not think they still could learn something. They even forget about their honored religion when it comes to secular interests.

No surprise, but it is sure against any international law to financially support armed criminals, terrorists and religious fanatics in a foreign country. This way of a “regime change” is against international law and also the support with weapons is against this international law. But when did AIPAC-driven US Foreign Policy has ever cared about law?

Patrick Henningsen claimed finally, that the US administration may be buying off defectors financially or promising them a major role in a new Syrian regime. At the end it just belongs to an US “regime change 2.0”-plan.

Not only the United States, but also Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) are supporting terrorists for religious and secular interests. What a hypocritically world. They should better start to reform their own countries and to treat every citizen the same. If you want to sell democracy successful to another country you should take care that your way of selling is also in line with the democratic dogmas.

If not, you should not be angry about the fact, that some might not be interested to buy your “way” of democracy. You cannot sell democracy by supporting criminals, bloodshed and violence abroad.

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