Syria: Acts of terrorism against the population

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Sideviews
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The so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (e.g. also called the “London office of the Muslim Brotherhood” by Voltaire Network) was not able to succeed to associate the terrorist acts within Syria with the Syrian government and security forces. This “Observatory” about human rights within Syria, which is finally far away from a real observatory and credible organization, prefers to hold imaginary massacres and terrorists acts against the Syrian army.

All these accusations against the Syrian government and security forces without concrete evidence and confirmations. There is no verification which substantiates the accusations of this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London.

A one-man show, which could be really just an office of the Muslim Brotherhood; also an useful tool for Western propaganda against the Syrian government and it also seems that Western journalists do not care about their sources anymore – as long as the sources can be used for further articles against the Syrian government.

Of course, because of all this non-confirmed information, articles and statements, the people need further proofs that the Syrian stability and citizens are victims of terrorist attacks to destabilize the country and to terrorize the Syrian population.

Syria is not in the grips of a huge “uprising” or enormous “revolution” by its own people. Syria is in the grips of a continuing string of attacks which aim to spread chaos, bloodshed and finally destabilization. This happens more and more because the huge majority of the Syrian population is still in support with their government and / or at least President Bashar al-Assad.

The recent acts of terrorism and sabotage of public facilities and against Syrian civilians no longer leave little doubts about the real situation within Syria.

Not to mention independent journalists as Lizzie Phelan, Webster Tarpley, Juergen Todenhoefer, Thierry Meyssan or even tourists and travelers who know about the real events in Syria. Much better than international colleagues or the so-called “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights”, based in London. There is just one question left: Why?

Sadly, a handcrafted explosive device killed six Syrian workers of a textile factory in the province of Idleb. Also about 16 other workers were injured by this sad act of terrorism. The handcrafted explosive device was planted along the roadside and has hit a minibus which was used to bring the Syrian civilians to their workplace.

The target of another explosive device was the rail transportation of fuel for electricity generation, also in the same province of the Syrian city of Idleb. This explosive device injured three employees who were aboard the train in this province.

The next act of terror and sabotage happened in Deir Ezzor. In the province of Deir Ezzor, high voltage transmission towers were sabotaged by unknown criminals. This caused major disruptions in the electricity disruptions network of Syria, of course.

Again and again, all these acts of terrorism and sabotage harm the Syrian population and stability. Civilians are the target of armed criminals, religious fanatics and other radicals. This terrorism happens because of the plan to destabilize the country and government. The foreign financially support of armed terrorists and radicals within and outside Syria is to condemn and against any international law.

It is also to condemn, that countries as Turkey, France, Britain, United States and also Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia seem to support those religious fanatics and terrorists with weapons and advice. Using such methods for a so-called “regime change” will not deliver peace, freedom and democracy to Syria, the heart of the Middle East.

Like all the Western sanctions and the sanctions by their puppets, e.g. the Arab League (AL), these acts of terrorism and sabotage harms the Syrian population first. This way of Foreign Policy by the U.S. administration and other governments is just to condemn. No country on the entire world would honor armed radicals, armed religious fanatics and other armed criminals within its (own) region.

In contrast to the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London, there is evidence and confirmation behind the articles by magazines and newspapers as Voltaire Network, Global Research or InfoWars.

We condemn every terrorism and acts of sabotage, doesn`t matter by which side. The support of these bunches of armed radicals, criminals and religious fanatics by abroad has to stop immediately. It costs the life of many innocent Syrians – as it happened before within Iraq, Afghanistan and also Libya.


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