Syria: German journalist after his journey to Homs and Hama

Posted: January 14, 2012 in International
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German journalist Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) stayed four weeks in Syria and showed a different image about the situation on Syrian ground, much more diverse (intelligent and based on facts), as many other German media did and do. Todenhoefer, a journalist who knows Syria very well and travels to this country of the Middle East one or two times a year, showed again, that he is one of the few leftover independent and good German journalists.

Thereby, this German journalist had a problem to enter Syria the last time. After Juergen Todenhoefer published a critical article about the Syrian government he has been put on the list of people who are not allowed to enter Syria anymore. So he was even arrested on his arrival at the airport of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Despite his visa from the Syrian embassy in Germany, he had some problems to get away from the airport. The Syrian political intelligence has put him on that list of people who might not be allowed to enter Syria. It is a bit of shame that the Syrian political intelligence and the embassies seem to not work hand in hand a lot and that Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) had this problem and also was arrested.

But finally, this German journalist had a bit of luck afterwards. A German delegation forwarded this “case” and finally Todenhoefer had no problem anymore to enter Syria. He also was granted to have an interview / appointment with the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. President Assad heard about the problems for Todenhoefer and was interested in meeting with this known German journalist.

As you can see, considering this short story, you can’t blame the head every time when the body is corrupt or just failed in decisions or acts. In contrast to European systems and the attitudes of Western people, you have different attitudes and habits in the Middle East. Comparing this 1:1 is no good idea and not possible. Not to mention the cultural aspects and other differences.

Journalist Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer) came back to Germany after his journey to Syria, where he also visited Syrian cities as Homs and Hama, and what he said afterwards about his experiences on the events in Syria, covers with the statements, experiences and testimonies of many Syrians.

Syrian people, who also want freedom, peace and democracy, but first with giving president Bashar al-Assad a chance to lead their country Syria into this process and result. Syrian people, who are against any violence and international intervention.

In fact, they are working on legislative changes within Syria and also the president al-Assad is actually quite willing to negotiate and to accept a multiparty system. Facts, which are sold as propaganda or are made ridiculous in international press.

Although, there is evidence about the willing for reforms and the start of a real reform process. That`s one of the small points why some speak about Western propaganda and blame Western media for missing facts, confirmations and the loss of real journalism.

But as it currently looks like, no Western government is interested in negotiating with the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. No surprise considering the attitudes of United States, their foreign policy plan for the Middle East and some other questionable interests.

While this dubious game of foreign policies, people are dying every day in Syria and every single victim is to be deplored. Nevertheless, in contrast to international press and questionable statements out of France, Britain, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and, of course, the USA, no one can solely blame the Syrian government for the current situation and violence.

They all miss some important points. There are Western-backed terrorists within Syria and the (partly faked) uprising is supported and driven by abroad – e.g. Turkey, US, Qatar and so on. That`s a fact, at least for all the Syrian people who lost relatives by this bunch of armed criminals, religious fanatics and extremists.

Since when does Western policy rely on radicals and religious extremists? Maybe a new face of this game of foreign policy in the Middle East? Really new? Considering Afghanistan, Iraq… no, not really new.

There are armed groups or even armed guerrilla fighter, as they are also called by the German journalist Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer) in an interview. These bunches of criminal and religious extremists attack Syrian security forces and soldiers in most cases, but also take civilians in the crossfire, especially when they support the Syrian president al-Assad or have a religion (or ethic) which these criminal armed elements does not like to see.

Parts of these violent armed people, often sold as “peaceful demonstrators” in Western press, also rape women and kill children to lay the blame on the Syrian army. They know what the West wants to make more propaganda and to prepare Western people for “No-Fly Zones”, “humanitarian corridors” and a war in the Middle East. We already know these false flag acts and false stories, without any confirmation. Just recall Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the list is even longer considering the last 60 years.

Both sides within Syria are to blame for bloodshed, violence and tears. But how would Western governments care about armed terrorists and religious fanatics within their countries? To just blame the Syrian government and army is totally wrong and not correct. This partly faked revolution within Syria is currently funded from abroad. Supported with money, weapons and advice.

The people of Syrian cities as e.g. Homs feel more secure when the Syrian army is around their districts. They do not appreciate the terror and violence by this bunch of armed radicals and criminals.

Not to mention that we still think some journalists as Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer) are not telling all details and opinions about the events in Syria because they fear the reactions in their home countries. We also know about one of these cases within German newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” (Süddeutsche Zeitung). Of course, we understand the fears but the truth is there to be told.

Some might think that the statement by the German journalist Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) is aptly, that both sides within Syria are for democracy, so the country of the Middle East will definitely change, the only question is how. In contrast to this maybe good statement, it does not really look like that these armed criminals, religious fanatics and Libyan guerilla fighters want to achieve democracy, freedom and peace.

We also think that Todenhoefer might agree with this. Sure, there have been peaceful protests and there are still people who protests, but there are also differences between them now. The real peaceful protesters do not go on the streets anymore. They do not agree with the violent uprising and the chaos caused by these armed fanatics and criminals.

Considering the developments within Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, it is hard to think that Muslim Brotherhood, Salafiyah (Salafis / Salafists), armed criminals and radicals really deliver peace, freedom and democracy to a country. Of course, the German journalist Todenhoefer is correct – there will be changes in Syria.

While much of the so-called Syrian opposition reject any dialogue with the government and only see the overthrow of Assad’s as a guarantee for democracy and freedom, the huge majority within Syria want to prevent something worse and want the president Bashar al-Assad to lead the reform process into a so-called “better Syria”.

If an Arab ruler is capable of doing, then surely president al-Assad. Much more than a king out of the Gulf States or than Mubarak ever was able to. There are huge differences between the Syrian president al-Assad and the ruling family in Saudi Arabia or the circumstances of Mubarak and some others.

A lot of time has elapsed, many mistakes were made and the United States still want to destabilize Syria. The modern way of doing a so-called “regime change”. The US-support for the Syrian “opposition” within and outside Syria has begun at the Bush administration.

This financially (and maybe other) support is still continued by the Peace Noble Prize-owner Barack Obama. This US president acts against international law, supports the destabilization of a sovereign country by supporting dubious people with money, weapon and advice. With the help of his two war dominas, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. Say “hello again” to AIPAC.

The situation within Syria is not as simple as it is delivered by Western media and governments. There is not only a bad and good side. The way they try to sell all this to Western viewers and readers should really be questioned. This is far away from real journalism, isn`t it?

The situation in Syria is much more complicated and tricky. A black and white point of view cannot be the truth. Every story has more facets than just black and white.

Since the beginning of the so-called and partly faked uprising in Syria, there have been armed thugs and the motivation of religious fanatics to use this chaos and uprising for their “religious goals”. There are plenty of foreign forces, countries and interests, which want to use the current situation for questionable and dubious goals in the Middle East.

The German journalist Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer), who has been in Syria during the so-called riots for even a month and also visited the Syrian cities of Homs and Hama, calls for negotiations between the Syrian government and other governments. Juergen Todenhoefer knows Syria well – he already visited this country of the Middle East very often. No surprise, Syria is a beautiful country and also a sovereign and secular state.

But negotiations with the Syrian government are not on the table for Western governments. They want to achieve their goals of questionable foreign policies and dubious interests within the Middle East. Not to mention some Gulf States as Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which also have questionable interests in / with Syria.

The West seems to block all negotiations with the Syrian government and relies on sanctions (which hit the Syrian population first), accusations and the support for the so-called Syrian opposition and also for armed groups within Syria. By destabilizing Syria, they want to pave the path to Iran.

In fact it is so that the Syrian government cannot simply withdraw their tanks of the cities (less than you might think), because they want to secure the people there and avoid that those cities or neighborhoods slide into chaos, violence and lawlessness.

Part II of this article about Syria, the journalist Todenhoefer and the Western interest, to block democratically negotiations.

  1. A terrorist group fired mortar missiles at a media team and a gathering of citizens who were with the team to describe their suffering from the terrorist groups in “Ikremah” quarter in the city of Homs

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