German journalist: If Syria burns, the entire Middle East will burn

Posted: January 14, 2012 in International
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German journalist Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) delivers a more diverse image about the situation within Syria than other journalists seem able to do so. Maybe the journalist Todenhoefer knows more about the backgrounds, history and connections between all this in and about Syria – or just because this German journalist is one of the leftover independent and real journalists with an own brain and attitude.

We picked up the interview with this German journalist and published a small article on the way the West wants to achieve their goals and questionable interests in and about the Middle East.

We also mentioned the attitude to block any democratically negotiations with the Syrian government and how they sell stories without any confirmations and verifications. Just black and white and the way these stories are useful for their dubious interests of Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

The decisions made by the West at present are not helpful to de-escalate the situation in Syria. Actually all these sanctions and decisions seem rather to escalate the situation within Syria, the important and multilayered heart of the Middle East – even of the Arab world.

The bloodshed and violence in Syria is fueled by the outside to destabilize the country and, of course, the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad. Armed criminals, religious fanatics and guerrillas are supported by abroad. These “rebels” (indeed, a wrong naming) will not provide freedom and democracy when the Syrian president and government are overthrown.

While the governments of Western countries are calling louder and louder for a condemnation of Syria in the UN Security Council and provoke a war with their questionable attitudes, some other countries as Russia and China are still supporting Syria as its allies. Not only because Russia and China are real allies of Syria, but also because of their own interests – military, economical and dogmatic interests.

China and Russia should play their vetoed again in an upcoming debate in the UN Security Council. Germany, France and Britain pull very hard on the war line, seemingly without considering the consequences of their questionable attitudes and policy.

Of course, all these Western governments know about the eventually consequences and the possibility of a real war within the Middle East – may it be with Iran, Syria, or even both.

If they somehow reach a situation, for whatever reason, similar to the situation in Libya, a lot of people lose their lives in this senseless war, based on questionable and dubious interests. But this would not be everything. One should consider the situation better: Syria is not a small, insignificant country in the Middle East.

The statements of the German journalist Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) are also very aptly when he says that “if Syria burns, the entire Middle East will burn” – and if Iran is also involved in a war, then all this will also have a huge impact on Europe.

One could suspect that all of the events in and around Syria are for the real reason to break the so-called the axis “Iran – Syria – Lebanon”, but especially to pave the path to Iran and (or at least) to weaken Iran. A weak, disordered Syria brings the chance of a war with Iran, which America aspires for so long, much closer.

While the German journalist Todenhoefer justifiably calls for negotiations, the German government (e.g.) is continuing its aggressive course – partly based on false propaganda and stories without any confirmations.

The spokesman of the German Foreign Office said, that all Germans are asked to leave Syria, because they probably cannot care about their interests within Syria anymore. As it was announced by the questionable German Foreign Minister, Westerwelle, the embassy staff has been reduced even further in Syria. Of course, this is also a tactical step.

The German Foreign Office and the German Embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus does not know about the number of Germans who are still in Syria. It is not entirely clear for them, of course.

Considering that there are still Germans in Syria and that you have some so-called German communities in cities as e.g. Aleppo, the German embassy and Foreign Office won`t completely reach their goals.

These members of those German communities do not think about leaving Syria and giving up their lives in Syria. They also partly know more about the real situation within Syria – of course, partly more facts than the German ambassador to Syria would ever tell in public.

While the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, in his last months in public power, thus continues to beat the drums of war and again appeals to the result of the Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria, it also sends the totally wrong signals.

It seems that Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) is one of the few, who (loudly and publicly) talks about the real situation in Syria and the consequences of Western attitudes.

As stated in the small Part I of this article, the situation about and in Syria is not really just black and white. You have to consider all the nuances and come to the conclusion that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, no matter how many mistakes he and his government have made, is a guarantee to modernize the country and especially to keep it stable and also secular.

Only the Western governments would have to finally come to the negotiating table. But negotiations with Syria are far away from their real interests.

Also here, the German journalist Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer) hits the nail right on the head when he says that the German government already has been negotiating with governments, which were essentially worse than the Syrian one.

As long as one holds regular talks with Saudi Arabia, they really could not reject to, however, negotiate with the Syrian government. This way of Foreign Policy seems hypocritically.

But real independent journalists as Juergen Todenhoefer are drowned out in this media war and Western propaganda – based on false facts, no confirmations and a one-man show, based in London.

A useful tool for Western interests and media. Also the members of the Green Party in Germany, who signed the petition against the war with Syria and Iran, have no real chance and get no objectivity.

They are now under fire from party members, the press and the government members. Maybe, if Todenhoefer would speak about all he knows or might know, he would also get more and more problems within Germany. A so-called state of democracy, free press and free speech. Really?

Not to mention that the conviction of war (in Syria and Iran) has nothing to do with supporting allegedly violent governments or rejecting the intentions of the (partly dubious) opposition abroad.

Many so-called members of the Syrian opposition, especially in foreign countries, have less interest in freedom and democracy for Syria, but rather interests of power and revenge.

Many take the time to lead their revenge for the events of the eighties within Syria. Should we mention the Muslim Brotherhood again? Should we also mention that the events of the eighties in Syria are also delivered to the West in different ways – partly not in line with the truth about these sad days?

Should we mention that the members of the Muslim Brotherhood (and especially the Salafiyha (Salafis/Salafists)) are not the people you want to have as neighbors or to discuss with?

One can only hope that there will be no new real war within the Middle East and that the situation in and about Syria will de-escalate. One can also only hope that the vision by the German journalist Juergen Todenhoefer will not be the future of the world.

Todenhoefer said in this radio interview, that the “lights will go out in Europe, too”, if there is war with Syria and Iran. Of course, not only the lights. Syria is the heart of the Middle East. If there is war with, the Middle East burns – and not only the Middle East.


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