Syria: Lizzie Phelan speaks about the real situation

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Sideviews
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Lizzie Phelan, an independent reporter from the United Kingdom, is known mainly for her reporting about the events in Libya and also for her stance against the NATO intervention in this country. Of course, the people behind the NATO intervention in Libya and the killing of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi are interested to destroy the image and credibility of Lizzie Phelan.

The neutrality and credibility of Lizzie Phelan as independent journalist is repeatedly questioned but that`s just the way the people behind such questionable interventions and acts want to achieve that the truth will not become public. So they do a lot to discredit the people who are talking about the truth. Maybe you can compare it even to the known behavior if you criticize Israel. You are called an anti-Semitic without any hesitation – even or also when your criticism is justified.

Lizzie Phelan has witnessed alleged war crimes in Libya, committed by the so-called and dubious Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC) with the complicity of NATO and others. Phelan also explained that there were summary executions of members of the Qadhadhfa tribe by the so-called armed “rebels” and members of the Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC). This should be confirmed finally.

People, who followed the coverage about the intervention in Libya by Lizzie Phelan, sure recall the so-called “Tripoli Rixos Hotel incident”. In August, 2011, the independent reporter Phelan was reported missing for more than a day. The French political activist and journalist Thierry Meyssan (e.g. Voltaire Network) testified that Lizzie Phelan had been among the journalists held at the known Tripoli Rixos Al Nasr hotel until August 29.

Lizzie Phelan is in Syria now and also tries to deliver an objective coverage of the events in this country of the Middle East. Syria has been experience a foreign-backed unrest since mid-March, with anti- and pro-government demonstrations.

While the anti-government protests began peaceful and happened in interesting areas of Syria, the pro-government demonstrations take place all over the country. Finally, the peaceful anti-government protesters are no more to seen. They decided to not support armed and violent bunch of radicals, criminals and religious fanatics, which took-over the “uprising”.

During this faked “revolution” within Syria, hundreds of people, also many members of the Syrian security forces, the Syrian army and also police men, have been killed. The Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad says that armed terrorists, religious fanatics and criminals are the driving factor behind the deadly violence and turmoil.

The so-called questionable “Syrian opposition”, mainly based in Istanbul, Turkey, accuses the Syrian security forces and government that they brutally crackdown peaceful protests and kill innocent people. Meanwhile, the Syrian government in the capital Damascus also claims that the violence and chaos in Syria is supported and orchestrated from outside the country.

They also say that the security forces have been given instructions not to harm civilians. After our experiences with Syrian soldiers and security forces we are able to confirm this. After all what became public and happened it really seems like the Syrian government is correct with its explanation and statements.

Not to mention that a reform process has begun and the huge majority of Syrians within the country are still in support with their government or at least with the president Bashar al-Assad. We talk about at least 85% of the Syrian population, which will never accept the members of the Syrian opposition, based in Turkey, as new ministers or leaders of Syria. They are also against any foreign intervention.

Press TV had the chance to have an interview with the journalist Lizzie Phelan, who is in Syria at the moment. She gave a small update about the situation in Syria, even if the people in Syria already knew about these facts.

Lizzie Phelan told Press TV, that it is pure coincidence that she was able to speak with Press TV because she was meant to be on the delegation of journalists to travel to the Syrian city of Homs. This Syrian city is called a “stronghold” of the “uprising” – but the fact is that there are just some districts of the city where this “uprising” happens. Districts of Homs which are known as areas where you better stay away. Not just after March 2011, but also long time before this Western-backed “revolution” has begun. Religious extremists are not always nice people.

Lizzie Phelan explained that this delegation of journalists came under fire by a shell and that one French journalist along with another Belgian journalist stepped out of the car to see what is happening around them and to take footage of the wreckage. At this moment they were hit by another shell and the French journalist died. This is what happened in Homs according to firsthand accounts.

The second attack costs the life of the French journalist (Jill Jackie) and seriously wounded the Belgian journalist. The Belgian journalist is now said to be in the hospital of Homs. Not only Jill Jackie died and the Belgian journalist was injured, but also eight civilians have been killed and about eleven Syrian civilians were wounded by this attack.

Lizzie Phelan seems to be convinced, that this tragically attack on the delegation to the Syrian city of Homs can be seen very much as an attempt by the armed terrorists, criminals and religious fanatics inside Syria to portray a scene of violence and chaos to the outside.

Phelan also mentioned NATO and the West and their loss of votes in the United Nations (UN) and the VETO of China and Russia. This could be another cause which increased the violence within Syria. A plan, to destabilize the country by increasing the level of violence and terror.

Lizzie Phelan seems also be convinced, that this is a different tact employed by the West and that countries like Turkey and Qatar are supporting the armed opposition groups within Syria. Not to mention the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Lizzie Phelan also mentioned the report on the British Special Forces website. This report said that they believed that British Special Forces were giving logistics and financial and training support to armed opposition groups inside Syria. The report also spoke about training for opposition forces in places like Libya, for example.

Press TV mentioned the interesting poll which made a comparison between the supports for the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad before this faked “revolution” began and then one comparison after the start of this “uprising” within Syria.

Behind this poll and comparisons is a Qatar foundation along with YouGov. At one point it says clearly that the support of the Syrian people for the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has actually increased since the beginning of this Western-backed “uprising”. No surprise, but it’s surprising that a Qatar foundation has published such results of their comparisons.

Phelan explained, that she has been in Syria for a few days now and that she herself witnessed an outpouring of support for the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus.

Afterwards, Lizzie Phelan talked about the allegedly killed 5000 people since the beginning of this conflict in Syria. She knows that the United Nations (UN) is not able to confirm this and that they publish their numbers of deaths without verifications and even just based on dubious reports by the one-man show in London – the questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”. No real “Observatory”, of course. Led by a dubious person with different names and a nice relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Also between the “UN numbers of deaths in Syria”, there are a high number of people from the Syrian army and security forces who have also been killed – but truly not by “peaceful protesters”.

Lizzie Phelan also spoke to a number of Syrian people from different areas like Homs, Hama and Idleb (Idlib). These Syrian people told her that they actually would prefer to see a greater army and security presence because of the threats of these armed radicals, criminals and religious fanatics. The greater army and security presence should restore the stability and safety in these Syrian areas.

Phelan also mentioned the role of countries like Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, just as Webster Tarpley did.

She told Press TV that a lot of Syrians expressed their outrage at the roles of such countries. Of course, also about the role of the United States which supports the Syrian opposition. The financially support of the Syrian “opposition” within and abroad Syria by the United States started already at the Bush administration and is still continued. The people confirmed to Lizzie Phelan also, that there is a lot of evidence about the roles of Western and Arab elements.

Also many people are accusing Aljazeera (al Jazeera), al Arabiya and other TV channels of fabricating reports of violence by the Syrian army against the Syrian civilians. Phelan is convinced that there is a complete lack of objectivity. She also mentioned the lack of coverage of the pro-Assad demonstrations in the West and in the Arab press. They rather do report about fabricated huge anti-government protests.

The Western press wants to portray a picture that the vast majority of the Syrian people want a so-called regime change. But this image is just wrong and far away from the truth. The huge majority in Syria is still in support with the president and the Syrian government, which have begun a reform process already.

You can read the whole interview of Press TV with Lizzie Phelan here.

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