Thierry Meyssan in Syria – NATO changed the plan

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Sideviews
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The French journalist and political activist Thierry Meyssan, who is also the founder of Voltaire Network and created Project Ornicar, is still in Syria. In his new interview, Thierry Meyssan spoke about the armed groups within Syria and that the situation in this country of the Middle East is not going the way Israel and NATO wanted it.

Thierry Meyssan, who is best known for his interesting book “9/11: The Big Lie”, told in this interview, that he sees a general destabilization taking place beyond Syria. Meyssan was asked about the news about the situation within Syria and that the headlines on the events in Syria are getting worse in the West. He also was asked about the more and more deaths and bombings within Syria from week to week.

The French journalist says that one can see it like that but that the situation within Syria is not so bad. Then, Meyssan talked about what was and is really happening with and in Syria. Meyssan is convinced that NATO tried (and tries) to create a situation to justify a real war since 9 or 10 months.

He also said that they sent armed groups everywhere to create fear and also chaos, but that these people are in fact very few people. These bunches of armed people are not within more Syrian cities at the same time. Afterwards, the French political activist spoke about the Syrian city of Homs and the actions sometimes in two cities near Homs and at the Syrian border to Turkey.

Thierry Meyssan makes it clear in this interview, that there was not the reaction in Syria, which the NATO and West had expected and had planned for this country to overthrow the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad.

The founder of Voltaire Network, Meyssan, also spoke about the fact that there is no civil war within Syria and that NATO and the West have to change their strategy on Syria now.

He mentioned also, that one can see, that this coalition between Britain, France, USA, Qatar and Turkey is not working so they will not start a classical war on Syria now. They changed their plan on Syria because of the support of Russia and China for Syria.

Meyssan is convinced that Qatar, Britain, France, Turkey and United States decided to do a long-term action in Syria, just as they did it in Nicaragua or Iraq in the past. Meyssan was also asked about some members of the Syrian government who could support a brutal crackdown and a real war.

The French journalist is convinced that the classical NATO war on Syria is finished and not on the table anymore and that the West is not able to overthrow the actual government in Syria fast.

Speaking about the few members of the Syria government who could favor the idea of a real war and a real brutal crackdown of anti-government protesters, Meyssan answered that he is convinced that nobody wants a real war in Syria.

Afterwards the political activist spoke about the fakes by Al-Jazeera, al Arabiya and the Saudi TV is broadcasting and that still some people believe these channels.

Meyssan is also convinced that the propaganda on Syria is very powerful that one cannot really fight against the fakes of these channels and the propaganda of Western media and governments.

Thierry Meyssan also spoke about the Lebanese people and their fears about that something could happen similar to the events some years ago. Meyssan thinks that it is possible that NATO cannot stop what they have begun.

In this next interview out of Syria, Meyssan also answered the question about how many people in Syria might think that Israel is behind all this.

You should really not miss this next video interview with the founder of Voltaire Network who is still in Syria at the moment.


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