Syria: Arab League convenes about Syria

Posted: January 9, 2012 in International
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On Sunday, the task force met in Cairo, Egypt, to debate the situation in Syria again. Together with some representatives of the Arab League (AL) they took stock of the observer mission in Syria.

Also al-Dabi, head of the Arab League observer mission to Syria, and Jeffrey D. Feltman, at the moment working as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, have met members of the so-called task force within the Egyptian capital Cairo on this weekend.

Of course, the head of this observer mission, al-Dabi, took part officially at the meeting of this task force about the events within Syria. Nevertheless, the publication of a first interim report did not happen until now.

Some sources say that one can probably expect an extensive first report on the situation in Syria after the 19th of January, but it is still mooted how to estimate and how to evaluate such a report on the events in Syria, because there are sure open questions and also the credibility of observers is questioned already.

The Qatari Foreign Minister has confirmed at a press conference yesterday, that the observer mission in Syria is not supported by foreigners. With “foreigners”, the Qatari Foreign Minister spoke about e.g. Non-Arabs.

Meanwhile, al-Arabi, the head of the Arab League (AL), stressed that there should be no international intervention in Syria, although some parts of the questionable Syrian opposition abroad, e.g. based in Istanbul, Turkey, at least still have hopes for an international intervention in Syria.

They still seem to forget about the horrible consequences for the country if there would be a so-called “No-Fly Zone” – another word for international intervention. Also “humanitarian corridor” seems to have become another “nice word” for war, a war, based on imperialistic and economic interests.

A not to be underestimated number of Syrian opposition abroad wants the involvement of UN forces, so that they can establish some so-called “humanitarian corridors” in Syria;  e.g. at the borders of this country in the Middle East. This means that the Libyan scenario would repeat itself again in Syria. So far, the forces who wish to avert this case in Syria, still dominate or are not speaking about their real goals with Syria in public.

At yesterday’s meeting in Cairo, Egypt, not very much has been decided by the Arab League (AL) and the Arab Parliament, except that the observer mission in Syria will be continued and that the current 165 observers can expect some additional observers in near future.

Although the criticism of the observer mission in Syria is large by all sides and the skepticism and condemnation of their work in Syria dominates the international press, but this is something which seems to not be able to influence the Arab League (AL) in its decisions and its plans.

Not to mention that there are different reasons why you could question the credibility of these Arab League (AL) observers in Syria. Also, the head of this observer mission, al-Dabi, has done nothing good in Sudan.

Otherwise you can question this observer mission because it seems that they could already have their report on the events in Syria – and had it already before they have put a foot on Syrian ground. We could also mention the first true statements of some observers after they visited the Syrian city of Homs – which they had (why ever) to take back. Maybe these statements, even by al-Dabi, were to near to the truth – the truth, which the Syrian opposition and UN / NATO do not want to become public.

That could be also the reason why they do not want journalists to publish articles based on sources as e.g. SANA. This does not seem to be a real free press-situation within Europe (anymore).

Whether the Arab League (AL) will actually ask and rely on the help of the UN Security Council is still unclear. But apparently there was collusion on this topic already. Not a huge surprise at the end, of course. Some also call the Arab League (AL) only the puppets of Western and Gulf State interests.

The requirements to implement the peace plan remain the same and also the criticism of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government to not meet these requirements of this “peace plan”, but rather continue to kill civilians.

The Syrian government continues its fight against terrorists and armed religious fanatics. The report, which was broadcast in German Television (ARD) at least, missed some important facts and information.

Maybe because such information is not in line with their propaganda duties as German state television. This questionable report showed the district Bab Amr (Bab Amro) of the Syrian city Homs – a so-called stronghold of the Syrian opposition. They showed the fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.

These dubious fighters (criminals, fanatics …) of the “Free Syrian Army” belong to extremist movements (people could simply recognize these facts if they have knowledge about those extremist movements, groups and religious fanatic trends).

That the Syrian government doesn’t want this armed bunch of extremists gains more and more power, should be really obvious to everyone – even or at least in the West.

Unfortunately, the regular viewers in Europe are so extremely manipulated in his opinions, that they hardly noticed these facts or start to ask questions about such reports themselves. Of course, this is not only the situation in the West. Brainwashing 2.0 seems to happen everywhere.

The questionable one-man show, the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, is still publishing reports about killed civilians and murdered peaceful demonstrators. The international press ignores the fact, that this “Observatory” is not a real “Observatory” and has a huge lack of credibility. It is also said to have relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood and the British government.

The international press also ignores the fact, that many of the people which took on the streets at the beginning to demonstrate for changes within Syria are no longer on the Syrian streets because of the armed bunch of extremists. These initial peaceful protesters dissociate themselves completely from these armed religious fanatics and criminals.

It is not the fear of the Syrian government which plays a role, but the rejection of violence and extremism. The observers of the Arab League (AL) are continuing with their mission in Syria, even if it is said by any voices to already have failed its duties – but which duties?

The decision to continue this observer mission in Syria can be viewed as a defeat for the so-called Syrian opposition abroad, which called for an abort of this mission and also want the intervention of the UN within Syria.

The international news on Syria will not change. Also the violence in some regions of this country will not decrease as long as these armed extremists are not willing to lay down their weapons and as long as they are supported by abroad with money, weapons and advice – totally against any international law.

The so-called General of the dubious “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), Rifat al-Asad (As3ad), announced “surprises” for the Syrian government. This could mean that one can unfortunately have to expect further bombings and attacks on innocent people in Syria; e.g. as the suicide bombing in the Syrian capital Damascus.

One can only hope that there won’t be more victims in these conflicts. Conflicts, which are different than the way they are sold to Western people. The faster the terrorists are disarmed, the faster the Syrian government is able to concentrate on its reform path.

Unfortunately, these terrorists, criminals and religious fanatics are celebrated by the West and within Europe as so-called “freedom fighters” and accordingly supported and encouraged with money, weapons and advices.

The goals seem to bring chaos through violence and bloodshed within Syria. By using this method of “regime change” they want to achieve that more and more Syrian people get angry about their own government and start to support the violent uprising against the president and government.

But this way will not work out. The huge majority within Syria is still in support with the government and, at least, with the president Bashar al-Assad. We do speak about at least 87% of the Syrian population.

One uses again extremists to impose their own political, economic and imperialistic interests at the expense of innocent people.

  1. Press TV has interviewed freelance journalist Lizzie Phelan to get an update on the situation. What follows is a transcript of the interview:

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