Syria: Another suicide bombing in Damascus

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Politics
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On 22th of December, once again people were killed at a bomb attack in Iraq. A day later, on December 23th, a terrorist bombing happened within the Syrian capital Damascus. In front of the security buildings in Kafar Soussa, Damascus, two car bombs were detonated. There were at least 40 injured because of this act of terrorism.

The Syrian government expressed their suspicions about a terrorist attack afterwards. It was understandable. Considering the way of this act of terrorism it really had a lot of similarities to a terrorist attack by al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations.

The so-called Syrian opposition abroad remained as faithful to its principles and accused the Syrian government without being able to present evidence. It is always the same with their accusations.

There is no evidence, confirmation and verification – but international media, considering the Muslim Brotherhood-show based in London (“Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” – no real observatory, just a one-man fake), seems not to care as long as these questionable accusations and information is something that they can use for copy & paste articles against another “Arabic dictator”. Good journalism, indeed.

At 5th of January, there was another attack in Baghdad in which at least 60 people were killed. On Friday, the 6th of January, the Syrian capital Damascus was again shaken by a suicide attack – another act of terror.

In al-Midan district of the Syrian capital Damascus, a suicide bombing happened near a school for children. The target of this next suicide bomber was probably the police station in this al-Midan district of Damascus.

While the Syrian government speaks again about a terrorist attack, the Syrian opposition abroad (based e.g. in Istanbul, Turkey) accused the government again.

According to the so-called Syrian opposition members abroad this suicide bombing in al-Midan, Damascus, probably was an act of revenge of the Syrian government. But this strange accusation raises many questions.

Why should the Syrian government and authorities within Damascus wait so long until they take “revenge” through such a suicide bombing within al-Midan? The small protests against the government and president Bashar al-Assad in al-Midan district of the Syrian capital Damascus are there for months and the government never used a brutal crackdown against those teenagers and citizens of al-Midan.

Why should the Syrian government rely on suicide attacks, which are still generally used only by religious fanatics and fanatic terrorist organizations? Why would the government attack their own police stations and even schools?

Clearly, the so-called opposition abroad has an (partly strange) answer to every question, but we should remember that also shortly after the outbreak of this unrest within Syria, police stations and government related facilities were already lit or attacked.

It does not really make sense that the Syrian government is responsible for these acts of terrorism within the capital Damascus. It`s a proof that these acts of terror does not come from the Syrian government side.

Another question, which is also on the table now:

Why should the Syrian government right now, where the observers are in the country, carry out such actions?

The government in Syria wants to give the Arab League (AL) observer mission certainly no real reason to put themselves in the crossfire of the observers. The Arab League (AL) observers visited the places where those suicide bombings have taken place. Of course, the statements of the observers are probably again not the statements the Western governments want to hear.

The so-called Syrian opposition abroad, however, is against the observers of the Arab League (maybe they talk too much about their real impressions while traveling through Syria), and so opposition members abroad tried and try everything to put the Syrian government in the pillory and to illustrate the brutality of the Syrian state apparatus.

The Syrian opposition, e.g. based in Istanbul, Washington, Berlin and London, has a greater interest in such brutal actions than the Syrian government. Even this is vehemently denied / rejected by these members of the so-called Syrian opposition(s) abroad.

On the internet, there are always circulating announcements of “surprises” again and again on the websites and pages of the Syrian opposition.

Do they mean such acts of terror within the Syrian capital Damascus by announcing of “surprises”? Especially after the questionable renegade general As`ad (Asad) announced that he would really strong defy the Syrian government and use full forces against them, such isolated attacks will probably have been just the beginning of more terror acts within Damascus and maybe whole Syria.

It is sad and to condemn, that the violence and terror on the side of the so-called Syrian opposition is covered by abroad. Not only covered – the Syrian opposition is supported with money, finance and advice by abroad.

It always seems like this questionable opposition is also hailed as heroes (rebels, yeah) by the West and some Gulf states. Not to mention that the financially support of the Syrian opposition (abroad and partly within Syria) by the United States has started in the time of the U.S. administration of Bush. A long time to prepare something like an “Arab Spring“.

The struggle in Syria is constantly stoked with the aim of the NATO nations, to weaken Syrian and finally smash the administration of the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad. To pave the road to Iran, to weaken Hezbollah and to protect the State of Israel.

After the next suicide bombing within the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday, a spokesman of the UN Secretary General once again denounced the violence in the country. Another hypocritically statement. But at least, this spokesman of the UN General Secretary, however, stressed this time, that any kind of violence within Syria is to condemn.

Unfortunately, this will neither stop the armed bunch of criminals and religious fanatics within Syria nor the Syrian government, which has to take actions against armed extremists and terrorists. Just as every government on the entire world would do.

In the current situation, the Syrian government is probably not able to do something else. Considering that this way of “uprising” within Syria happens since 10 months, it does not look as there is a real brutal crackdown. If there would be a real brutal crackdown by the Syrian army and security forces, this “uprising” would already be history.

Not to mention that this “Arab spring” / “revolution” within Syria is sold to Western population in a false way. Imagine there would be suicide bombings of religious fanatics and bunch of armed criminals within London, Paris, Washington or Berlin. How would the governments react?

Maybe we should also consider at this point how some of these Western governments reacted on peaceful protesters or against the so-called “OWS” (Occupy Wall Street) people within the United States? RAF, IRA, ETA… and these terror organizations and groups were and are not supported with money and weapons by abroad.

The Syrian government has to protect the Syrian citizens. Although some dubious members (partly also members of the Muslim Brotherhood or even Salafis / Salafists) have another opinion and sell another “truth” about the events within Syria – even they are not within Syria and visited Syria just for holidays in recent years. (Probably not only for holidays…)

The truth about Syria is, that the huge majority of the Syrian people within the country is still behind the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the already started reform process.

In order to bring another sign on the table and to intensify their position against NATO and UN, Russia has sent two more warships to the Syrian coast – of course, to the important port of the Syrian city of Tartus (Tartous).

The arrival of these Russian warships to the port of Tartus is expected to happen during the day.

Even if Russia will not interfere in the affairs of Syria, not yet, this is a clear sign of Russia, on which side it stands.

  1. Syria – Elite British Military website boasts of Brit training of Syrian terrorists

    Just ahead of the two deadly bomb blasts in Damascus today by terrorists, the “Elite UK Forces” website “dedicated to British elite units and special forces” posted a news update boasting of their likely role in arming and training the perpetrators of such crimes.

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