Bahrain: New clashes between police and protesters

Posted: January 6, 2012 in International
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A year ago, the wave of protests (“Arab Spring”) and rebellion against so-called dictators and rulers captured Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, also Bahrain and others. Mainly Shiites took to the streets in this Sunni-ruled kingdom Bahrain to demonstrate against the oppression and the ruling group. The Shiites also protested for reforms and even the overthrow of the ruler.

The waves were high, the crackdown on protests often brutal, but the so-called international press always tried to report relatively little about the “uprising” and “Arab Spring” within Bahrain – or left out some important facts and details.

Some sure remember the speech of U.S. president Barack Obama on the so-called Arab Spring. While this speech of Obama, the U.S. president also turned to Bahrain and exhorted the Bahraini ruling house. Some also would call this speech of Barack Obama on the “Arab Spring” a very hypocritically but non-surprising speech.

This admonition of the Bahraini ruling house by Barack Obama was very cautious and careful compared to his words on other Arabic countries and against other ruling houses in Middle East. Even when the Saudi kingdom sent military reinforcements to Bahrain to help in the crackdown of peaceful protests, the admonition of U.S. administration was hardly to hear.

No threats and chain rattling – considering the statements of U.S. president Barack Obama on other Arab countries and ruling houses it is no question why some call his behavior very hypocritically and even false.

A lot of people who are not really familiar with the Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy probably wondered why Barack Obama seems to make such differences in evaluating “similar” brutal crackdowns of peaceful protests by ruling houses, governments and dictators.

At the end, it is fairly obvious why Obama acted this way. You just have to consider that the United States of America has an important military station in Bahrain. This U.S. military base in Bahrain has a unspeakable importance for the control of Iran and the Gulf States region.

The high level of importance of this military base of United States within Bahrain is especially evident at the moment, when Iran is threatening to block the also important Strait of Hormuz.

Moreover, the Bahraini ruling house and other Gulf States have no interest in ensuring that the Shiites could gain more influence and power in Bahrain. If this would really happen, it could really endanger the Bahraini ruling house and the rulers within other Gulf States.

Even worse for United States and the West is the fear, that Iran would be able to improve its influence in Bahrain. If Iran could be able to improve its influence within Bahrain, the threat to Saudi Arabia would be in absolute neighborhood.

This could have been the finally obvious important reasons why the U.S. president Barack Obama slightly reproved the Bahraini royal family, without doing anything else or to launch threats against the royal family of Bahrain, just in line the way he threatened other ruling houses in Middle East.

The danger that the United States is losing its military base within Bahrain would just be much too high.

But U.S. president Barack Obama had to hold a speech on the situation and to make comments on the so-called “Arab Spring”. So Barack Obama (Bush in disguise?) condemned the actions of the Bahraini ruling house a bit, exhorted to introduce some reforms and to release the detained Shiites again.

He also mentioned somewhere in his speech that the rulers of Bahrain should allow a real opposition within their country. The Bahraini ruling house was sure impressed and started to have fears!

All this pushed on seemingly deaf ears within the so-called Kingdom of Bahrain, for even a year later, the situation is no better. There have been repeated clashes between police and demonstrators. Also many opponents, political activists and protesters are still in jail within Bahrain – and Barack Obama knows this.

The Bahraini king has not even started to make reforms in view. The Bahraini ruling house also did not tried to reassure the majority Shiite population within its country, as did, e.g., a Saudi neighbor. This Saudi neighbor state put together a giant aid package and gave this to “his” people.

Last weekend, the situation escalated again in Bahrain. On Saturday, a fifteen-year-old was been killed by a tear gas projectile. The funeral of this boy was used by hundreds of Shiites as a next opportunity to protest against the police brutality and against the Sunni ruling family in Bahrain.

Reportedly, the police within Bahrain was not afraid to use tear gas and iron bars to disperse the peaceful demonstrators last Sunday. Many of the Shiite participants were injured, of course. There is still no call for international intervention by Barack Obama and his two war-dominas, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice.

This next brutal incident has not much attention.  At least not in such a way that the international community would begin to threaten the Bahraini ruling family with sanctions.

It is again and again very strange and also hypocrite how different equal brutality is evaluated by some or even many Western governments – also, of course, the U.S. administration under president Barack Obama – somebody with a Peace Nobel Prize. Not to mention that it is also strange how these governments and administrations respond totally different to the same brutality against peaceful protesters.

The peaceful demonstrators within Bahrain would have the hope for international support, when the U.S. administration would have not such a huge interest in keeping the situation as stable as possible in Bahrain and to simultaneously hold back the Iran.

Upheavals in Bahrain not only mean, that there is just another unstable country and that the influence of the Shiites would grow within Bahrain, it also would have cataclysmic consequences for the entire Gulf region and would bring Iran totally into game.

One cannot and do not want to risk, that Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are losing their power within this Gulf area. The kingdom(s) – a good, albeit controversial, ally of the U.S. and West against the “hated” mullah state (Iran).

It seems like U.S. president Obama and others dream about the next war. An AIPAC-driven, imperialist war against Iran. With Syria as station to Iran. Did we mention that the so-called “Arab Spring” could finally be something like a fake?

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