Syria: Observer mission under fire – Riad Assad threatens

Posted: January 5, 2012 in International
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Syrian exiled opposition threatens with “guerrilla war” and calls off the West to withdraw their ambassadors from the Syrian capital Damascus. To threat with a so-called “guerrilla war” seems to not be very peaceful and democratic for us. Not to mention that these Syrian exiled opposition members seem to omit the fact that their “peace-bringer rebels” already act as guerrilla fighters since months.

While these questionable threats by Syrian exiled hypocrites and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, it is no surprise anymore that the observer mission of the Arab League in Syria is continually in the crossfire of criticism.

Not only by the so-called Syrian opposition, based in Istanbul, Turkey, but also by the US government and other Western colleagues – British, French, German and so on.

The attempts of the partly dubious Syrian opposition figures abroad to discredit the fat-finding mission of the Arab League (AL) observers in Syria do not stop, of course. Everything else would be a real surprise at the moment.

While more than 100 men and women from different Arab countries are traveling through Syria to gather information in hospitals, prisons, residential areas and also at protests for and against the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad, those attempts to discredit these observers were already prepared before they arrived within Syria.

Of course, the head of this Arab League (AL) observer mission, al-Dabi, is a person with a small lack of credibility viewing at his questionable acts within Sudan, but 100 men and women who are accused by questionable Syrian exiled opposition members to just speak lies about the “real” situation in Syria? Yeah.

The aim of this Arab League (AL) observer mission is to verify, whether Syria implements the so-called “Arab peace plan”, which has been agreed in late October, 2011.

Thereafter, Syrian tanks and army should withdraw from all residential areas, prisoners are released, and then they should engage in a dialogue between opposition and government. But how to start a dialogue if the so-called “democratic” exiled opposition (no legitimation), e.g. based in Istanbul and other Western countries, are not interested within a dialogue and is now threatening with a guerilla war in Syria against the army and government?

The acting leader from the dubious, armed and violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), Riad Asaad, had first announced out of turkey, that his forces would stop their armed activities to give the Arab League (AL) observer mission a chance. It has been a false and hypocritically statement considering the terrorism and violence by “his” Western-backed criminals, radicals and religious fanatics in the recent weeks.

Riad Assad, questionable leader of this so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), is celebrated by Western governments and press.

For example, on Tuesday, Riad Assad said in a telephone interview with Reuters, a news agency with a lot of (intended) failures in recent years that the mission of the Arab League (AL) has not stopped the violence of the Syrian government. Just a question – did the terror and violence of “his” armed bunch stopped? Not really.

Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house. Kids learn this in early years already.

Riad Assad also threatens the Syrian government that he and his bunch of criminals, favored and supported by the West (which is against any international law), will make a decision in no more than a week if they have the impression that this Arab League observer mission really failed.

This “decision” is said to surprise the Syrian government, president Bashar al-Assad and the whole world – so this dubious Riad Assad.

A threat with new and more violent terror acts? It would not suprise, although we are sure that such a decision would not surprise the U.S. administration and some others who financially support those criminals and radicals in Syria.

Not to mention that they also support this bunch of dubious extremists, religious fanatics and people with a huge level of readiness to use violence with weapons and advice – against any international law. But did the U.S. administration ever cared about such topics?

While Riad Assad (FSA) complained about many deaths in recent days, the Syrian authorities declared, that 18 members of the security forces were killed by armed insurgents in the Syrian city of Daraa on Tuesday. These murdered members of the security forces were traveling in a bus and also were not really armed.

What do we know about these two statements of both sides? We know that the attack on this bus happened and that people were killed because friends lost a friend through this act of terror.

Maybe also Riad Assad is right with his statement, because the Syrian army and security forces have to fight terrorism, just as it would happen in all other countries of this entire world.

But after 9 or even 10 months it is hard to believe that all this is really a brutal crackdown of peaceful demonstrators by the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad. If this would ever have been a so-called brutal crackdown by another Arabic dictator – would this still go on? Really? No. Not even within Syria.


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