Syria: Arab League observer mission called into question

Posted: January 4, 2012 in International
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The first part of the Arab League (AL) monitoring mission has ended its tour within Syria. But already new members of further Arab League delegations are expected within the Syrian capital Damascus at the beginning of this New Year.

Although hopes have been placed into this Arab League observer mission, that they can help to stop the violence within Syria, this is finally not the case.

The so-called Syrian opposition abroad has criticized this Arab League observer mission to Syria from the start, but could not change these decisions on such a mission to Syria. Of course, their partly hypocritically criticism of these observers are getting louder now.

If we take the given statements by this so-called Syrian opposition abroad, it seems that these allegedly independent observers of the Arab League (AL) are only covering the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad. It was clear from the beginning that such statements will happen if the members of this Arab League observer mission to Syria are not telling the stuff in public which the questionable opposition abroad wants to hear.

Not to mention that the head of this observer mission truly has a lack of credibility because we are also convinced that he did nothing good in Sudan. But these hypocritically accusations of this so-called opposition members also looks like the typical way to prevent that Western citizens could start to believe into the truth of events and not “their truth” of this faked “uprising” within Syria.

While the observers of the Arab League (AL) also seem to have no real agenda and connection between each other, the killing of peaceful demonstrators and opponents of the Syrian government and president is continued unabated.

We also have steady new reports about deserting soldiers and the typical hush up of murdered Syrian soldiers, police men and security forces by Western press and the wonderful “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights” based in London – which is finally everything else but no observatory with credibility. We explained this too often in recent weeks..

But are all the dead truly so-called peaceful demonstrators? Is there truly a uprising within Syria if the huge majority, and we mean about at least 85% of the Syrian population, is not in line with those “rebels” – armed criminals, religious fanatics and other armed people who are a threat to safety of every country on this planet? Not to mention that no country on the entire world would be happy to have Libyan armed “rebels” within its own borders.

It should be questioned that all the dead are truly peaceful demonstrators within Syria because while it is reported that the insurgents are becoming more militant and receive more and more weapons and equipment it seems clear that they do not use this just for protecting themselves, of course.

All the questionable and non-confirmed reports about murdered peaceful demonstrators do not explain the murdered Syrian soldiers and also not the acts of sabotage.

The criticism on the observers of the Arab League (AL) has grown – the criticism has grown so much that has already been mentioned to abort the mission simply because they do not seem to deliver what was hoped for. What a reason to end this mission of the observers in Syria! We are impressed by the credibility and logic of Western governments and media. (Irony, of course)

On Saturday there will be a meeting of the Arab League and Arab Parliament – again within the Egyptian capital Cairo. Also the head of the observer mission to Syria, al-Dabi, will be a part of this Arab League meeting in Cairo. Maybe a meeting of the Arab League and Arab Parliament without any violence next door as it has happened last time.

The questionable head of this observer mission, al-Dabi, is invited to this upcoming meeting of the Arab League and sure will attend this meeting in Cairo finally.

The member countries of the Arab League, the Arab Parliament and al-Dabi want to debate the meaning of this observer mission to Syria. They should have been debating the sense and meaning of this observer mission to Syria before the mission has started… ..?

But OK, it truly makes sense to debate the first impressions of the first Arab League observers within Syria. Also if there is a lack of credibility about the true intentions of the Arab League – e.g. about the intentions of some member countries as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Whether it will be decided by the Arab League to withdraw their observers from Syria then is not yet clear, but this could be a consequence of this meeting. Maybe an upcoming consequence which is already decided behind the curtains. Who knows…? It is the Arab League, isn`t it?

France’s foreign minister and the French president also interfere in the affairs of Syria and demand the resignation of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad – so that the Syrian people are able to freely choose and decide their fate. Do the French president and foreign minister miss the important fact that the huge majority within Syria are still with their president al-Assad and partly with the Syrian government?

The calls of the French government for the resignation of the Syrian president are hypocritically and not based on true events – rather not more than French propaganda lies; useful for succeeding in their goals and to pretend a imagination about the events within Syria to Western citizens.

Is expressed in the external threats and calls that the huge majority of the Syrians are still behind the president Bashar al-Assad? Probably not.

The French government also misses some surveys and even one survey from an organization within the Gulf States. This survey, even if it is faked a bit, makes it clear that the huge majorities of Syrian people are still giving their president a chance and are also against any foreign intervention. The result also shows that the huge majority within Syria would never accept the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) or other “opposition” members abroad.

These voices are not being heard and if some hear them and try to ask questions, they assume that these voices and people are paid by the Syrian government and propaganda machine. But what`s about the French propaganda machine and the lack of journalism within the Western press? The French government, which was also the first government which called for a so-called “No-Fly Zone” against Libya, tries to bring down the Syrian government on every way and is calling for a resignation of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad again.

The French voices are getting louder and Western people are used to believe these imperialistic propaganda lies. Even it is useful to pretend that the Syrians just want democracy, freedom, safety and free press. These are words that are adored by Western population. No surprise and understandable, of course.

But is there real free press within Europe and United States still? A good question viewing at the latest scandals, ABC News, BBC, ARD & ZDF propaganda lies and also Sky News, which truly lacks credibility. Not to mention the Gulf propaganda by al-Jazeera and al Arabiyya.

Sarkozy and Juppe are asking the Arab League (AL) observers, that they bring the truth to light – but this rather sounds like a threat to deliver the information, which Sarkozy and Juppe want to hear.

It is also unclear which truth the two French guys mean. There is definitely not only one truth about the situation within Syria. This depends if you are within Syria or abroad – or which interests do you have.

On the one hand there are the interests of the armed bunch of radicals, religious fanatics and also criminals who want to reach their destinations in Syria by militant actions. Of course, they want to overthrow the Syrian government and president al-Assad to… …to build up a more Islamistic state under the false flag of democracy – as their goals are sold to the Western world.

On the other hand, there are the interests of many Syrians who want to have a secure future with better chances and a life without fears. They do not want to have fears to maybe get murdered on the streets because of their religion, ethnic or origin.

At the beginning, certainly there were some Syrian officers and authorities who have misused their “power” against civilians. We also share the opinion that some people in higher positions unreasonably have resorted to violence. Also the Syrian government truly made some failures, of course. But to call for the overthrow of the Syrian government and president Bashar al-Assad is extremely dangerous and not legitimated.

If it would be, we also could call to overthrow the U.S. administration, the French government and even the German government. All these governments are not always in line with freedom, democracy, peace and even international law.

Back to Syria – How many people still go on the streets to protest for reforms?

Many of the truly peaceful demonstrators (which have been there at the beginning) have distanced themselves from the armed gangs that make some districts of some finally / now known Syrian cities unsafe. Not to mention that it always have been less people on the streets in some areas of Syria  than the so-called and questionable quick introduced Syrian opposition abroad sells.

As can be noticed by the French call abroad is that the West is rather with the armed terrorists than for whom who are for democratization and reforms within Syria.

In his questionable and populist New Year speech, the French president Sarkozy did not missed it to demand even tougher sanctions against Syria – as they want to sell it: against the Syrian government.

But these sanctions hit the Syrian people first – as it can be seen within Syria in recent months. But it should be known from other countries, the sanctions alone will not contribute to the fact that the government will fall.

The West and others still hope that the raising economic problems will force more and more Syrian people to get angry about their government and president al-Assad. We know this attempt of a “regime change” already. The longer the crisis, the better this U.S. plan can be implemented.

Many businessmen are likely to turn away from the Syrian government if they continue to make losses, or at least no more good profits. That’s what “they” want.

  1. Lizzie Phelan will go to Syria on Sunday – Independent honorable journalist Lizzie Phelan posted:

    I am going to Syria on Sunday for one week on a delegation of journalists (so much for journalists not being allowed in) in order to to try to shed some truth amongst the barrage of lies in the mainstream western, Arab and even our alternative so-called progressive media that is designed no less to prepare the global public for the destruction of another nation in the region and the prolonged bloo…dshed and suffering of its people. Please help to share widely what I post I will be setting up a blog shortly to help with my trip.

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