Syria: Arab League calls for immediate end to the observer mission

Posted: January 3, 2012 in International
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Syria – The observer mission of the Arab League (AL) has not been within Syria for a real long time and is now said to be terminated prematurely. Not really a surprise, because some already thought that this observer mission to Syria does not accomplish its real task the way some Arab League member states as Qatar and Saudi Arabia would prefer and accept it.

The official reason is that the violence within Syria continues despite the presence of the Arab League (AL) observers and that this delegation gets more and more the reputation to actually cover the Syrian government and it is already said that these observers also assist the Syrian authorities in their crackdown against peaceful demonstrators.

Whether this is true is debatable. No more questionable is, however, that this group of observers within Syria is either totally fragmented or simply lacking an internal vote as it should be. Not to mention that it rather looks like a group where different groups want to achieve different goals, which does not have to be in line with the real events in Syria.

Some of these observers spoke about the real events and others still try to achieve their duties as Western puppets of the Arab League. On the one hand, this lack of credibility has been prepared by Western media and governments – on the other hand, some members of this mission to Syria are really questionable, no question. Sudan is one of the keywords here.

While one of the members of this Arab League (AL) observer mission to Syria spoke about snipers in the Syrian city of Daraa, which he has seen allegedly with his own eyes and probably referred to the supposedly snipers of the Syrian army, Al-Dabi, the head of the observer delegation, rejected this statements about snipers within Daraa immediately.

The head of this Arab League observer mission, al-Dabi, said that the situation within Syria is rather quiet and that the Syrian government behaves very cooperative – so far. Just as well, that even before the arrival of this observer group to Syria, Western media and governments started to publish some doubts against the head of this mission – al-Dabi.

It is now easier to portray al-Dabi as a blind observer who covers the machinations of the Syrian government – why ever. It was prepared this way if his statements do not suit to the Western propaganda and sold images about the situation within Syria. Propaganda lies and cheap, questionable journalism does its work – as known from Libya.

While the Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria thus apparently failed miserably or at least is hypocritically accused by so-called activists and opposition members to have failed, it seems that the not legitimate “Syrian National Council” (SNC) based in Istanbul, Turkey, and the also questionable National Coordination Committee (NCC) apparently agreed. Not really finally – but they apparently agreed in public to better achieve their dubious goals.

The most so-called members of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the “National Coordination Committee” (NCC) do not know how democracy really works and what this word really means – but they have forged a common plan how democracy should be introduced in Syria if the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the government does not survive this faked uprising and Western-backed “Arab Spring”.

Since when are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists supporters of real democracy and real freedom for all kinds of people? And who said that the huge majority within Syria wants it that way or supports such strange council and committees? Only in the imaginations of these hypocritically Western-backed heads based in Istanbul, London and some other Western cities.

A copy of this document about the questionable plan for the transition of Syria into a state of democracy is likely to be in the hands of the Arab League (AL) since last Sunday. If the Arab League has already this document of transition of Syria, cannot yet be said without some doubts.

In this document of the two questionable committees / bodies, which is still not recognized, however, a military intervention within Syria is sold as rejected, but it demands the protection of the Syrian civilians by all “legal methods” of international law – in other words this means in doubt a questionable procedure such as Iraq or Libya. Something the huge majority of Syrians really do not want to happen with their country. They saw “Western way of help” already in Iraq.

Within this document of a transition of Syria into a democratic state is also a known contradiction. A contradiction, similar to the statements and oral demands by members of the not legitimate councils and committees. They are said to reject an intervention from outside in public, but work for so-called humanitarian corridors within Syria.

These humanitarian corridors, which could only get implemented in Syria after a so-called “No-Fly Zone” was established, finally means nothing else than a military intervention from abroad. Libya explained this deceit of a word like “No-Fly Zone”. It is just the nice word for bad behaviors of Western imperialism.

No matter how you look at it, at the end this demand of the so-called Syrian opposition (abroad) stands for war. If the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the government have resigned, this document, which has now been deposited at the Arab League (AL), should be used to underline and perform a wonderful transition of Syria into a state of democracy.

It still does not matter for the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, what the huge majority of Syrians think and believe – they sell their false imaginations and the West has its new trend of “Arab Spring” which is preferred because of questionable reasons and still sold as a democratic movement – although this is far away from the reality and also from the real reasons of support by Western governments and organizations.

It seems almost impossible that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will withdraw at the current situation in and about Syria. If this situation should really happen and the Syrian president and government are overthrown, this questionable document will be used – even it has no real legitimacy.

Then, a new constitution is said to be adopted, based on this document, to “receive” a new Syrian Parliament and finally a new president with the help of “new democratic” elections.

Wow! Everything sounds quite optimal – if not the facts are left out. The facts are, that even now the Syria government works together for a constitutional amendment and that there are parliamentary elections scheduled for the upcoming February within Syria. Not to mention the fact that the last elections, which has been put in question by Western media, happened smoothly without the allegedly fakes. They also showed the lack of democracy within the Syrian opposition abroad.

Also still missing the real willingness for a dialogue within large sections of this so-called (and sold as) Syrian opposition abroad.

Certainly the Syrian government should be mainly attributed to the beginning much crackdown against the population. Many of those responsible, especially in the Syrian province of Daraa, have already been held accountable.

Instead of constantly recurring accusations, they should really consider meeting at a table and jointly define a real procedure and plan, which ends the violence on all sides. But who said that oppositions have to be democratic, just when you can sell this to the Western world for own and also questionable interests?

Many Syrian people suffer from the armed and Western-backed gangs and religious fanatics that move through the streets and shoot wildly around. Many even claim a tougher crackdown by the Syrian army and finally call for the brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – Maher al-Assad.

Maher al-Assad (Arabic: ماهر الأسد‎) is the known brother of the Syrian president and also known for his tougher character. He is said to have been disappeared since some days but nobody knows for real, where and what Maher al-Assad is doing behind the curtains. It is only clear that already people of the Syrian city of Homs called for Maher al-Assad to help them with all the armed bunch of religious fanatics, criminals and Western-backed terrorists and snipers. Yes – the whole city of Homs is no stronghold of the so-called “uprising” – just some districts like Babr Amro.

And this because of also other reasons than it is sold to the Western people by their media and governments. Just have a look at the so-called territories within Syria (Google Maps improved a lot when it is about Syria within the last two months… not surprising but questionable), where it is said to be a brutal crackdown.

Do you realize it? People, who are firm with the history and country of Syria, know what we speak about.

Not to mention that these sold “rebels” (a wrong word), the “Free Syrian Army”, is a pain for the huge majority of Syrians and just falsely sold as “peace-bringers” and “democratic armed groups”.

It is also no question anymore, however, that some West and some Arab states want to overthrow the so-called “Assad clan” of Syria – because of questionable reasons; maybe imperialistic, materialistic and even Zionistic reasons, or just because of Iran and Hezbollah.

The lust of revenge (Homs e.g.), which is anchored within small parts of the population, and the conflict between Islamists and parties within Syria are benefiting the insurgency. Not to mention the huge factor of religious fanatics and “normal” criminals who use, finally misuse, this insurgency in Syria.

They are also misused by abroad – U.S. Foreign Policy in favor of AIPAC but not in favor of American people.

At the moment it remains to be seen, whether this Arab League (AL) observer mission on Syria will be actually stopped prematurely. The Arab League and the adjoining Parliament seem to favor a stop of their “observer mission” within Syria now.

The instructions of the Arab Parliament are not pointing, but it seems to be on the table that this mission will be aborted.

A termination of this Arab League observer mission within Syria would definitely play into the cards of the West. The deployment of these observers was seen as a point’s victory for China and Russia before. So..

While the West wants to reach a Security Council resolution, Russia and China rely on diplomatic negotiations and a peaceful transition without further sanctions that demoralize the Syrian people.

The Arab League (AL) was interested in a observer mission to Syria as long as these observers are in line with Western propaganda and the lies about the events within this country of the Middle East.

As far as it known, the statements of parts of this mission on Syria are not in line with the sold images about this finally “faked” democratic uprising within the country. So it is no surprise that these Western puppets – we mean the Arab League – are now interested in stopping this non-helpful observer mission within Syria.

What happen next in the international tug of war with Syria is, thus remains to be seen.  exactly how remains to be seen whether there be a report of the observers is what it says and whether they take forward their mission until the end or not.

What happens next in this international tug of war with Syria thus remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen whether there will be a real and true report of this Arab League (AL) Observer Mission and if this mission will end or will be continued.

  1. Syria – Britain and its NATO allies have launched a propaganda campaign based on blatant lies by alleged human rights activists and a network of duplicity and deception to ignite a war on Syria.

  2. Arab League observers continue their visits to various Syrian cities. A number of observers headed to the governor’s office in the Syrian capital Damascus.

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