Syria: Everyday life in Homs – Life with fears

Posted: December 30, 2011 in International
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The observer mission of the Arab League (AL) started their stay and mission within Syria with a visit to the Syrian city of Homs.

The initial assessment of the Arab League (AL) observers about the situation on the ground within Homs was not the way it should be for the ranks of Western and Gulf governments. The initial statements of some Arab League (AL) observers about the Syrian city of Homs were also in a huge contrast to the questionable stories of so-called Western journalists and their sources based e.g. in London.

But the governments and media already prepared themselves for the possible mismatch of reports to the information and impressions of these observers of the Arab League (AL). For this reason and because of the initial findings of the observer mission within Syria, the governments and media speak about a loss of credibility of the members of this mission to Syria.

Not to mention that some already stated that Syria pushed the director of this Arab League (AL) mission into his new job. Something which is finally not true – for sure, just recall the temporarily exclusion of Syria from the Arab League (AL). But these questionable reports are in line with the willful propaganda against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

(Finally, we are also very skeptical about the head of this Arab League mission to Syria, because we also think that he did nothing good in Sudan..)

The Arab League (AL), puppets of Western and Gulf interests, sent this group of observers to Syria in order to confirm the rumors, questionable reports and YouTube videos – just as the reports of Burhan Ghalioun (Syrian National Council, based in Istanbul) and Rami Abdulrahman (Rami Abd al Rahman, Rami Abdel Rahman and so on.. journalists are still not able to write his name correct or even miss his Syrian ID Osama Suleiman..), who is the one and only “head” and member of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London.

As London citizens we would be scared to “host” such a Muslim Brotherhood-show within our city, but Britain’s government and state media seems to be pleased by it, not scared, suddenly. What a turn around, isn`t it?

But the first visit of the Arab League (AL) observers in the Syrian city of Homs was a bitter blow for all those who were looking for horror stories, related videos and confirmations.

No problem finally, because they made provisions and simultaneously published strange reports by Human Rights Watch (HRW), which told the readers that the Syrian soldiers disguised as policemen and that Syrian tanks were hidden – just in time as the Arab League (AL) observers arrived in Homs.

There have been some Syrian tanks within one or two districts of Homs, but they have been there for safety reasons. That those thanks were deducted is partly true. That they were hiding should be really questioned. These vehicles are tanks and not Matchbox cars.

The fact that the Syrian government released approximately 800 political prisoners has only been distributed in the subjunctive. In time, they published questionable reports about prisoners who should have been transferred from prisons to military facilities – just to hide them from any Arab League (AL) observer. That is the exact way how propaganda works.

The German (state) TV channel ARD was also there in all the hype about the sold first (in fact, it isn`t the first…) observer mission to the Syrian city of Homs. Stressing that they have now begun at ARD to smuggle into Syria to show real images, they just publish a lie. What they do is no real smuggle and they are far away from being the first ones. It would be funny if this behavior of German state TV would not be such a propaganda lie.

In relation on this false statements and their way of being in line with propaganda, the German state TV broadcasted a so-called report about the “situation within Homs”. This short and questionable report, called “Secretly in Homs” was broadcasted on 28th of this month at 23:20 o`clock.

We are just able to make these sold facts clear again. The situation in Homs is far from being as quiet as the Syrian government tries to sell it. The people of Homs are actually angry, but the majority definitely not for the reasons that ARD, Sky News, ABC or others sell to Western citizens. Many people, who formerly lived in Homs, especially the minorities, fled from this Syrian city into the surrounding villages – to their relatives, old holdings or to friends.

But not all have given their lives in this Syrian city to seek the security of the surrounding villages. Many people, who have remained in Homs, live in daily fear. While these people try to go on with their professions, whenever it is possible, they do not feel safe within Homs anymore.

Not because of the Syrian army and security forces. They have fears because of the religious fanatics, armed extremists, the “normal” criminals and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) – willful falsely sold as “peace bringers” to the Western population. Just as with Libya.

The remaining people of Homs have placed their fate more or less in the hands of God. They hope that things will get better; they hope that the armed terrorists and fanatics finally get out of town, out of the land or just get (finally) arrested by police and army.

Thinking about this situation and the bygone times till today it should raise the question if this is really a brutal and all-encompassing crackdown by the Syrian government.

A doctor in a group practice (mustausaf) talks about her daily experiences in Homs, but her voice is strangely not heard by Western journalists – as usually if people do not deliver information in line with their propaganda. We are not able to use other names for it anymore.

While these willfully blind so-called correspondents interview dubious members of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) within one or two known “problem areas” (known as this for a longer time than 9 months), people like this doctor, citizen of Homs, are not heard.

The doctor is a Christian and worked previously at Baba Amru within Homs, which is no longer possible today. Nowadays she works, whenever it is somehow safety, at a medical practice near her residential area, near Baba Amru, Homs.

Going to work is dangerous and not only the way, but also the work at this medical practice is dangerous. Them as doctors at this clinic (the medical practice of a group of doctors) refused to help the wounded people of these armed bunch of criminals and extremists.

Since this decision and statements to the strangers of this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the clinic is bombarded almost daily.

The doctors and nurses call for more police or military attack, which help them to go outside and to finally get home again. If there are shots by this bunch of radicals and religious fanatics, who are not all Syrian origin, the doctors and nurses call the police to help them. Otherwise it would be too dangerous to step outside and to get home.

If the Syrian military is there, people feel safe. At the moment, people feel insecure and abandoned by the army – they are delivered to their fate.

Those who are courted, presented and sold as peaceful demonstrators in the West, and who had to arm themselves because of the brutality of the Syrian army and government, are also the people of whom the most inhabitants of Homs have huge fears. It is – surprise, surprise – not the Syrian army.

There are mainly Sunnis, who started a religious (fanatic) campaign, the poorest of the poor who can be bought easily, because they have nothing to lose either longer, or do not really understand the connections – or just both. We already mentioned the way of revenge for the events within the eighties, the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and also the “normal” criminals who misuses the chaos and the absence of police and soldiers.

If it comes to religious fervor or even religious extremists and fanatics – it is a very dangerous mix.

But these gunmen have their platform within the Western media. Somehow, even Western journalists should know that these people could become the next enemies of their countries and governments – even their peace within Europe. They should know better, maybe they even do.

That these armed radicals and extremists kidnap innocents, they abuse them and even finally murder them is hardly to found within Western media. If it is reported, then it is pushed into the shoes of the Syrian army. Great way of journalism nowadays, isn`t it?

Particularly in Homs, where the Syrian army is holding back and currently has partially withdrawn, there is lawlessness now.

Once again, innocent people were kidnapped by armed gangs. A group of Alawites act the same to free their relatives and kids. In vigilante justice, they kidnapped Sunnis, to get their children free and back again.

Afterwards they worked on a exchange of the kidnapped people and succeeded. But this act has made everything worse.

Of law and order cannot be spoken in Homs. If the Syrian army is there, the people have no fears – they go into town and also go to work. At least, they try to live a normal life, as far as that goes. If the Syrian army is not there, there is fear.

On the weekend, they are normally trying to get out of the town, just to find breath for two days. If they are not able to get out of the city, they barricaded themselves in the apartments and hope that the army protects them.

Despite all the problems and the uncertain situation in some districts of the Syrian city of Homs, where currently is no respect to law, there is still food and drink. The electricity is getting shut off and on now and then, but the residents of Homs are informed about it. To be honest, not a huge difference to the last years within Syria.

Heating oil has become scarce – as a result of sanctions and sabotage, which are praised in the West again and again as heroic deeds – but there is still oil. This also shows the hypocrisies of the West. Perhaps by now you have to wait longer for heating oil, maybe you have to wait to organize them better and to be ready to wait, but there is still oil.

Anyone who has seen the German ARD report saw another Homs than this doctor knows since months. She is living there, next to the problem areas of this Syrian city. She also worked within these areas, when it was previously possible. Which side you want to give more credence is up to you. We are not able to change it as we learned since months. The truth is a hard thing and mass media works well with propaganda. Brainwashing 2.0.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency in the West to celebrate this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), extremists, terrorists and religious fanatics as wonderful freedom fighters, but they are nothing more than the fighters in Libya:

Funded from abroad, mostly religious fanatics, who have set out to overthrow the government as its main objective and are supported by all forces. Also supported with weapons and money by the West and Gulf states. Against any international law.

While the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who certainly made a lot of mistakes within the last years, is always dubbed as the next Arabic dictator and illustrated in the Western media as violent and dangerous, crazy, selfish monster, you can hear voices within Syria. Voices that gets louder and louder. These voices are calling for his brother Maher al-Assad, to establish peace and order again.

And the West still sells its lies of imperialism and questionable interests. More directly information about the daily life within Homs will follow.


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